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[WIP] Urbanization mod

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Hi all,

toghether with the industrialization mod dedicated to building skins I have started working on a parallel mod about civilian buildings and cities in general.

The ideas would be to:

-improve standard walls of the 8 independent building variations

-adjust the building types to match a city/town environment more than a village one

-maintain a cohesion such as that all the 8 structures can be placed within the same environment without causing too much commotion from an aesthetic point of view.

From left to right:

red brick (already seen in industrial)

yellowish brick (industrial again)

second yellowish brick


2-tone plaster

Missing for sure: a stone and a plaster one, plus another wood one (?).



Now, the problems:

at the moment, in the vanilla game, we roughly have 3 wood buildings, 1 stone, 2 plaster/stone and 2 brick ones. Given that I am wondering if it would be better to keep this distribution or ditch some wood in favour of more stone/brick ones. Besides, I'd like to make three versions of this mod:

-a total conversion replacing all 8 vanilla buildings

-an add-on adding 8 new textures to the vanilla ones (bringing a total of 16 pieces to click around with, a total of at least 20 if you also use industrial add on) - this option would be for hard core clickers among map creators

-a tagged version providing an option for map designers to switch to city buildings (or industrial, or both toghether).

Shaders turned on and causing some problems between the floors.

As Always any suggestion is welcome.

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It still takes skill. Most of my mods in CMSF were the same, copy and paste. My portraits are all mostly copy, and pasting, and manipulation, almost no actual drawing or anything. The end product is all that matters and what you have here (and in the other thread) is excellent stuff. A big ^5 for "copy and paste"!


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Candidates for the two wooden buildings:





Still missing some more work, details and such.





In this last one I tested a new thing adding the same texture as vanilla rural stone wall, that is an excellent photorealistic texture by the way.

The modded buildings lose a lot of details, such as refinements and frames, I will try to add something like those, but not sure I manage to.

Doors and Windows still to be done.

Roofs are a pain.

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Last two buildings done, now I'll work a bit on Windows, doors, details and then release a package with a conversion for the entire 8 modular buildings.

Then I'll slowly try to add some more city-like buildings, with more facade details, as an add-on. And the roofs, gotta do damned roofs too.

3rd type of wooden facade with vertical planks:


Stone facade:


Yellowish brick facade reworked, also added some base to make it more similar to the vanilla concept:


Pictures taken with max settings, shaders on, 13PM, overcast.

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Yellowish brick not really convincing among the Others (the tone is quite different and the texture a bit lower res), so I will put it in a future add-on, for now I picked this as alternative for the real mod:


This way I might stick closer to the original dev's idea who thought about a darker brick and a brighter one.

Pretty sure about the rest, but for the stone building, the grey is quite strong when compared to the collection, so I will rethink it in another version just to be sure.

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New brick wall model finished.





As usual I did try to keep the original shape/idea.

Might need to tone it down in brightness but it will take some testing. Also, the land contact line should be a bit lighter.

Stone wall:



Not sure about this, might keep looking for something different.

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Thanks everybody.

Work on the roofs has started, here's a preview.

I think I'm going to use a single roof type, otherwise larger complex building wouldn't fit, besides, it's the game's designer idea to have practically the same roof on all modulars in order to keep a certain motif.

Original roof:


Modded roof:


After some thought I picked this roof tile, it's simple, higher res, yet it's still of the same type of the original, that is a corrugated thingy. Chimneys brought to HD bricks, smoked protruding pipes, and a new wood planks texture for the front. I might switch between vertical and horizontal planks or mix them like here, but I belive I'm going to use this only type of front, the White planks don't convince me, as they would fit only some facades.

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THank you, no, there's no other mod than these three dedicated to modular buildings:

-modular buildings in hd v2


-modular roofs to match them


-modular buildings add on


These are all the mods dedicated to modular buildings.

Any previous version should be deleted, if you have just these three in your mods folder you should be fine when it comes to modular buildings.

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