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  1. Yes I agree with with GhostRider3/3. CMRT is a dream come true. I am really enjoying the more open terrain of CMRT when compared to CMBN, along with all of the add-on's. Thank's to all of the modders/mission makers and team Battlefront. The first Wargame I bought as a teenager in 1976 was Panzer Blitz. What a long way we have come over the last 40 years! Best wishes to all!
  2. I was able to achieve a minor victory against the German AI. Playing in WEGO Warrior mode. I was able to get enough units on Bourgebus ridge that I got the 1500 points for it. here are some other mission stats. GB German 412 men O.K. 340 men O.K.
  3. I am just getting ready to start this battle. I faced almost all my units towards the right side of the map. Gonna head near the right side of the map on fast or quick. Then face towards Soliers,shroud it in smoke and arty fire. Then storm into Soliers in hopes that some of the German guns will have less of an advantage at shorter range. No way am I gonna try to send my units through that gap. Monty can take a hike!
  4. Thanks Vencini.....I bookmarked it.......very useful.....
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