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A Memorial Day Bone?

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But the best thing since sliced bread will be the extra [censored] and the much improved [censored]. 

Over the years there has surely been a lot of stuff dubbed the best thing since sliced bread. Sliced bread, must now be waaaaaay down the list of great things.

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It would be great with a ballpark estimate on "the year ahead". What can we expect other than Bulge?

It would also be very cool if we could get a few thoughts on the respective families futures. Whats next for BN? Nothing planed at the moment? When do you expect FI and RT to get modules etc.

Bones always seem to atract whiners but I hope that wont discourage BF, most people appreciate the bones and dont constatly view everyting as a glas half empty.

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sburke, my dear fellow, I give the crowd a few bones and here you are talking about beer... 


I remember the days when I was like them, starved for information on their addiction that is CM. It was really hard.


Of course, we beta droids now know everything and we can make fun of them on the inner forum  ;).


And meanwhile we are playing Bulge. How is Peiper doing in your game?



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I've still got grit in my teeth from a Memorial Day drive by from a M4A1, M18, and M3 Stuart (and a M1A1 from the WA National Guard for good measure).  While I'm quite taken by CMBS, I've got a World War Two itch that cannot be scratched (no, really, I can't get CMBN to work right on this computer).  Fingers crossed for progress reports and release soon.  

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