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CMSF needs an active screenshot thread


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The clock is ticking

The BN scout platoon passes the Al Anbar compund heading down MSR Michigan to join Alpha Co.


Bravo units forming up on 1st Platoon position.


Bravo Company assembling

Lt Girten 3rd Pltn on the right


Lt Lewis XO


Capt Peterson, B Co Commander on the left, On the right Capt Upham Fire Support- Years later his son Glenn would be posthumously awarded the Silver Star for bravery during the battles in the Ukraine.


Lt Talley of 2nd Pltn leads his HQ team at the double.


Meanwhile over at Alpha Company

As the briefing meeting breaks up Capt Heverly greets Lt Grace of the scout platoon to give him his assignment. Lt Grace is to hold 3rd Platoon's position and act as the blocking force for Charlie Company. The Scout platoon is little more than a reinforced Infantry squad, but with the added firepower of it's Strykers.


On the left Lt Col Poplowski, BN Operations Officer. 3rd from the left Lt Van Wyk - 1st Pltn Charlie Company as they enter the Al Anbar Gov't compound.


On the left Col Reeves Bn Commander. Referred to by his men as Superman, not usually within earshot of the Colonel. In the background is a 2nd Platoon Stryker moving into position on the East side of the compound.


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Capt Peterson, B Co Commander on the left, On the right Capt Upham Fire Support- Years later his son Glenn would be posthumously awarded the Silver Star for bravery during the battles in the Ukraine.



LOL  I see what you did here.  The following is an excerpt from the After Action Report detailing the incident where Cpt. Upham's son earned the Silver Star taking on a Russian T-90 at 100 meters:


LT Upham’s gunner and driver escaped from the destroyed Bradley but were unable to recover their LT’s body until after the battle.  For his part in the fight, and unwillingness to leave his exposed troops, the North Carolina native would posthumously receive the Silver Star. 


Very nice tie-in to CMBS.  CM Generations.   :rolleyes:   

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heh heh heh  Yeah could not resist when I saw the name.  I went back and opened up some BRZ files. Seems that file for American names has made it through CMSF-CMBN-CMFI and CMBS. I am adding to that name file, too many repeats within a unit.

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What scenario is the Ramadi map from?

A smaller version was used by LLF to create a scenario "Relief of Joker 3".  Great scenario.  The larger map was never used for a scenario, but is available on the repository.


Just do a search by title of Ramadi and only flag CMSF.  You'll get the main map, the scenario and some mods for it.  Also highly recommend Kieme's CMSF mods.

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From Consulate Evacuation - room clearing - Lovin it MOS:96B2P


sburke.  It is cool to see screen shots from a scenario I made.  Thank you for posting them. 



It's like i m there... its like I'm actually there - in the middle east :)


Did you guys watch American Sniper ?


borg.  Not yet.  I think it starts Friday around here.  I will try to see it in the next week or two.  The previews look pretty cool.

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A couple of images from Euroscape mod + Forging Steel Campaign, Mission 4:


T-90s and a couple of BMPs appear on Hill 39:





BANG - one less....


Video of the american tanks perspective:


Video of a Javellin teams perspective:


Video of the russian perspective:


A russian prepares to hit an M1A2 with his RPG:


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Too quiet on this thread.  It is time to return to the story of Lt Romaniecki


As Dawn begins to tint the sky the Al Aksa Bde commander  Al Hakim roams the streets of Ramadi.  The battle that tripped off several hours before has completely wrecked his plans.  This was supposed to start with a pre arranged ambush to lead the Americans into a kill sack.  Now half his IEDS are useless and he is forced to communicate with his men on foot with the Americans killing the cell network, fitting for one who is trying to turn the clock back to a medieval time. To add to his misery, the battle is far from the kill zone.  He is decidedly unhappy about advancing on the Americans with no intel.


At that very moment a Spigot team from another insurgent unit is unleashing a missile on Lt Romaniecki's position from atop the watertower.

Their cries of Allahu Akbar and excitement at what they expect is a devastating hit is brief.

Lt Romaniecki watches in disbelief as the missile roars over Cpt Heverly's head narrowly missing the XO's asst then going beneath the Stryker to explode harmlessly against a wall.  American return fire eliminates most of the Spigot team.




A Company continues to prepare for the coming assault.  It is time to take the war to the enemy.


Trailer for an upcoming battle - unfortunately I hit the road tomorrow for a two week stint.

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Dawn approaches in Ramadi as tracers light up the sky.  Lt Romaniecki (far left) with his HQ element taking the enemy under fire as they infiltrate behind his position.  The battle for Ramadi is becoming a free for all with friend and foe intermingled in the dense urban landscape.  To his left is the Stryker hit earlier in the evening.  On their right is the Gay Palace.


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Sgt Watson's team from the BN Scout Platoon taking insurgents under fire from their ambush position at the Gay Palace.


Unfortunately their position has been located and enemy forces are closing around them- a near miss from an RPG.  Time to bug out to a new position where they can have additional support.


The RPG team is spotted.  Below are some of the casualties Sgt Watson's team inflicted on the enemy from their ambush position.


Marine video in Ramadi of the Gay Palace.


Lt Romaniecki's position would be across the street to the right of this view.  The disabled Stryker would be on the street in the foreground.  Sgt Watson's position is in the building on the far side.

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10 hours ago, MOS:96B2P said:

Nice video.  I was celebrating along with them when their fire support came in.  This is making me want to load up a MOUT scenario.  

"pretty sure they quit firing too"  lol ya think?  The banter is pretty funny.

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LOL yeah not far off the mark.  I come back into it in phases.  I am messing with the entire Ramadi map with a BN of the US and a crap load of insurgents.  Turns are slow anyway and I don't dedicate much time to it.  It is hard to go back and forth and forget "oh yeah I can't do target brief...". I just love this map and CMSF in general though.  I'll read something and next thing you know I am reopening this to hit a few more rounds.  Speaking of which...

Sgt Wood from the BN scout platoon who is holding the street behind Sgt Watson's position hears the sound of a car engine through the smoke... his men dive for cover as a car bomb detonates in front of the building next door.  The facade of the storefront his men occupy explodes inward.  His team is incredibly lucky.  3 wounded.  1 serious, the others are still in the fight.  No one is dead.





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Lt Crane 1st Pltn Bravo Company (closest to the camera) watches the smoke and dust billowing up maybe a 1/3 of a mile away.  He knows that is probably Cinema street, the approximate position of the Bn Scout pltn responsible for acting as a blocking force for Charlie Company and rear security for A Company.  It seems the insurgents have their own plan as to how the battle will unfold.  His unit has progressed a single block so far and is finding they have to clear and secure every single room.  Casualties have been light, he's only had to have one guy evac'd.....for 1 block.  Only a few dozen to go.  He's been hearing the gunfire from A company's battle to the north and word is they have taken quite few casualties trying to seize the Madrassa adjacent to the Saddam Mosque.  3rd platoon which had been their reserve has already been detached to push toward the Gay Palace when it became clear the enemy was already trying to break through.  The souk over by the Qatana district was known to be bad news.  Patrols there always went in heavy.  He wonders who will cover his rear now....FUBAR.  The Mosques are still screaming Jihad.  Screw it man, put a JDAM in each and every one and see if they like some Jihad he thinks as the dust and smoke drift to the northeast.


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Baraniq -  commander of the Al Bashir Bde.  It is his men who blew up the car bomb.  Under cover of the dust and confusion he pushes most of his men past the scout platoon.


Lt Romaniecki (far left) radios Cpt Heverly as he takes a squad of his men to assist the scout pltn.  At this point no one knows the situation on Cinema street, but it is obviously not good.  Unbeknownst to he and his men they are headed directly at the most vicious terrorist in Ramadi.


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