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CMSF needs an active screenshot thread


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Thanks Mord, I got it! Now for a follow up question. In you description at the repository you recommend combining your civil war mod with your mixed combatants mod.

I found Mord's combatant's mod dated 16 Nov. 2009.

Is this the mixed combatant mod you recommended?

Nope. Right underneath it in the Repos.


I was already using your radio chatter mod. I sometimes switch the radio chatter mod with Mords Total Chaos US w/ radio chatter mod and crank the volume (until the wife intervenes). Thanks for your time and effort on this stuff. You do good work.

LOL. Thanks. Glad you are getting a kick out of them.

And Mord: Does yours work in CMA as well?

Completely different models. Hex editing the Muj is an exercise in insanity. Blimey did a mixed Muj one though, but not for CMA.


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Leopard crew decimated by a BMP-2:


Death of a Leopard:


What? There's a Syrian airborne dude in our trench? Not anymore:


Assad seems nonplussed that the Brits did some urban remodeling to one of his towns:


Grimacing in preparation to running over a live grenade or happy he'll be meeting Allah and the 72 virgins?:


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4:30 AM

The insurgents have gone quiet with only an occasional gunshot to break the stillness. Lt Romaniecki has disbanded 2nd Squad and distributed it's men to fill out 1st and 3rd Squads and the MG team. Capt Heverly has called for a planning session in the gov't complex to lay out Alpha company's role in the BN's plans.

Lt Romaniecki and HQ team move out for a meeting with Capt Heverly and the other A company Pltn commanders to review their role in the coming fight.


Captain Heverly in front of the Gov't complex. One thing I am looking forward to coming back in CMBS is mixed units. Cpt Heverly is the black soldier on the left. I find the game even within the limits of CMSF as compared to later releases to be more personal. Lt Simpson, 2nd Pltn commander is inside prepping the briefing area.


Lt Linthicum of 3rd pltn on the move. The situation in 3rd platoon area is not yet secure. The destroyed Stryker is a stark reminder of the firefight here just a short time ago.


Lt Crane 1st Pltn Bravo company having secured the Al Hurriyah mosque awaits orders.


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This is an overview of the full Ramadi map and locations of units from Alpha and Bravo.


Close up of Current positions of Alpha and Bravo units. Alpha will await arrival of the scout platoon. Alpha Company will then clear the Saddam Mosque and adjacent areas.

Bravo will form up on 1st Platoon then push into the Mulaab aiming for the district HQs. Aerial recon and the intel acquired in 1st Pltn's raid has identified the district HQs as a major center of the insurgency and likely major supply base. Upon Bravo clearing the district HQs, Alpha Co TF will drive SE along MSR Michigan in conjunction with Bravo renewing their push east.


This is a close up of the area Charlie company is tasked to clear. They will move to the Al Anbar gov't compound, secure it then move across MSR Michigan then turn right and clear everything over to Alpha Company's position.


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Faces of the enemy

Al Hakim - Leader of the largest faction amongst the insurgents, the Al Aksa Bde. He is Saudi, one of the foreign fighters who have come to Iraq to wage Jihad. His forces were not drawn into the earlier fighting and have an extensive placement of IEDs along Easy street- the SE end of MSR Michigan and an eventual objective for Alpha Company.


Al Jahani - A local Ramadi native who has been thrust into command after 1st Pltn's raid eliminated the commander of the Al Hassan Bde. His units have been bloodied in the earlier fighting, but the feeling is they came very close to over running the American unit. Unfortunately his intel is dated and the force he faces with his now disorganized unit is not what was expected. Al Jahani has an urgent need to establish control over his units, limited resources and very little time. His ace in the hole is the Mulaab district HQs is heavily boobytrapped.

Doka - Commander of the Al Hussein Bde. Most of his forces are concentrated near 3rd Platoon Alpha company. Doka was late reaching Ramadi and is now separated from his men by the Stryker Bn. He is stuck in the slums SW of the Al Anbar Gov't HQ watching the Americans pour into the Area and unable to inform his men.


Amer - leader of the Al Takir Bde operating out of the Al Qadr Al Kilami Mosgue- he men stand right in the way of Charlie Company's assault as they cross MSR Michigan.


Bakahasab - Commander the Al Farouk Bde. Another group built around a foreign fighter core. His forces are directly responsible for the Saddam Mosque.


Baraniq of the Al Bashir commando - A particularly bloody commander. His men have been caught up in the fighting and are the force that ambushed the second Stryker. Some of his squads suffered heavily in the resulting firefight with 2nd platoon. His men are based out of the Souk near the "Gay Place" currently occupied by 3rd Platoon. Charlie Company will be facing them shortly after running into Amer and the Al Takir Bde units.


Abu Shakra Commanding the Al Istani Bde. A former officer in Saddam's Fedayeen, Abu Shakra has some decent militray training and it is mostly his force that went toe to toe with 1st Platoon. He is busily reforming his bloodied forces for the expected American counter attack. Flanked by two of his bodyguards he makes his way through a back alley avoiding American observation.

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