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Too many "bundles": How do I start from zero and get to play Market Garden?

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How do I start from zero and get to play Market Garden?  I have no "base game"...nothing...on my PC.  I'm afraid to order, 'cause I don't know which pieces to buy to be able to play the Market Garden form of the game.  When I try CM: Normandy I get "You don't need to d/load anything...you already have all the files you need."  ????  I actually have nothing, and want to buy whichever pieces I need.  Can anyone straighten out the confusion?  Thanks.

p marvin

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Thanks guys!  I'll get:

>Combat Mission Battles for Normandy Base Game,     AND

>    "          "          "              "        "          Market Garden module.

Presumably I simply install them in that order, and the manual will tell me the rest.


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Yes, another recommendation for the big bundle. It's easy for me to spend your money but I think it's a good idea because it will give you many more choices for downloadable content -- scenarios and campaigns. Even if a scenario/campaign is Market Garden-centric, the author may have used a piece from another part of the bundle, which you'd need to play it. With the big bundle, every CMBN mission is in play. The big bundle includes the battle pack and vehicle pack right? In US dollars I think it's an extra $15 to get the whole works over just Market Garden. Best of luck whatever you choose and good hunting commander.

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It may have gotten lost in the discussion, but only one download is necessary. The 4.03 full installer has everything in it. You order CMBN, and the Market Garden add on. You'll get a license code for both. When you run the installer it will want your license for CMBN. Then, after you've installed it, if you are on a PC, on your desktop (an alias) or in the install folder (the original), you'll find Activate Additional Products - a script. Run that and you'll be able to input your Market Garden license code. Then you are ready to play.

If you are on a Mac, the Activate Additional Products will be in the CMBN folder in /Applications. Double click on it (it may ask you if you are sure you want to run it - say yes). Same thing - input your license code (be aware on Macs the pop up acts graphically wonky (technical term) starting with OS X Big Sur and newer. But it's usable.


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