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Favourite war games??

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Is that meant to be PC only ?

I'm an old tabletop miniatures man, so still enjoy DBM.

The Total War series is good - appeals to the above.

But I'm a total Propellorhead, so IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles + Aces Expansion + Pacific Fighters takes most of my time. Hands down it is the best flight sim available.

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HoI 1+2

Silent Hunter III

Europa Universalis 2 (if that counts)

Warcraft 3 (at least it has a WAR in its name... :D )

Close Combat 5

Day of Defeat

IL2 / pacific Fighters

Sudden Strike / Blitzkrieg

Panzer Elite

Panzerfront Ausf. B (for PS2 - but kicks ass)

Of course not all at the same time, i play one - three games for a few weeks and then switch to some others... smile.gif

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for me its:



Hearts of Iron 2

operation flashpoint is alwasy good ... had a really cool on the move close quarter tank battle last night ... the game can be so cool at times.

rome TW is also a good mention as well as alpha centuri ... i liked the combat side of that game.

warhammer 40k dawn of war is a preety cool RTS ... thinking bout it ... the best rts ive played.

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Hi all

PC (Pbem):

CMBO/CMBB/CMAK (of course !)

East Front II/West Front


Last Crusade

Miniatures :

6mm WWII using Spearhead/GHQ/Blitzkrieg Cmdr rules

15mm WWII using Battlegroup PzGrenadier rules

15mm Ancients using Might Of Arms/DBM

15mm Seven Years War using Shako/Piquet

Board :

Solo efforts with Squad Leader & PzBliz/Leader tied into using as minis rules.

Just getting back into Pattons Best

Exploring Cyberboard/Vassal for other games but cant get my head around the systems :)

In other words way too much at once as ever :)

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3) War In The Pacific

4) Highway To The Reich

5) Close Combat V

CM gets the top spot,best investment in a entertainment sense I ever made. If I did the math I would be surprised if I have 1/10th of a cent invested per hour played over the years.

Now only if my broker would get me that kind of return on my investments :D

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Originally posted by WindyCity:

I would have to go with ASL in the board game category ;)

Allow me to be the heretic here and say while ASL was very good, I preferred the two SPI (or was it S&T?) skirmish level boardgames, Sniper and Patrol.

As for other wargames?

For miniatures we used to use Tractics in the wargame club I was in (that'll age me :D ).

For computer military sims/wargames it'd have to definitely be the CM series first, followed by the IL2FB series, Ghost Recon and addons, Steel Beasts (and very much looking forward to Steel Beasts Pro Personal edition) and Rainbow 6 Ravenshield and addons.

For some reason I keep returning to these games.

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