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Axis AAR: The Road to Eindhoven (CMPzC)

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I did some pre-battle analysis and thought anybody reading this (is there anyone out there?) might find it interesting.  Note, I am not the overall commander of this operation so my suggestions and analysis could be thrown out the window by Oberst Kerner if he wishes.  This analysis was done before the initial setup.  


Here it is.. be interesting to see how close it is when all is said and done:




The way I read this map there are three main Avenues of Approach, I have labelled these AA1, AA2, and AA3 on the map.  AA2 seems the least likely approach as it would be costly... AA1 also could be a costly approach, but he could determine that it might be less well defended than AA2.. AA3 seem obvious to me as it presents the clearest and less expensive route into our Area of Operation (AO).  I have no clue as to the mobility of the enemy force, but we must err on the side of them being very mobile, thus AA3 looks even better for the main approach.


If I was commanding the enemy force I would push on all three.. AA1 and AA2 with smaller forces to mislead us into thinking they are coming up the middle... while the majority of the force would move on AA3.


My intent would not be to attack the objectives right away, but would be to bypass the built up area, cut of the town and seize the Key Terrain (KT) 1 and KT2 line to cut off our supplies and reinforcements.  Then attack the built up area from multiple directions to spread the defense.



The hexes in red are what I think will be the important hexes for us...I have identified these areas by letter...


Hex A:Important for blocking any movement on AA1

Hex B: Important for blocking any movement on AA2

Hex C and D:  I would place pickets in these hexes to give us early warning of any movement along AA3

Hex G: Fallback area for pickets from Hexes C and D and where I would defend against any push on AA3

Hex I and E and F:  Necessary to have units in these hexes to defend our Main Supply Route (MSR)

AREA H: The town is of course our ultimate objective and we should plan to collapse on the town with all defenders as the battle moves into the middle and late phases... make him pay for every meter of ground.. and urban combat is the most costly for an attacker.


In all hexes,other than AREA H we should fight delay battles with the intent to cause as many casualties as possible and protect our force, husbanding it for the final battles in the town.


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Nice analysis - thanks for posting.  Yes, there are a few of us out here [crickets in background] and looking forward to this action.


I agree that the enemy will push on all three lines, but I'd think not as feints but in equal measure to see which line is least defended, at which point they would pin forces at the least defended and press reserves on the weakest one.


Just my 2 cents.  Very much looking forwards to this.



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Hey Heinrich505,


How about this cold weather in Texas? Having to scrape ice off the windshield: I thought that was against state law?


Hey Bil, Don't sweat to watch out for the Tanguskas or Tangerines or whatever they're called! ;-)


I appreciate the AAR analysis. 

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  I'm pretty sure there is a state law against the cold weather.  Well, at least in SE Texas.  The DA's office is looking into charges.  Jim Cantore is banned from the area but sneaks in for Hurricane Season anyway.  You've got a little bit of elevation on us up in "Hill Country."  :D


  Not sure about the Dallas crew.  Although they knew the storm was coming, they let their highways turn into skating rinks anyway, haha.


  Wore out two windshield scrapers living in northern Virginia a few years back.  Ice is the worst. Moved back to Texas for the warm weather.  Bwahahaha.  Low 30s for tonight but light snow or sleet a bit further north tomorrow.  Yeesh. 



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"Hex C and D:  I would place pickets in these hexes to give us early warning of any movement along AA3"


Bil, would be nice if we could post small pickets, but I don't think we can break down units that way.  If we could, I'd post them from the Penal company.


Everyone...well, Heinrich505 anyway, at least he's watching ;) , we are working up the results of the first Allied turn, taking pics of the actual situation, etc., and will be posting it all here The Axis team has already had a lively discussion of this campaign and the first Allied movement/assault.  We'll carry out those discussion here from now on.


To get in the mood, I'm going to repost some things from the Eindhoven campaign announcement thread here.

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Hello everyone,


As the Axis commander in this campaign (what was kohlenklau thinking???), I want to thank kohlenklau for all the work and creativity he has put into this, and for helping me get re-acquainted with the Tiller Pz Campaign engine. I also want to say that our team has three very, very astute CM Forumites that I have enjoyed getting to know a little bit over the last few days: the inimitable, the one-and-only master tactician and AAR king, Bil Hardenberger;  that geekiest of Geeks, and more-hot-blooded-than-Inigo Montoya, BletchleyGeek, and,  the cool, suave, Bofors gun heir, Fizou. They are a great bunch, and will certainly give the Allies a run for their money.  I'd also like to say hello to the Allied team; we're looking forward to being steamrollered by your Allied might!


While rummaging around in my great-uncle's old steamer trunk, I found a treasure trove of items that coincidentally, and quite amazingly, are directly pertinent to this campaign!


Here is just a teaser of what I found:












I'll be posting more pages from that Archive report as the campaign progresses. It has a lot of meaty information, including bios of the leading officers of the campaign.  Next post has some loose pictures that were in the trunk.



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The Axis commanders:



Oberst Manfred Josef Kerner:





Major Hardenberger as a Hauptmann





Hauptmann Dr. Otto Michel von Bletchler




Haven't found any pictures yet of Hauptmann Carl Gustav Fizou yet, but I'll keep digging.  Meanwhile, here's one of Uncle Manfred taken somewhere in France, I believe.






(Bil did the first 3. An excellent job!  I did the last one, and am working on a lot more...er, I found a lot more that will be posted in the Axis thread as the campaign progresses.)

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Eureka, I found  a picture of Carl Gustav Fizou!  Obviously taken in happier times, before an unfortunate incident occurred, as I understand it, involving some "dancing" girls on board his boat while in berth at St. Nazaire.





He swore he did not say "blow the tanks", but that his actual words were misunderstood. Doenitz was unimpressed.




So it's command of Schiffsturmtruppen now!

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StrafKompanie Burke is disrupted going into this assault so this rule applies:

Disrupted Units  Disrupted units always receive a -1 to their CM leadership in addition to any other negative modifier the unit might suffer from. A disrupted unit cannot assault, therefore it can never take part in a CM attack. A disrupted unit will be represented on the CM battlefield if it’s present on the hex that is attacked, as part of the defending force. A disrupted unit may not come to the aid of an adjacent hex that is assaulted, as units can do in ordinary cases.


Also, these rules are germane. Not German!


Defender Setup Zone Placement & OOB Selection 

A defending player must deploy all his units in a CM battle. This is to stop him possibly deploying ,e.g., just his FO and then retreating soon after. An attacking player , on the other hand, can choose which of his available forces to deploy in a CM battle.  A defending player set up zone should be more centrally located on the map so that to retreat, they have to physically move to the exit zones rather than possibly 'camp' next to them.


'Autosurrender' Rule

If an opponent surrenders after 30 minutes then 25% of survivors (obviously troops only, no heavy weapons) are returned to nearest applicable formation.  Morale A-C < 20 % remaining forces 'autosurrender'.  Morale D-No Morale < 30% remaining forces 'autosurrender'.

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It begins.  Units of KG Kerner pull into Valkenswaard.








1./Schiffsturm Abt. 19 resting in a Valkenswaard park.




Hpt. Fizou and Hpt. Dr. von Bletchler scouting their positions in and around the city.




Leutnant Stefan Burke heading to his Srafkompanie.




The beginnings of "Festung Dommel".



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Yes, special order to fit the head.

Notice the sheer optimism reflected in his smile, why I think he is not worried at all about the Irish Guards coming.

He has warned his men about British use of WMDs however, not that he is worried.

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Yes, you just have to admire that smile of optimism, especially in light of the number of times he was freed from, then sent back to, the penal battalion.  (Something to do with sexual proclivities and animal husbandry, according to  Herr kohlenklau.)  Now look at him, he's commanding one of the companies he used to toil in.  Doesn't get much better than that...for him.

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now now, that is a fib. I like to pump people up not down. Here is part of the lead in to the axis briefing for the mini-battle where Hauptmann Burke is a star.


You are German Luftwaffe Hauptmann Stefan Burke demoted for questioning the orders of your superiors during the earlier campaign in Normandy. A former He-111 bomber pilot, then assigned to a LW Field Division, you now command "StrafKompanie Burke" and here at the bridge you have a small detachment: 

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Not from what I heard the other day--direct from one of his descendants, no less.  But yes, despite his rather goofy-looking face (which would be great fodder for a comic book after this damn war is over), I know he is a fighter.  He better be, because I have to command him in the upcoming battle! 

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I am in progress of creating the OOB for Battle Hex (1,7).

We'll follow along together and learn how to do it.






I will go into the CM OOB and set it at this for the purchase.

Experience: typical.

Motivation: Not sure yet. Pretty dismal.

Fitness: as per the above image.

Leadership: Typical and then downgrade the Penal Kp

Supply will be FULL.

Headcount: as per the above math.

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