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Public Demand: Who wants to see Titans of TH, RD, BoB clashing?

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I propose the following. I'm trying to assess the interest of a -- still in embrio stage -- "TITANS" clash.

This will be the very last - and biggest in wine prizes - CM tourney that I will sponsor on this bulletin board.

We are looking for:-

1) Combatants. Fionn Kelley has shown some prelimanary interest as one of participating players. If I misread his intention in a previous post, I'm throwing down the (Invitational favour) gauntlet to him. smile.gif Then we need the current enfant terrible of the known tourney houses, i.e. Tournament House [TH], Band of Brothers [boB], Rugged Defence [RD], BlitzKrieg and WarfareHQ to grace us with their presence in the colosseum. (names as Wreck, Ghost358, Swamp should ring the bell as invitees) All players will be sponsored, the winner just getting a bigger wine prize. Ideally not more than 8 players will be allowed in TITANS. We might need more. We need the MEAN players, those that have been chalking up 70 to 100+ winning streaks. The real demons of CM. Vote them here forum members, get/persuade/cajole them here via your vote. The Battlefront Forum crowd wants a bloodbath!! The following players (they will represent themselves in TITANS, not their tourney houses) so far seems to be interested:

1. Rugged Defence: Broken! if not receiving RD's official nomination on 6 June 2002.

2. Tournament House: Swamp

3. Bands of Brothers: SurlyBen

4. Blitzkrieg: Major TakTik

5. WarefareHQ: DeathDealer

6: Fion Kelley

7: Wreck

8: Ghost

2) Tourney Managers/Broker/Hosting. Whom (it might be more than 1 person) will run/manage/administer TITANS for public view here on this bulletin board? (Redwolf, Stryker, Frost, jwxspoon, von Schalburg? etc.) We need someone to possible host the match PBEM movies battle files - or the crucial ones at least - for public view. Any administrator that has good tourney experience should apply. They should have some HTML experience, as 1 or more will be possibly tasked to spruce up and host the AAR's for public consumption (photo's, plans of attack of players etc.) I'm looking for at least 3 co-managers/co-arbiters or more. Each manager will receive 6 bottles of wine for their effort. Ideas welcome to make the PBEM matches a viewing spectacle! AAR's will be mandatory; we are looking for an administrator to grahically enhance/display it on the forum for public consumption.

3) PBEM Format only. The tourney should not be more than 4/5 players total, consisting of (maybe) a double round that each player play against the same opponent, i.e. as Axis and Allies. Players could play 1 matchup double blind, 1 match on pre-designed maps from one of the scenario depots, but with own force selection, or whatever suggestion they see fit. The most crucial part.

4) Timeframe. Again, left to the participants/managers when they want to start/finish. No need to rush, as TITANS will decide once and for all who is the de facto master of Combat Mission. Note I said CM. The game might well be CMBB! If so, TITANS will start at the end of this year. Now that might be a surprise wouldn't it? The really good tacticians will come to light in a relatively unfamiliar CM game...

5) Bet pool. BB members could take bets on their favourites TITAN in some sort of "public informal bet pool" here on the bulletin board against one another. This should be logged by one of the Tournament Managers, which will double as a broker.

6) Map designers I'm also willing to sponsor 24 bottles to the team/group of people that might create possible scenario battles for us! Ideally I want to involve max. 4 design houses/teams. Each will get 6 bottles for their trouble.

A fitting way to find out, once and for all, who is the King of the CM?

Comments, applications, names forwarded by the different tourney houses as to their best-of-the-best, discussions on the match format etc. will now be entertained...

Kind regards,

Charl Theron


Stellenbosch Wine Export Centre,

South Africa


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I agree with Fionn. Interesting.

I would like to play, but Swamp should be the man representing TH. Not only is he highest ranked there (I am fifth), and not only does he have a truly phenomenal win streak. He is a great player. He is the only player I have played more than a few times whom I honestly fear.

Furthermore I have not played much at TH since last summer, when I decided to see if TH expertise translates into other formats. It did for me, and I expect it will for Swamp. But I am no longer a pure representative of all that is good (and bad) about TH.

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If that's any help, I think I understand most unit selection mechanisms that players use and could start a diplomatic effort to come up with a ruleset that everyone is equally unhappy with.

Afterwards I'm probably ready to leave towards K(l)ashmir for the UN...

(I am a TH member, though)

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Could you get in touch with Swamp and draw his attention to this post? Players-to-be will in essence represent THEMSELVES, not their respective ladders. Therefor, I'm open to player suggestions of non-ladders too.


Thanks for the offered help!

Redwolf, you are noted as a possible arbiter/manager/broker no. 1 - Thanks! Could you inform contacts in RD/BoB to this post that might be interested? Appreciated.I'm thinking of co-opting 3 arbiters/managers anyway, I do not see any problems, especially if you do not play arbiter to the match-up that your house member participates in.

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Originally posted by WineCape:

... We need the MEAN players, those that have been chalking up 70 to 100+ winning streaks. The real demons of CMBO...

Do these include all those setups I knew in advance my adversaries didn't have a real chance of wining? :D
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I have mailed Swamp a reference to this thread.

For other non-ladder players I would love to see in the game, I nominate Jason Cawley. I don't know if he is "uber" or not in CM, but his encyclopedic knowledge about WWII and the Game is amazing. Also I can personally attest to one other game that he *is* (well was) superior in, and I have the feeling there was at least one more behind that. So I have the feeling he is quite good at CM.

Alas, I don't think he will make the time to play. But I hope I am wrong. smile.gif

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This looks like fun to me. I really think Wreck and Von Schalburg should be in this aswell as myself. As for rules etc, Quick Battles, double blind scenerios, by your own force, or not, should all be good for most TH top dogs. TCP/IP or PBEM is good. And thank you for proposing this tournament.


Combat Opinion

Tournament House Forums

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I would suggest Wreck, Swamp, Fionn, Ghost 358th and Kiwi Joe. That would be a great tournament, cause they are great players and great personalities.

Graves, skelley, and lund "von-schalburg" kiilerich are also in the same league.

Maybe the winner would be allowed to change their title on this BBs from "member" to something more appropriate.

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Since I apparently represent everything "bad" at TH, I think it only appropriate that I throw my hat in as well.

Everyone needs a villain. I will happily play that role.

I play both BoB and TH. I do well at both. I look forward to playing Wreck especially.



OOPS sorry.

I say QB's, pick your own, TCP format. PBEM is for cheaters and bores me to death.

Ghost358th (When I registered here way back I used Ghost of the 90th, then some putz stole my identity on ez board so I changed my name)

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Originally posted by Ghost of the 90th:


Surely Ghost you would agree to play PBEM in this tournament, if the "best player ever" title was at stake? Anyway, none of your opponents would cheat.
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One potential problem if you're serious about including Jason Cawley is I believe his involvement may mean that Fionn may not participate as he has publicly stated only recently that he has, shall we say, little time for the man.

That's my take on a recent post Fionn made about the matter in a different thread anyway.

Just in case you think I'm making this stuff up, look at this recent thread.



Jim R.

[ June 01, 2002, 08:08 AM: Message edited by: Kanonier Reichmann ]

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If there'd be proper AAR's, this would be something like the holy grail for someone like me. I doubt we'd see too many just-rush-the-flags-and-camp-there-fights.

On the other hand, if it'd be just a fight the fights in secrecy and report the scores, I couldn' care less. It's not like I was constantly oogling at someones ladder performance..

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I have edited my 1st post.

Note that this will be a mandatory PBEM tourney. No TCP/IP.


I have edited my 1st post regarding maps. Thanks for tendering! We would like at least 4 design houses (ideally) to get involved, each contributing a couple or more of their best maps - by design or already available - depending on the format/amount of players.


Could you refer WarfareHQ's and TheBlitzKrieg to this thread so that they can foward their nominees? Please note again that players will represent themselves, not their tourney houses.


Refer Jason Cawley here. If we have more than the amount of combatants needed, those on the fringes can alway be voted into the TITANS by public vote to take the last place.


AAR's is a must, as well as the representing thereof graphically by 1/2 of the admin gents I want to co-op to do/host this. Madmatt? smile.gif

[ June 01, 2002, 07:18 AM: Message edited by: WineCape ]

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I suppose I'd like to throw in for BoB. I won't go so far as to say I could beat all of the current candidates all of the time, but I'm pretty sure I could beat any of them some of the time.

Also I'd be happy to write up an AAR...


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