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OPFOR don't spawn where I want them to!


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Sorry if this is a dumb question... But

I'm building a scenario, and I deployed OPFOR (red) in the editor to spawn them in certain places on the map. But when running in Scenario Author Test mode the OPFOR is on location during setup phase. But the moment I hit start, the OPFOR actually spawn to the far Eastern side of the map! wtf!?

They spawn just fine when playing as red.

Is there anything I selected by accicent that might cause that?

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When you paint an initial setup zone in AI orders sets the game will interpret that as 'suggesting' where you might like the troops to go, so they could be shuffled around a bit. When I do AI orders I always leave the first 'setup' order unpainted. That means the group starts locked in place. Order 2, 3, and 4 for that group of course get the movement orders locations painted on.

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9 hours ago, mjkerner said:

puje, do you have a painted setup zone for OpFor? Sounds like it’s the type of setup you don’t need one for, cuz you have specific locations for specific units. If you do have a setup zone, delete it and see what happens. Should work.

I didn't make a zone, but there might be an old one on the map I didn't catch as I didn't start from from scratch. It's not within the current borders of the map however.

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6 hours ago, Artkin said:

That and check to see if your map has a setup in AI plans. It will be the setup turn, and there should be yellow grids on the map for this turn. Just erase them and you should be good to go. Turn 2 and on don't affect spawn. 

Check for this if your problem persists

I deleted a ton of AI plans from the mission I based the map on. But I'll look more carefully into this.

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9 hours ago, Artkin said:

 Just erase them and you should be good to go. Turn 2 and on don't affect spawn. 


Noo...but if that AI plan get's 'choosen' as the active one...It will be this one that controlls the AI during the battle   and not the one you have designed.

.To avoid this the previous AI plans will need to be removed completally or set the option for those AI plans  to - never use -...if that is an option...i don't recall right now...

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Another AI positioning problem I ran into was when I place opposing forces on a roof (like an ATGM or sniper) but their AI orders setup zone is set to the default 'mixed'. So on game start the ATGM gets dropped into the middle of the building. I gotta remember to make the ATGM team it's own AI 'group' and have the AI setup orders set to 'roof'.

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