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  1. That would be a good idea since you would be able to see how badly the tank is damaged.
  2. Thanks nice tank! Wish I owned it. Hey does anybody know any patriotic Russian slogans used during world war 2. I don't know Russian.
  3. You'd think so! Hmm been a while since I played a scenario last. Theres an option when you design your own scenarios the number of flags you want.
  4. Oops I seem to be asking alot of questions that have been answered before. Thanks!
  5. Is there going to be 1.13 patch for the special edition??
  6. Did the Challenger ever get used in battles? I ask this because of the scenario Monty Advances that features 2 Challengers.
  7. I wonder what Panzer 4 model that is?? Probably G or H are my guess.
  8. Pity we don't have another angled shot so that both vehicles can be seen clearly.
  9. Are there any good sites that deal with markings as well as cammouflage methods aimed at helping the ww2 modeler.
  10. Tagwyn, thanks for the comments! LOL Gpig. I know Lafayette Pool is considered by many to be a great tank ace but Michael Wittman was as well. They are hard to compare. My favourite is Michael Wittman. I wonder out of the ~250 vehicles Pool knocked out how many were heavy tanks.
  11. Yeah too bad! Over something as stupid as someone's nick!
  12. Many ceasefires were called for the injured to be collected and maybe even some dead buried.
  13. Other Means, I actually remembered visiting this site in the past and liking it but forgot the url! Thanks for reuniting me with this great site.
  14. Basebal351, I find it a challenging and good addition to the CM game collection. Try to use smoke and hilly ground to your advantage when fighting German heavy tanks. Get closer to them and outnumber them. This is a historical way of how the Americans and Russians delt with Tiger tanks or Panthers.
  15. Yeah especially in CMBO I struggled to knock out armour but in CMBB and AK, not that many problems.
  16. Who's his team? He doesn't go for the swans does he?? GO the Eagles!
  17. Sounds like another much loved cat called Garfield!
  18. No probs! I still like CMBO even though I've got the other two games.
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