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  1. Infantry models are stored in .mds as for now they can´t be accessed by the Blender CM2 plugin. Only the plugin author can tell if this may become possible. What about replacing a Syrian conventional branch like the Reserve with them? Perhaps there is a way.
  2. This is a question for @sbobovyc . I´m not an author there, sent an email to become one but no answer. Either ways they´re currently renovating. I will share a new link tomorrow when the dp is unrestricted again.
  3. I took a look and its not that easy like I imagined due to the fact that the Muj are not like CMSF1 insurgents.
  4. I think you are right. I just did renaming jobs on the .mds. Certainly the can be redone with CMSF2 models but it likely would require to rework all textures in order to met the new CMSF2 texture layouts. Give the African Forces UNCON folder a shot. The figuring and renaming took 10 minutes and resulted with MikeyD´s African UNCON finally making their way to CMSF2. Perhaps its the same with the CMA Muj. Would be great to see the Muj in CMSF2.
  5. They likely could be brought into CMSF2 like I did with MikeyD African Mod Pack Uncon by using the original CMSF1/CMA .mds (Skeleton) files which then utilize the original textures layout again. However there is something strange about .bmp naming conventions. MDR files are responsible for which .bmp files get accessed. For example if you model swap a Kamaz truck for an Ural Truck you need to rename the kamaztruck.mdr to uraltruck.mdr and place it in your z folder. The kamaz bmp textures you also place in your z folder but don´t need to be renamed as the new .mdr acesses them by their ori
  6. Depending on model and practice some can be converted in a couple of minutes. Ironically it was what seemed to be the easiest job that gave me the biggest headache - the CMA Kamaz ZSU which ends up with its gun shooting backwards when being model swapped for the Pickup ZSU. 1) What the finished model has to look like in the 3D editor 2) Sekrit Formula? 3) What appears ingame
  7. Something which should be useful in many WW2 and modern scenarios. Standard texture is a bit ugly but can be changed. Interaction box is right beneath in the center but this time invisible. CM Train Box Car.zip
  8. Thanks for all the kind words. Glad you enjoy it. Basically a summary of what was already stated here. Place stuff like invisible wrecks and likely walls into flavor objects to make them protect from gunfire, LOS, and impede movement.
  9. M1 Abrams vs Osa Naval Patrol Vessel: That ship is rough work but it works. I will upload the complete blender project folder and mdr to the dropbox. You can basically turn every texture in CM invisible by adding a blank texture. For example the jeeps were designed with 3 randomized spare wheels by using -optiona -optionb -optionc in the editor wich means only ONE will get be displayed. However the third spare got a blank texture so there is a chance that the jeep simply has no spare. As real objects and flavour objects do not collide its possible to combine them to get obs
  10. Perhaps you could use this for one of the H&E scenarios. Not a beauty but simple and resource friendly and thus more can be placed. For editor interaction the original flavor object is located on the see floor. I resized it to test if the fov issues go away but then the model got catapulted out of bounds. However for medium sized objects that are not always in point black front of the player its not that noticeable. File is too big, I moved it to my dropbox.
  11. You can use these to basically replace any mdr object in the game including flavor objects or vehicles. This means you can "fire and drive" flavor objects basically like shown here with the cargo ship: This was just a quick test done replacing the BMP2 amphibious APC with the Cargo Ship. It doesn´t make much sense realism wise with such huge ships but could open some options for combined arms including armed forces supported by naval boats (torpedo/gunboats, destroyers). By shore marsh tile placement you could "lock out" the amphibious vehicles from coming to land and other solu
  12. In the course of dozen playthroughs and experiments with Blender/CM2 Tools (http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118928-combat-mission-modding-tools/) several assets were created which I want to share with the community: Big Cargo Ship BF109 Radar Station Downed Blackhawk Fire Truck Ambulance Barricade + optional Smoke/Burn Stash (Wreck, an invisible alternative is created by 37MM) Barricade (three sizes) Humvee V3 Woodland (Randomized Gear)
  13. Pictures look fine to me. I think the problem is on your end.
  14. And if you´re not into manual copy & paste, JGSME once again does the trick.
  15. Oh no my weekend is lost... ...lost to playing the HOD campaign, which you made finally possible. Thank you very much Zveroboy!
  16. Picture says more than thousand words: I would like your Taliban Mods to replace these guys here. If you could tell me how, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  17. No, no you´re Taliban are perfectly fine 😊 I mean is there a way that instead of replacing SF´s Syrian Combatants your Taliban mod replaces tSF´s Syrian Fighters (those black robe dudes)? Reason is there is a Afghanistan Campaign Heart of Darkness where you fight against Taliban. I would love to play it + your Afghanistan Mod. However for a reason the campaign uses SF´s Syrian Fighters (black robe dudes) instead of SF´s UNCON combatants to portray Taliban. The Author released it back then for SF1 with replacing custom skins to make them look like Taliban again but skins from SF1 as we kno
  18. Initially I wanted to suggest to bf devs that when not with too much work involved, it would be cool when video files in "campaigns" directory or with modtag could be played on other occassions than game start, at least wenn starting campaign in menu and at best before campaign end screen. Not talking about bf wasting dev time on movies but would be great option for campaign makers. At least for me something like this is one level one step to atmosphere. But I dropped suggestion because I thought there not much interest and we already can use intro.wmv .
  19. To be honest didn´t test length any further than what I would have in mind for a campaign video briefing but was more interested if you can go bigger picture than the battlefront logo as most probably wouldn´t like to watch video in small box. I tested up to 1080p resolution of my monitor which CM then successfully displayed filling the complete screen. For the file you can download here I did just go for 720p because source material was not good enough and it would have become too pixelated.
  20. I do not even consider it as real mod but just an experiment to test what videos combat mission intro can play. Looks like there are no restrictions which means a campaign maker theoretically can use the intro.wmv for his means (video campaign briefing, situational report on war etc.) in order to provide player with further background which is good. But when I will do real mod I will consider uploading to cmmods. You are welcome 🙂
  21. I thought it is common sense that people use adblockers, especially on free filehosting sites. Anyways thanks to @mjkerner who kindly provided me with euroscape mod pack, I indeed registered to dropbox now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7uj7mvw14n796n/cmsf2 intro.rar?dl=0 White download button, upper right corner 😉
  22. For me there is just a big orange *Download Now* Button with a arrow pointing down beside it in the upper right corner. I don´t see other download buttons.
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