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  1. Well, you can usually fire through the edges of light builings (guess it is because of the windows). However looking through the windows of a church 35m behind it, being able to identify a never before seen enemy completly, but being not able to shoot at him is... weird... At least for CM standards
  2. Was testing a few things in CMBB lately - hull down effects on weak turreted pannzer IV and so. While I was on that, two things occured to me: I played a bit around while testing armor sound contact detection and stepped over an interesting thing - which I would call a bug... I had some tanks moving towards a 100m thick forest in a winter battle. I got sound contact as usual, but when two of the tanks reached the edge of the forest, both were instantly spotted and fully identified, thought neither of them had LOS to each other. I thought this might be something like, "okay the commander
  3. As for me, I would like to make an interesting statement here... ...sorta ironic... ...because I know someone who disconvered the CM series (iirc it was cmbo) via 'the big bad donkey' and is now proud owner of original CMBO, CMBB and CMAK...
  4. Maybe its like the old CM Series and an enemy surrender still counts as all objectives (former known as "flags") are secured? [edit]Ah missed that Syrian thingy... ...maybe its a bug? :confused: ...however, finally surrendering might become useful! "I will loose my men, but not the objectives"
  5. Iirc, IS-3 comes @ 900% rarity - but if you should get one of those beasts - only the 125mm gun can scare you...
  6. Another thing i have to add: It looks like the IS2 actually CAN penetrate a hetzer in a slooped position. I have even had some results were a non fatal HE hit ("front upper hull hit - no serious damage") resulted in a KO state! (Translation: Front upper hull hit - no serious damage) So the following tanks can kill a Hetzer in a sloped position: IS-2, ISU-152, SU-100 So it looks like that CMBB does take shell diameter into account - though limited. The ISU-152 can penetrate the Hetzers upper hull with HE ammo - which usually leaves an exploding Hetzer behind, so does the IS2. Ev
  7. I vote for selling german equipment to them... ...so we can disarm parts of our army and Schäuble can stop his endless "Bundeswehr for inner safety" requests... *laughs and runs away* "Ihihihihihi..." @Battlefront.com: Ahhh finally I understand why poor Syrians will be in the spotlights of CMSF
  8. Well, I am back... I have played around a bit and found out, that the T-70 turret also seems to be curved vertically. I have made 10 test runs, Panzer IV H vs T-70 M.43 @ 250m - and the T-70 won 7:3 (using his 4 special ammo rounds). Though the displayed kill chance was "none" when the tank was positioned properly near the hilltop, the T-70 could still be knocked out by upper hull hits (even HE ammo)*. However, all turret shots from the Panzer IV were deflected - and even 88mm ap from a Tiger in another test. So the T-70 is not invulnerable in this sloped position, but it becomes a
  9. Yes, you can fire for 15 minutes and hope to get a track or gun hit, so they abandon the vehicle. You can also mass your guns against him, so the crew will abandon him. But kill chance 'none' for the Hetzer means none in this position. You can make them abandon but you cannot 'kill' him. (Though the difference is probably only important for operation maps...) But I have made about 100 test runs - and except for very high caliber HE, there was nothing that killed (=destroyed) even a single Hetzer in this position. Granted, you can try from a higher elevation so the bonus is negated, bu
  10. Now you speak of it... ...have an old pic about that... ...here you go:
  11. Hm, none I guess... ...didn't mean to insult the poor StuGs... ...sry... *hugs the gunbarrel*
  12. So the early Pz IV models are somthink like an extremly bad stug? Any use for them then?
  13. Welcome to the historic war shopping channel. And here are your hosts for today, Frank and George. Frank: "Hi all!" George: "Hello folks." Frank: "So George, what do you have for us today?" George: "Well, Frank, you probably know the problem, its around mid 44 to early 45 and your enemy is buying the big gun stuf, IS2, Fireflies, (I)SU tankhunters, all the big badass stuff that keeps blowing your Tigers and Panthers up." Frank: "Oh yes George, sure. And even my StuGs, shimmering stars of the early years are chewed up by them. It's a shame." George: "Well, Frank, that's why I am here to
  14. The 75mm/L24 must be a terrible gun... ...or why does my CMBB show for any Panzer IV from C to F model such a terrible accuracy despite having a good gunsight? Even the T-34 has about double hit chances percentage on longer range... First I thought, it might be that the gunsight bonuses are not shown correctly, but... ...I did 8 test runs from 1000 to 2000 meters - it was devastating. If the Panzer IV did not retreat, they were chewed up by the T-34/M40. Yes, M40, not even a "decent" T-34 model... The russian ground was full of craters from missing german shells, about twice as much t
  15. Well, as for me, i believe a unit that is hit from the side is much more likely to go prone. And from the back its even worse. I have had a few "situations" were my poor fellows were moving and an enemy manged to maneuver behind them. I can remember at least 3 times, were the unit was routed after the first salve from the back. Okay, it were some SMG from distance ~30m, but my boys were advancing in a light building! I guess it is depending if the unit is moving or not. If it is stationary, it will rotate towards the enemy. But now imagine a dozen men are running over a field and suddenl
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