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  1. I read somewhere that the blast command for a wall should point to the clear space behind the wall, not on the wall itself. I have been using it like that in CMCW tiny town QB map a lot, there were no issues.
  2. Here is most of it, by sttp: https://community.battlefront.com/topic/126849-qb-map-pdfs/ I was working on those of CMSF2 myself, almost finished.
  3. I remember this behavior from when I had a newly installed OS, and had not installed the sound card driver yet. IIRC the nasty thing is that the CM games do not give any message about what is wrong, so it took me while to figure they needed a sound driver to start.
  4. ... So I considered doing the same for the M48, and then it was done. Or rather, mostly done. Erasing the camo was a bit tedious.
  5. IMHO this is not it. The OpenGL driver related files are few and small, and they are installed by default. Intel does not offer a sole OpenGL driver package (as far as an internet search goes). Also I never installed a separate OpenGL driver, ever, and always have working OpenGL. Earlier I tried it with an intel UHD620 based system myself, and Black Sea demo worked without doing anything special.
  6. "module icon gustav line.bmp" looks like a flag with a horizontal border through the middle.
  7. Glad you like it. I have no contact with other modders about Euroscaping CMSF2, just sharing what I made. AFAIK the British vehicles were the last part not recolored yet. And with what JMDECC shared some months ago, https://community.battlefront.com/topic/138326-iranians-russians-woodland-mixed-uniforms together with the archives of Aquila-SmartWargames all things are pretty much covered. For the British woodland uniform I prefer this one by mjkerner https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-shock-force-2/cmsf2-infantry/cmsf2-british-woodland-dpm-camo/ with the helmet of JMDECC.
  8. CMSF2 British Green Vehicles mod For the Sim/Game "Combat Mission: Shock Force 2". Variants for all British vehicles in Green color. The color was chosen based on averaging some photo sources and considering the dust in a dry environment. In hindsight this color matches the stock green "enforcer" remote weapon station texture exactly. The common black camo over-spray has not been added in this set. Included vehicles(10): uk-challenger2 uk-crv-scimitar uk-crv-spartan uk-crv-sultan uk-fv432+bulldog uk-jackal uk-tum-ht uk-tum-st uk-warrior uk-wmik + some better fitting vehicle gear textures All credits to the Battlefront company for supplying the original textures, from which these modded ones were derived. Only for use in the Combat Mission games, other then that, this mod is free and non-profit. This mod cannot be held responsible for harm done to pixeltruppen. Copy the extracted files into your mod folder, or into your install folder in the data\z\ subfolder. The naming of the files contains the mod-tag "mountains". This way they only override the stock vehicle textures when the terrain is set to "mountains", like in the Quick Battle menu. ---------------- A preview image is in the zip file. So you can check if it is worthy Download from this place: http://www.gb-homepage.nl (Select "Combat Mission" in left navigation window) https://www.imagebam.com/view/ME15X1K
  9. I am almost done with the British vehicles. Should have a package up in the weekend. Besides that, there will be a package with previews of all the stock CMSF2 Quick Battle maps. Like the ones by sttp for the WW2 games.( https://community.battlefront.com/topic/126849-qb-map-pdfs/ ) which I use regularly. This week I also noticed great CMSF2 Woodland/Euro texture work by JMDECC ( https://community.battlefront.com/topic/138326-iranians-russians-woodland-mixed-uniforms/ I managed to miss that entirely at the time...Good to have these as well.
  10. You need to install 7zip or WinRar, then use that to extract the RAR archived patch, then you get an exe file. https://www.7-zip.org/ https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=16
  11. SU-100 is available as a Quick Battle single vehicle purchase starting December 1944.
  12. I added a new bonus to the above package, and this also serves as a bug report. As in, fixing it before reporting it :) CMSF2 Soldier Lod-1 Texture Fix For the Sim/Game "Combat Mission: Shock Force 2" and its "NATO module". The lower detail models of most of the US and NATO soldiers have a bug, at least in v2.04. They will show the texture of the boots on the face and hands. This is especially noticeable when using modded uniforms with black boots. The models supplied here are slightly hex-edited to prevent this bug. (There is a similar issue with the Canadian vest, but I do not know how to fix that) Included files (6): smod_american_ucp-acu-lod-1.mds smod_american-marines-lod-1.mds smod_canadian_cadpat-lod-1.mds smod_dutch_dpm-lod-1.mds smod_german_flecktarn-lod-1.mds SoldierTextureFixesGB-Tests.zip = Not really needed, just for showing the bug and the fix. All credits to the Battlefront company for supplying the original models, from which these modded ones were derived. Only for use in the Combat Mission games, other then that, this mod is free and non-profit. This mod cannot be held responsible for harm done to pixeltruppen. Copy the extracted files into your mod folder, or into your install folder in the data\z\ subfolder. By G. Broers (forum name: Kevin2k) 11-6-2021 http://www.gb-homepage.nl
  13. Can it be made possible to for topic-starters to edit the first post indefinitely? No time out. In many forums it is like that. Since the mods-subforums relies on people linking out to other places where the files are hosted. Currently there is no way to correct broken links in the initial announcement/first post. No way to correct or update things.
  14. Yes, it is mentioned in the possible bugs thread. No, there is no fix yet.
  15. It is not so much the M113 in itself, just all places where an M2 .50 Cal HMG is mounted. M2 on tripod has the same thermal vision. Also: Mk19 Grenade launcher is suspect. This M2 HMG vision thing is also in Red Thunder since v2.11. I suppose that wraps it up.
  16. I had a less severe but similar annoyance in cold war, past days. Where the computer force selection picks M106 mortar carriers with a minimum range of 770 meters, on a smaller map with no practical way to fit that minimum range. Fortunately, the extremely weird force selection described in the original post is something I have not seen myself.
  17. I just did a test with a purpose made map. Soviet scout cars and German Kubelwagens separated by a mortar smoke screen. The scout car HMG gunners see and shoot through the smoke screen. This was also reported as bug for Cold War v1.00 and current v1.01, as shown with M113 HMG gunners, just this week. I don't know if the problem is isolated to just M2 .50 cal HMG gunners.
  18. I still like RAR actually. In my humble experience: 7z compresses a little better, especially with repetitive files. But when I need a single small file from a larger 7z archive, it takes an annoyingly long time to get it out.
  19. I found out some more about this weird issue. It was about when I rapidly click on units, that they start to show their level of detail models, shimmering through. 1) It only happens when shadows are disabled (Alt-W key). By mistake I had it disabled in Cold War. 2) CMRT v2.11 has it too, if you disable shadows. 3) In Cold war it is more noticeable, because the distance models have some things that are leftovers: small pockets in strange places and a backpack instead of a radio. This is what I see: https://www.imagebam.com/view/MET8Y6
  20. Using your test mission with the unpatched CW v1.00: US M113 HMG Gunners can see through the smoke just as well.
  21. I was just thinking that WinRAR people should have thought ahead, way back then, and instead of saying "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged" it should say "The RAR archive version is beyond what is supported, please update WinRAR".
  22. It is in WinRAR 5 format. Contrary to WinRAR 4 format. Requires at least WinRAR program version 5.0 (from 2013) to open.
  23. In principle that is how it works yes. But then it gets more difficult to come up with numbers about what is possible. I would guess the 6GB total I mentioned is fine unless you are doing something specific besides it: like having a Video streaming service active or working with very large images in Photoshop .
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