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  1. In this scenario, I was American, tasked to push into and take the Farm. My infantry force was a somewhat depleted company: two rifle platoons at about 3/4 strength, one mortar platoon with two 60mm tubes and scant ammo, plus a squad of attached engineers with demo charges. Two M-10 tank destroyers were also attached, as well as a forward observer and solid artillery support from 4.2" chemical mortars with two TRPs. Of the two platoons, one had weak leadership and the other, very good leadership. The terrain was the now-familiar Farm, with my setup on the south side. Initially, wire was
  2. There is one more? Neat. I thought this was the last battle. I thought this one was weighed towards the Allies. I mishandled my armor (partly w/ the "help" of confused pathing algorithms) and paid the price for that, but still managed to pull out the win by virtue of infantry mass.
  3. John, sorry I should have mentioned it is only there in the full game. The demo only has the one you have.
  4. BTW I just posted in the Red Button Crash thread over in tech support asking if there is any workaround that we could do. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?p=1364643#post1364643 Hopefully the BF guys can give us a clue here.
  5. Odin, same thing with me, and I am the only other American I think. I reported this last night to Bimmer thinking it was just me. I don't have any suggestions. I tried it more than five times, including using the unmodified turn as it came to me from eniced, and I also tried it after a reboot.
  6. Ditto Pak40 and womble. This may give a bit more info: http://combatmission.wikia.com/wiki/Acquire
  7. What womble said. You'll have to dig around in your game install to find it, but there's a nice PDF of the manual without the background (and with black text) in the same folder as the manual that you know about.
  8. Yah, I got your email and I have the turn from your dropbox. I fired it up this morning but did not have time to do all of setup. Looks like good fun.
  9. Hmm. I think I tested with mixed... maybe it works differently for AP only.
  10. I have tested this and my experience directly contradicts you. In my experience vehicles do not seem to benefit whatsoever from marking.
  11. Have you tested a green minefield? I have, and never saw a hit on one, although it is possible I didn't test it enough.
  12. http://combatmission.wikia.com/wiki/Mine
  13. You get a pdf of the manual with the (free) demo, in case you cannot wait. Unfortunately it is not ideal for printing, as its "black" is not fully black and it also has background images underneath each page. Still, it would work. (There is a no-background-image black and white version of the manual with the full game that is nice for printing.)
  14. I'll second or third the idea to use artillery on the woods as a whole, before moving in. Of course, that relies on having the ammo to expend. Since the OP doesn't mention it: be sure to use area fire a lot. It helps to have lots of ammunition and grenades. Basically, you creep forward one or two action spots with a scout team -- it will probably be killed. But it spots where the enemies are; then you move up several teams at once just into range and area fire into the spot where you detected the enemy. One other thing other guys have not mentioned yet is attempting suppression ahead
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