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  1. All very good advice and suggestions above, BUT and its a big BUT for me as you can probably tell, the V 4 self preservation changes went to far and as has been admitted, has made morale wonky, ie troops fleeing from incoming whilst in good cover, trenches, buildings etc. They basically get up and run around in the open and then DIE, needlessly i might add. Yes soldiers do break and run thats a fact, but generally not in the way the game depicts it at the moment, for me it has broken it beyond playability, i have had RT, BN, and BS sitting on my PC for almost a year doing nothing because i personally cant play the game like it is at the moment, terrible shame, and i wait patiently for the patch but there it is. So in regards to self preservation and the factors that go into it like, training, experience, morale, they all have cause and effect agaisnt each other but for me, units breaking cover like that is more about leadership than anything else. If leadership is bad a unit will always suffer. In the nitty gritty part of fighting and killing soldiers will stay the course for their mates, 'well, jims not running so im staying to' simplistic but true, combine that with good leadership and you will have a fairly solid and robust fighting force. Change that with bad leadership and you get problems, big, small and catastrophic. In a lot of enquiries regarding units breaking or not functioning as they should most of the time the main problem can be placed at the door of poor leadership, sometimes mixed in with poor training. (A modern showcase for this was Viking company in afghan in regards to LCpl Ford at jugroom fort, bad leadership and training made a **** situation worse, and im not knocking the royals because i have a lot of friends who serve or have served in the royals its just that was the first one that popped in my head and fit the bill nicely). So, self preservation, at a basic level, get contacted, first instinct, hit the dirt, see if you can locate the firing point, then if possible shoot back, cause why wouldnt you, the modern training mantra is, dash, down, observe, sights, fire, that gets drummed into you and kicked into you, well it used to before everyone became snowflakes lol, all the way through basics, guess where most of this came from, yup WW2 experiences, because absolute hoards of data was accumalated and studied and number crunched, alot more than quite a few people realise, this was, over time assimilated into the training and essence/culture of military training, it never happens overnight, its a slow progressive wheel that keeps turning and learning, the military, (british) for me, may seem to take forever to learn a lesson, especially in relative peaceful times, but they do learn. So, having said all that, mr pixel is in a trench with his pixel buddies taking sporadic arty fire, in RL hes gonna stay right there with his head down hoping hes not going to die, because he knows if he gets up hes more than likely going to die and also let his mates and unit down, that is why he stays. In V4 as it stands at the moment, for me any way, this is the exception to the rule, i always see full healthy squads/platoons get up and leg it after being under fire for short periods, and this happens constantly during one scenario. If this was a true depiction of self preservation then what happenend with WW1, the trenches would have been 3 quarters empty. How about normandy, pretty much all the airborne troops dropped were GREEN, with zero combat experience, did they break and run around like ninnys, nope. Seeing units decide they have had enough and wish to be elsewhere should be the exception, the rarity, it shouldnt be where you constantly have to herd your pixeltruppen back into position, its not realistic and its bloody annoying. And rant finished, phew, definetly havent had enough coffee yet this morning, didnt mean to go on but this has been seriously bugging me for a while i could go more in depth, but flogging a horse and all that, i think you catch my drift. So sitting serenly now waiting for the patch.
  2. Thats a damn shame but i hope everything is ok with baneman.
  3. Rome was a good series but it wandered away from accuracy at times, the notion that romans were hedonistic and always up for orgies is mis-placed more so for the powerful families. (Spartacus is utter pish as a view into the roman world, gladiators generally didnt kill each other at games, they were atheletes and very expensive to train and pay). They were actually very conservative and dignitas ruled all, men of power would never compromise their dignitas for anything and that included going against the mos maorium in regards to morals. Also my big bug bear is how they badly miscast Ceaser, of all the descriptions of the man, athletic, lithe, with golden/blonde hair and they cast an overweight saggy actor with black bloody hair. It also shows women as being major players which on the whole is untrue, women were seen as being assets to their family in regards to who they could be married off to so as to forge alliances or marry into money, see old Ceaser marrying his daughter Julia to Marius and thus changing the fortunes of the family Juliia. Phew didnt mean to go on. Still a very good series and worth a watch.
  4. Thanks for the update an info Steve. Truly excited for CMSF2. I have to admit i stopped playing all the other families because of the morale/cover bug so im looking forward to dusting off my games when the patch comes out. I new it would all turn out well in the end.
  5. Or do a variable tile source, if your close but have no eyes the indicator will be within a couple of tiles of the actual source, the further the distance the larger the tile spread. So at say 1km the ? Icon pings upfor an AT that fired but it is randomly placed within a (i dunno) 20 tile radius, so you can take a swag at it and pummel it with arty but you might be wrooong. To me this would be the best solution.
  6. I especially loved the 40 mm grenade fire. Ive seen the spray and pray with an AK but never a grenade launcher.
  7. He read Liddell Harts transcripts and examined detailed notes of his from when he carried out training exercises in regards to the use of 'armour'. So no Guderian didnt conceive the idea he just built on the original idea.
  8. I definitely agree with the fact that the german wermacht bled itself out on the steppes of russia. However lend lease was a major contributing factor in everything the russians did. Why? Because without it they would not have been able to field the amount of men they did because of one vital resource. Food. Russia would have literally starved without it, in communique's from Stalin to the allies his top priority was never tanks, bullets, bombs, it was food. Always demanding more and more food.
  9. Haha most definetly. Think you have missed the point, hindsight is wonderful, put yourself in the german mindset at the time, you smashed through countless Russian armies caused mass casualties, captured over 2 million enemy soldiers. Your telling me if you were there in command you wouldnt be thinking 'we've done them, no country can possibly absorb that damage and not come apart at the seams'. (Which it could easily have done by the way, it was 50/50 for a while) Also keep in mind that WW1 only ended 22 yrs previously and beliefs formed when young tend to stick ie german generals who fought on the eastern front in WW1. They would have carried those experiences plus their own youthful conclusions of the russian military into middle age. So why wouldnt they expect the russians to capitulate at that point. Obviously the one defining factor was Stalin himself and the governing apparatus that he had built. Think of it this way if Stalin had suffered a massive nervous breakdown, (if he hadnt been a sociopath) he probably would have, then i dont believe russia would have rallied when it did. History can turn on small things and one mans psychological state was probably one of them.
  10. Why would that be a humongous 'if' russia was knocked out of WW1 after suffering between 1 amd 2.5 million casualties. During Barbarossa the russians lost anywhere upto 4 million casualties (numbers have never been agreed on). So as the belligerent force I would be pretty confidant of my enemy folding after suffering losses of that magnitude. Not such a big if really in my opinion.
  11. JUst completed the first mission of Dragonwynn's The Last Panzer, loved it, here are some screenies from right at the end of the battle. An overview of the end, all the russian heavies went through my center, however i had taken out their flanking T-34's so i decided to roll with a double envelopment and what was a battle became a slaughter. The right flank as my Panthers rolled over the russian infantry. My Konigstigers which were at center and rear of the town that lay in wait for the ruskies heavies to come pouring through, then shot them to pieces. My trenches in the center were my grenadiers took a beating but also dished it out to exposed tanks that rolled right up on them And the far left flank where i had most of my heavies, rolling forward past the wreckage of all that soviet armour. And the russians flee Leaving a field of corpses. The final tally. P.S. I was planning on putting a few more up but my Irfanview was being a twat to put it bluntly. I would take a screnshot and then the next one i would take would just be a repeat of the last one, so I kep having to go into My Pics and delete it then retake. Very annoying. Anyone have any better free screenshot programs that they use?
  12. Thanks dragonwynn, another campaign to get my teeth into..........in hindsight more like getting my teeth kicked out but i bet ot will be fun either way.
  13. Im pretty sure i saw on their live message board that bootie is away on holiday and that Ithikial is standing in for him.
  14. Beautiful shots, especially like the one with the sherman.
  15. Sorry should have stipulated that it was a modern load out. As for ammo for gimpy, im wracking my brain here, i was a mortarman for my last 5 years, i got to carry a big heavy base plate, but if memory serves the gunner would carry 1000 rnds and the section would carry 200 spare per man.
  16. Well for me that is my understanding of how the planners set up the Orbat for D-day, im offshore just now so cant put my hand on the book but will dig it/them out when i get home, also what Slim said is what i was getting at. As for green troops, well ok green maybe but very well trained to a high standard and high morale, so combat paralysis and panic on a large scale, no. A limited number would be like that but they would be very few, shock and the fear tend to come later once the adrenaline wears off and the mind starts replaying stuff like close shaves and friends being killed thats when it gets you and thats why the next time is always that bit harder. Hence shell shock, when the mind shuts itself down to protect itself because it is overloaded, most sufferers of shell shock just need time away from combat to allow their brains time to process everything.
  17. Just for my two cents and from my own experiences in iraq, there a 3 possible scenarios regarding reloading in relation to the threads subject matter, 1, section commander will order a half and half, half of delta and half of charlie would reload while the other half cover, this would ne done when there is a lull but contact could be imminent or resume. 2. You have expended rounds and have been gash and lost count of how many rounds you have fired, there is then a lull in fighting, YOU change that mag, whip it off stick it down your smock and get a fresh one on. Deadmans click is not your friend. 3. You KNOW you have fired 25 rnds, (my 25th round was always a tracer), you get a lull or ceasefire, you change the mag 5 is not 30, more is better. As a side note the assaulters will always try to make sure to jam on a fresh mag before going into the final assault no matter what, again deadmans click is not your friend. Ive personally had this happen to me but thankfully it was at Otterburn, got into final assault position, fresh mag on, delta switched their suppresive fire, i jumped up, full auto, 2 rnds fired then i got a stoppage, bugger. On saying all that though, within a section, troops dont just bang away, the section commander controls the fire rate and who fires, nobody wants to have everyone changing mags at the same time. As for loose ammo, well our load out was 6 30 rnd mags and 300 in bandoliers on clip strips for fast reloading of mags. I would assume that WW2 troops would be the same with x amount of mags and the rest in bandoliers. So in a firefight as ammo is expended and the engagement is dragging on 1 or 2 men will ne detailed to drop back and bomb up, ie replen mags and dish them out. This would be problematic for some weapons ie the garand as it was breach loaded on a clip and it was i believe easier to fire off the clip then reload it, ive read somewhere that germans would actually listen for the distictive ting sound then close for the assault knowing that troops were reloading, bit of bummer when your weapon system tells everyone your empty. Anyway as for CM as a game i agree with Michael Emrys in that coding it would be alot of work for what would be little gain, the reloading timing can be annoying but really your assaulters shouldnt be firing until they are assaulting, thats what your base of fire is for, so it doesnt affect me that often. Pretty sure BF have always said that they cant afford to burn time on money on something in game that is not going to have a significant impact or improvement.
  18. From my understanding most of the first wave for both the british and americans, excluding airborne troops to an extent, were what would be classed as green, but extensively trained. Most first wave troops had been training for 2 years for D-day, and kept out of active theatres, the desert rats landed on d-day plus 1. This decision was taking because commanders new that veterans would be less likely to throw themselves at fortified beaches, they new better and new how to survive, thats why green troops were the first wave, more piss and vinegar and willing to take more risks.
  19. For me as a rule of thumb an individual soldier is trained to shoot accurately upto 300m with a good chance of hitting what they are shooting at, 300 to 600m rifles are more of a section weapon everyone shoots and someone should hit. Anyrhing beyond that is down to the the LMG or HMG's.
  20. Hmmm i saw this about a year ago and decided not to read it becaise of some of the research i did on it (i always research a book before i read it) maybe i will have to take a second look. Its a very rare thing to find someone without a biased view or ulterior motive but ill give it a shot.
  21. I remember when myself and my driver Dobbo did a CTR on a USMC 4 tonner (cant remember what you yanks call them lol) we appropriated 3 massive boxes of MRE's and hid them in our landie ready for when we crossed the border cause our 24 hr rations were pretty rough. I absolutely loved the mint poundcake. Happy times lol.
  22. True words. I actually hate seeing my pixel truppen die, i try and keep them alive and not squander them which is a downfall of mine at times, more so when im attacking. However i just started another campaign For king and Country. It grabbed my attention because firstly its by Dragonwynn and he creates superb content and secondly its Gold beach. I had a strong inkling of what would happen in the first minute but nothing prepares you, i almost had tears running down my cheeks as the German arty tossed my pixel trupp around, i had a WHOLE company go down in 3 mins, horrendous. It is though a brilliant first mission, i now have a big line of shermans just area firing everwhere. Its a tough test using fragments of companies to push forward and close with ze germans. If this is the first mission cant wait for the rest.
  23. Until my follow on company thats enjoying its stroll gets stronked by arty and gets wrecked, b******s. Oh and a Panther receives a one in a million shot with an arty round penetrating through the top of the turret. Double b******s.
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