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  1. I thought this was interesting: "A tense standoff is underway in northeastern Somalia between pirates, Somali authorities..." There are Somali authorities?
  2. "1. It's not clear if the Russians have a ship on station or not, last I heard they were sending a frigate from the Baltic." That was the last thing I heard as well. If it is already on station it must have been pretty close to start with. "2. I wasn't aware of this but in early September the French tracked down and took into custody 6 of about 12 pirates who had grabbed one of these luxury sailing ships, and now you can see vids on Youtune of the poor pirates getting surrounded by French Force Especiale troppers and Alouette helicopters in the Somali desert." Was not aware of this
  3. 50K each from what I heard. I think the Brits were selling some of their destroyers for 250K at about the same time. Should have taken out a small business loan and formed my own country.
  4. Insurance. They can get cheaper insurance by being flagged from certain countries. Lyberia was a popular choice for years.
  5. We emptied an entire battery of 81mm AP at them and they still kept coming! We hit them with 155mm and they still kept coming! We shot them till our trigger fingers went numb and they still kept coming! Managed a Minor Victory but man the carnage. Lost 9 vehicles and about 100 guys while killing about 20 total vehicles and about 700 guys. Needless to say there wasn't much standing in the middle of town.
  6. 1 squad was in a 1 story building with another building in between it and the Bradley. They lost 2 guys. Two other squads were on the roof of a 2 story building next to the Brad. One squad lost 7 guys and the other lost 3. This is just unrealistic. Even a 152 round hitting the Brad wouldn't have had that much of an effect. Even with fuel and ammo going up they don't go up like a bomb. They are designed not to. The visible effects of many explosives are much worse than their damage causing ability. All of my infantry were covered from direct effect from either the blast or the T62's round
  7. Just played through the version with the A10 last night. Ended up not using any indirect as my guys were too close by the time they were availible. Possible Spoiler Alert I just ended up with one of the most enjoyable close quarter armor fights I have had yet. I had 3 squads and two Brads in a group of buildings when 3 BMPs and a T62 come roaring in. For about 5 minutes there were rounds, grenades, and AT4s going of constantly. My guys managed to kill all the Syrian vehicles but were taken out by a long range shot from another T62 that killed the Brad and half my infantry. (HEAT ove
  8. I often don't even read the briefings if they are more than a line or two in each paragraph. Large paragraphs just tend to blend together. Font size selection would definitely be appreciated.
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