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  1. The Crusader and the NLOS Cannon are two different weapons systems, this being the NLOS-C. Just FYI
  2. OK, this thing has 300 ripoff written all over it. But hey, limbs hacked off in slow motion and Lucy Lawless nekkid? Yeah, count me in.
  3. Well, the old G11 was dropped ages ago, but low intensity work on caseless munitions continue. There are just too many interesting opportunities in caseless and case telescoped ammo for the boffins to give up on the idea. And historically, major small arms advances have started with the ammunition, from the Mini Ball of the American Civil War to the 7.92mm Kurtz round of the Sturmgewehr 44
  4. My CM status is currenty "inactive", sorry. (I'm also utter **** at it anyway )
  5. In addition to what the others mentioned, barrel length is important when using the 5.56mm round, because muzzle velocity (which relates directly to lethality) depends heavily on barrel length. Much of the criticism of 5.56mm lethality comes from the prolific use of shorter barreled M4 carbines over the full length M16. A common shortcoming of the bullpup design is that it is right hand only: If you fire something like the Steyr or SA80 from the left shoulder, the brass will eject straight into your face. The Steyr can be made left handed by changing a few parts, while the French FA MAS can do so by simply rotating the bolt and switching the cheek pad to the other side (covering the ejection port on one side and exposing it on the other) or so I've heard. While certainly not perfect, the current version of the SA80, the L85A2, is a vastly improved weapon, and generally troops are pleased with it. Some of the problems were due to the design and the bullpup configuration, others were down to horrible management of the whole programme. There's also a round called the 6.5mm Grendel with superior long-range performance. And work is still being done on advanced munitions types: Caseless and case telescoped rounds. Barrett has now moved on to the REC-7: Basically the same weapon, but now with a gas piston system and some minor changes.
  6. Yet another proof that math geeks don't get laid. Ever.
  7. Indeed. Unreasonable or not Moon, we really do hold BFC to a higher standard than your run-of-the-mill developer/publisher. And you should take that as a compliment.
  8. Clearly, the best tank in WW2 was the M113 Gavin... *dives for cover*
  9. Somehow, I'm not entirely comfortable with sentinent robots being created by the same people who gave us tentacle porn...
  10. Intresting side-note: Julius Rosenberg, an American spying for the Soviet Union, delivered just such a radio proximity fuze to his KGB handler.
  11. Awwww, that's just so darn cute. You'd have to be a complete rat bastard not to acknowledge the salute.
  12. Good stuff, JasonC The fact that US tank production numbers were well over what they could actually get to the battlefield and use makes it even more frustrating (at least in retrospect) that the Sherman was such a crappy tank killer with self-igniting ammo storage. Puts a new spin on the quality vs. quantity thing.
  13. There are plenty of grogs here that can give you the long story, but the short one goes like this: Yes, it's a historical fact. AFAIK, the yellow colour is actually different from the tan colour used in North Africa. Along with the yellow base coat, units were issued red-brown and green paste (to be mixed with water or gasoline) and were then to paint camouflage patterns as they saw fit.
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