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I am already thinking about making a scenario where Russian paratroopers invade my neighborhood  ;).


If there's ever CM: Fulda Gap I hope they make some sufficiently small town American looking buildings so we can recreate the 1989 US drive from St Louis, and the final encirclement of Soviet Forces outside of Portland Oregon in 1991.  


Not trying to harsh on people's more modern scenarios, just if there's a time period that meshed well with "America under attack" for me I feel it was the 1980's.  

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I know the america under attack has a lot of appeal for the american audience, and there are many reason why. Reminds of old wars before and right after the country was born, it's something that never happened since, despite the many wars fought and enemies had. It has a somewhat less appeal for us european, because we obviously can't have the same feelings if we look at a strategic map showing movements such as the one panzer reported (encirclement of soviet forces outside Portland has a huge impact on an american reader). And you people can get  a good chunk of immersion seeing roads and houses that could be yours by the look and disposition of it.


Anyway, it would be a perfect (huge) mod/conversion. And I would be extremely happy to play that.

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