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  1. I seem to recall with that engine you couldn't even enter buildings and infantry was basically useless? Was that fixed or do I have my games confused?
  2. Hopefully it'll ship with patches for the old games for modern widescreen resolution support, a better way to change resolution, and Vista capable.
  3. Only a moron would advocate parking a carrier battlegroup in those constricted waters even if you could get it through the narrow entry.
  4. East India Company Fallen Earth CMC and possibly Earthrise
  5. I want it...but hopefully it'll come with a patch to support higher resolutions/widescreen for all the other Combat Mission games. It's not as fun playing when everything is slightly squished looking.
  6. As long as it runs on new computers/operating systems and nothing better comes along, I'll still play.
  7. I hope you inform your opponents that you use this oddity in coding with button/unbutton. I would say "cheating" but it might be a bit much.
  8. I never bought CMBO becuase it seemed a step backward. I started with CMBB. So, I might be interested if it could be brought up to CMAK standards.
  9. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  10. Aaahhhh! I'll be just short of a hundred by then! Don't know if I'll be able to work a computer anymore! [/QB]</font>
  11. Geesh, the OP could have been a bit more creative and explain why he/she did not like it. I held off buying becuase I seen there was no smoke, no on map mortars and no building entry (WTF???). They solve those things and I am so buying this game.
  12. I was really looking forward to this game but I am glad I hel off on buying it. No smoke, cant enter building? No on map mortars? This game has the foundation from what I seen to be very good but it needs some polishing up for me on the realism first. The screen shots are very lovely though.
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