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  1. Nice work! Is that music Tangerine Dream?
  2. No I don't anymore but it was mission 13 "Night Stalkers." I have just cease-fired my way to it to get you a save and believe it or not my vehicle went straight across without any problems! Nor did I observe the "impassable" sign. So it appears that the bugs could be entirely random. If this is the case then I doubt Battlefront will ever be able to fix it.
  3. I always thought that this bug related to narrow bridges but in one of the SF2 Task Force Thunder missions I encountered it on a wide highway bridge. Tried with a number of different vehicles but just got the "rubber band effect" about halfway across. Interestingly, I moved the cursor slowly across the bridge and found that at the point where the vehicles stopped I was getting an "impassable" sign as if I was trying to move the vehicle over the river below. This may explain why the vehicles would move no further. Would be interested to know if anyone else has noticed this on any of their bridge problems
  4. Well, in an urban battle it is sometimes necessary to quickly get out of one building and into another, particularly if you are daft enough to be playing as Uncons! This will be difficult to do now especially if your troops are pinned. But whatever, if this is the price to pay for preventing troops from running out into the street like headless chickens, then so be it. Anything is better than how it used to be....
  5. On further examination I think it could be buildings that are the problem. Both the battles I am fighting at the moment are in cities and troops will not evade if they are in a building but appear to be able to do so if outside. Try that and see if you get the same result and if not I have a saved game if you want it......
  6. It turns out that the evade command doesn't work for US troops either! I'm all in favour of the way the new patch works but it would be nice to be able to get the hell out when the need arises.
  7. Hey, you forgot Kelly's Heroes. Man, I love that film.....
  8. What I do is this. Create a folder in the Z folder called sounds. Put Waclaw's HQS sound mod into this in it's entirety. Then create a second folder (in the Z folder) called zzzzzsounds. Into this folder you can drop any additional sound mods as and when you come across them and they will overwrite the HQS sounds. That way if you don't like a particular sound mod (and they often sound different in the game) you can simply delete it and then it will revert back to Waclaw's sound mod.
  9. I'm playing a PBEM game as the Uncons and the evade command doesn't seem to be working for teams or pick up trucks since the new patch. It works okay for HQs, RPG teams, MG teams etc but not for the regular teams....... Also the US engineer squads don't display the correct icons.
  10. Thanks for sharing these. I don't suppose you have any of Kieme's HD ground and building mods, do you? I have the one's from CMMods but for some reason half of them are missing.
  11. Right, it sounds like the v210a.brz comes with R2V then, which I don't have. So on that basis to install the latest patch I will have to buy R2V. Is that correct?
  12. I've fixed the Normandy patch. The problem was anti virus software. There must be an easier way to resolve the FI problem without a complete new installation. Where do I find the 2.10 patch? It's not on the patch page in the store.
  13. Just added the latest patch to Fortress Italy. On launching the game it shows version 2.11 but there is a message on the screen that reads "The following data files are missing: Please contact customer service : Fortress Italy V210a.brz" This is odd because I thought I was on the latest version. What's the best thing to do now? Also I can't install the CMBN patch at all. It keeps stopping with messages that it can't replace the various files that are already present.
  14. Well, it took an hour to download it but all seems good now. Cheers fellas!
  15. There's still a problem with it. I can get onto the relevant page via the above link but the download will not begin. It just sits at 0% as if there is nothing there to download.
  16. How do I download the 2.02 patch for Shockforce 2? Tried via the patches page and it just comes up with the message "Invalid Link".
  17. That is how a ruined city should look...... Great job Harry!
  18. That appears to be for CM Afghanistan. Did IvanZ do one for Shockforce and if so do you have it?
  19. Does that mean that one player who has not purchased R2V can still play a PBEM (obviously not a R2V scenario) game with someone who has, even though they appear to be on different version numbers?
  20. Really? Someone better alter the store page then because on there it says you only get "2 campaigns and 8 standalone battles"
  21. I would think it would be the weight of the shell, Warts. Hey 76mm!... Are you 37mm's dad?
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