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  1. SOLD,SOLD,SOLD,,,being able to play Abrams and Pieper in this "Battlefield simulator"is too kool for words, Giga kudos to BFC
  2. Like a fine Wine. BFC will not release their next Superb Battlefeild Simulator, before it;s time...
  3. Just FYI MR's 1,800+ and 5000+ post's. I do know how to read! Please "GET A LIFE", and you are welcome. Know it all people like people like you two are the reasons people don't post here! There is always 1 or more @#$% on every site it seems.
  4. Yes, I just played the scenario "WELLHIT" from the repository. You will get a platoon of Croc's,flails and Infantry FT's. The battle map is one of the finest CM maps I have ever seen! The elevation changes are very challenging. I was able to get a major victory playing as the Canadians. The battle lasts 2.5 hours'and ends in darkness. I would like to thank the scenario artist/tech, for making it. All of my Croc's were destroyed except for one,and I was able to destroy 4 bunkers with it. I also destroyed 2 bunkers with I infantry FT's I played the battle in RT Warrior mode. It took me about 3 days to finish. I highly reccomend the new vehicle pack..and the WELLHIT scenario.Just watch out for the minefields!
  5. WELL I guess,the question now becomes,did BFC program these fuel tanks to be full or empty? Then there would "BEANO" more argument.
  6. I tried to find that scenario,but I must have deleted it after I completed the mission? I think it was from the repository. It also had Panthers and Tiger's,but they did not get within range of the T34's until most of them had been destroyed???
  7. While I was playing a Red Thunder, real time, large scenario mission, as the Germans about a month ago.I was able to put several HMG teams in a 4 story farm tower. I had good LOS on a bunch of attacking T-34,85's My HMG teams destroyed most of the T-34's I know MG's are not supposed to destroy tank's. But that's what happen's when you strap fuel tank's on both sides of the T-34,85! That was the only factor I could attribute to their absolute destruction. Good job BFC. Later in that same scenario Russian FO's called in IL2's that Destroyed some of my Panthers that were trying to reach a Russian supply dump. I did gain a victory in the mission, which turned out to be, Major "FUN." I have not had the opportunity to put HMG fire on T-34,85's since that mission, but I will always remember to do so in the future!
  8. Same problems here! After spending the entire DAY,Tues. on trying to get 3.0 working properly.it still shows up as version 2.10. even after a complete uninstall and reinstall of CMBN,CW and MG,it also keeps getting flagged by my Norton AV and has to be disabled to install? it even tries installing CMBN in a different folder than the other CM titles? Then I even got a CTD while playing CMRT?This is not a good way to attract new Customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thank you for that you tube vid,Frankster65. It helped me to also get a Tactical victory playing as the Russians, in real time warrior mode, with many game pauses! lol
  10. I just sent you some "Green" ,GAJ. Thanks for all your nice work from "down under"!
  11. Do not let the Commisar see you hiding behind the dead Cow, or you will be sent to the Penal regiment for "Cowardice"
  12. I think I first heard about the original CM from the magazine PC gamer back in 2000.
  13. Yes I agree with with GhostRider3/3. CMRT is a dream come true. I am really enjoying the more open terrain of CMRT when compared to CMBN, along with all of the add-on's. Thank's to all of the modders/mission makers and team Battlefront. The first Wargame I bought as a teenager in 1976 was Panzer Blitz. What a long way we have come over the last 40 years! Best wishes to all!
  14. Just buy her a new "70 monitor,and tell her you will allow her to use it,.. when you are not playing CMRT on it! That way you have met her halfway and both of you should be happy...
  15. Many Thank's to Steve and Charles for the 1000sands of hours of CM entertainment dating back to '2000! Back then, I was using a 900 mhz Gateway computer with a 19' CRT, to now using an Intel Hexcore 3.3 GB with a 3 GB GPU. and 16gb ram on a Sharp 240hz '70 inch monitor. I am Giddy with excitment about the upcoming Red Thunder!,and I may never leave the house again once it comes out.! Keep up the good work team BFC, and thank's for putting up with me,for sometimes not engaging my brain before I put my keyboard into gear!..
  16. Good Guy's? Maybe the Country that gave millions of dollar's in lend lease money/material, that has never been paid back$$$$$$$. Maybe Putin the Punk will pay us back now.Oh,that's right he already is! Medic's from both sides!
  17. I was thinking more about a Cold war gone hot'46 what if, M-26's vs IS3's Patton would overthrow Monty and Ike,and partner up with McArther and Liberate the Soviet Union from "Putin's PaPaw" AKA Stalin....
  18. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe a '46" what if" module in the future? What do you all think?
  19. mmmmmmmm A '46 "what if Module" in the he future maybe? why is there a twinkle in my eye? lol. Endless possibilities there! Thanks for the IR info Vanir...
  20. O.K. Thanks guys. I'll do some more research on the early IR systems that the Germans used. I thought I also saw an IR searchlight used with a Late Panther "Small Turrent".But I don't know if they got into operational service or not? Maybe more of "46 What if":confused: kind of thing?
  21. I just remember seeing it shown on the Box art of a 1/35 scale DML Halftrack. So IR was around. However I am not enough of a self proclaimed expert [we have many here lol] to say that it was garbage. Could you please elaborate?:eek:
  22. Late war German IR Night Vision capabilities ? Would be Kooool!
  23. SOLD,SOLD,SOLD.....BFC Have hit another Home run,with the release of Red Thunder. Simply THE BEST Battlefield sim's in the Tactical Wargame Genre...IE, Large Battlefields with realistic Range/Weapons calculations..Company of Hero's,it's not, and Thank Goodness for that.. LOL..I hope BFC will gain many new Russian Customers and friends with the release of "RED THUNDER".....I wanted to get the Manual and Download because it is a new series of CM...Best Wishes to all...
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