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1944 2015 DVDRIP movie

Jorge MC

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Finally got to see this movie, just finished it, in fact, albeit seeing it in a very weird format. French VO with English subtitles. Russians blaring propaganda in French is rather surreal. What you provided is way better than the version I saw--across the board.

Those yet to see it,

This movie has amazing battle sequences--with all the right weaponry, uniforms and gear. The opening fight looks like that battalion sized Russian CA attack on German entrenchments someone did an AAR on. My kingdom for trenches like those in CM! Everything shown was in CM unit count range, too, thus, portable to the game. PPSh-41, PPS-43, STG-44, Panzerschreck, MG-42s, DPs, Gew 43 sniper rifle, Mosin Nagant sniper rifle, quite an array of softskins (think I saw a Protze), real T-34/85s, real M-1938 122 mm howitzers and more make this quite the grog fest.  No Hollywood fireballs in lieu of HE explosions! If you haven't already seen this film, watch it.


John Kettler

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 Some movies and TV series written in the posts, I liked. It is like in the time series "Band of Brothers," and even now I like it very much. Of the current series liked "Generation Kill" .Movie good "Black Hawk Down."

From the Soviet and Russian films I advise to look:

1) The Great Battle (1968) - Osvobozhdenie (original title) 5 parts

2) Ekipazh mashiny boevoy (original title)

3) "V zone osobogo vnimaniya" and  "Otvetnyy khod"

4) "Brestskaya krepost"

5) "Penal battalion" TV SERIES

6) "Na voyne, kak na voyne"

7) Komandir schastlivoy 'Shchuki'

8) Dneprovskiy rubezh

9) "Ataka"

10) "Grozovye vorota"  TV Series


Некоторые фильмы и сериалы описанные в постах мне понравились. Очень понравился в своё время сериал "Братья по оружию" и даже сейчас мне он очень нравится . Из нынешних сериалов понравилось "Поколение убийц" . Из хороших фильмов "Падение черного ястреба" .

Из советских и российских фильмов советую посмотреть :

1) Освобождение (киноэпопея) - 5 частей

2) "Экипаж машины боевой" - 1983 г

3) "В зоне особого внимания" и "Ответный ход"

4) "Брестская крепость" 2010

5) "Штрафбат" - сериал

6) "На войне как на войне" - 1968г

7) Командир счастливой «Щуки» - 1972 г

8) "Днепровский рубеж" - 2009

9) "Атака" - 1986

10) "Грозовые ворота" - сериал

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#1 is quite a classic HUSKER,  as close to my heart as Sergey Bondarciuk's Waterloo. In Soviet Russia you couldn't barely tell war movies from the real deal :)

#4 I have seen, yet I found it a bit over the top (that shirtless guy with a spade screaming while charging at a Panzer II was priceless).

Thanks for the recommendations, Shtrafbat looks quite interesting.

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