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Help with South African campaign

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Hey guys,

I got Road to Victory module for CM:FI and I was interested in trying the road to Celleno. My problem is that I'm a mediocre player at best and I'm having a really hard time deciding how to approach this mission.

The enemy is dug into buildings/trees overlooking clear fields of fire, with anti tank guns dominating the main avenue of advance for my armor. I can't find a good way to spot the enemies - my own recon soldiers get picked off easily, and only the 'detachment leader' (i.e. 1/3 of my squads) even has binoculars. Through trial and error I've figured out where the enemies' main AT gun is positioned, so I could just cheat and artillery that position, but I want to hear people's input on the 'right way' to make it through this mission.


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I assume this is the first mission? 

This worked for me: I found an avenue of approach where I could lead all my troops up to the railway embankment under cover of trees (a sort of right hook and then left hook - like a large S). When my forces reached the embankment at right edge of the map, I disembarked infantry and sent them across the railroad into the woods on the other side.

But first I had tried to guess where the AT-guns were hidden and then began the mission by shelling those positions. It turned out I had guessed right and taken out most of them. If you try to look at it from the opponent’s view there arent that many places you can place an AT-gun.

Great campaign by the way - but it doesnt get easier, I’m afraid.

PS: If you want the SA troops to have voices, I have made a mod that replaces the broken SA voices with NZ. I think you can find it in the mods and maps section.

Hope this helped. 



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Yes - the first mission! I see what you're suggesting I do.

At first I didn't realize my tanks could get through those thin tree lines, and I was supposed to send the scout teams forward to locate enemy positions before pushing with all my tanks across the open field. Silly me! I'll give the suggested strategy a try and see how it goes.

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13 hours ago, umlaut said:

I thought: "Commonwealth on the Southern Hemisphere - what´s the difference"? ;)


I thought so. No, they have quite different accents.

South African English sounds to me quite much like British English, but more nasal. South African English spoken by the Boer community is quite different again. That sounds very harsh to me, more like Scandinavian or Russian English.

Watch some Kevin Richardson clips on Youtube. He speaks a for me very typical SA English.

NZ English sounds indeed more like Australian English, but not quite.

But I am sure, @Warts 'n' all can explain the differences much better and in more detail.😎

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1 hour ago, StieliAlpha said:

 more like Scandinavian or Russian English..

It sounds more like Dutch English to me but harsher. Back in the late 70's I knew a white guy who'd been in the slammer with Nelson and the other boys in the band, I seem to remember his voice as quite nasal. In the meantime happy voice mod making.

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2 hours ago, StieliAlpha said:

I thought so. No, they have quite different accents.

7 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

The Australians take the mickey out of how the NZers talk, and they're a hell of a lot closer than the South Africans. 

Yes, yes. I am well aware of the differences, guys.
But I had to use voice files that were already available in CM - and would it have been better if had chosen UK English, American, Indian or Polish?

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