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  1. Perhaps you shouldn't be posting your key-code on an open forum? Did you reply to BFC's question?
  2. ...ello? .......................ello? ...............................................ello? I think that it quietened down a lot after political threads were banned. We haven't had a recipe thread in a while either.
  3. Such weapons were often assigned to the HQ as there they could be best directed by the platoon leader.
  4. Frontal arc is not restricted by rail gauge, and spaced 5mm plate can be fitted after taking the AFV off the train or it can be fitted on hinged mounts. If it is effective, then ways can be found - witness slat armour - but it was not applied.
  5. If spaced armour worked against HEAT warheads, then the Leopard 1, Chieftain, M60 and T72 would have had it all over.
  6. Area target the building? I seem to remember that working with rather successful results.
  7. There are two common, modern, systems that do not use a rocket. The Carl Gustav 84mm (in use in the US as the M3 MAAWS) and the related AT4 (variants in service across the world, most notably in service with the US as the M136. Both are recoilless rifles. In addition, the obsolescent German Armbrust system is a counter-mass gun. Interestingly, RPG7 has a boost/sustain arrangement where an initial motor pushes it out of the tube and a second motor burns throughout flight to keep the speed up. This has some advantages including reduced launch signature compared to other systems that burn their propellant entirely within the space of the launch tube, but also has flaws. Most particularly, the trajectory in any kind of cross-wind is reportedly somewhat difficult to judge.
  8. FO sections bought from the Formations list would not appear under the Bn HQ, so thy would not highlight. They also appear on the map mounted, so the tactical symbol shows them as jeeps - you have to dismount the FO team to get the FO symbol.
  9. Range? Visibility? Target motion? Target exposure? Amount of APDS available?
  10. I think that it reduces the probability of a red-base casualty (seriously injured) from becoming a brown base (KIA) I also think that it's a kind of Turing test to see if the player has human characteristics.
  11. As time goes on, it becomes easier to create complex looking videos. And the more whinging that goes on in the forums, perhaps the motivation to do so increases as well.
  12. It's entirely probable that Privates are not put in charge of independent teams, so you would never see them.
  13. Considering that Uncle, Mike and other target calls were for engaging targets of opportunity, a rigorous procedure would be counter-productive. http://nigelef.tripod.com/maindoc.htm is a good site to look at British Artillery procedures. It quotes 5 minutes for 144 guns on an impromptu target.
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