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Found 5 results

  1. Here is Umlaut's guide to making flavor objects. I've just uploaded it to mediafire so here it is for you all if you need this exceptionally useful and simple process. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0g35it41bg7sskz/Adding+Extra+Flavor+Objects.doc/file
  2. I have a fairly big city map (1072 x 1920 meters) with lots of Flavor Objects. Over the past week or so I have noticed the appearance of flavor objects in strange locations where they were not placed (a bench in the middle of an alley etc.) At first I thought I had incorrectly clicked on the map while working in the editor. However today I observed dozens of misplaced flavor objects. I realized they are flavor objects that I originally placed but they have now randomly changed to a different flavor object. Below is a screenshot of an alley with the yellow garbage can flavor object (inside
  3. Vehicle 9 Civilian Wrecked Car Flavour Object c/w ground tile Wrecked car flavour object [Based on Kieme's SF1 pale blue car] This is a destroyed car to put in your battlescenes. It is modded on the SF1 VBIED pale blue car. Put it in the Z folder It looks best with the ground tile Wreckage supplied with it. http://www.mediafire.com/view/3p5yyk20xu3dka3/Vehicle-9-Wreck-on-burnt-ground.jpg You can replace any ordinary ground tile. It has the mod tag [wreckage] applied. NOTE: flavour objects need consecutive numbers. You will need to put it in the nex
  4. 37 selected Flavour Objects that I made for Black Sea have been combined and renamed within the SF2 editor as required to be available within SF2 Some textures have been reworked to fit within the Syrian environment. FO have been added to empty slots within the Map Editor and so the naming conventions in most cases are a little odd. Download https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7737 Read Me Additional Flavour Objects for SF2 Additions to the FO as follows Aircon 3 – concrete barrier 4 – spray tank on wheels 5 – Disc rake 6 – picnic table 7 – fork lift tr
  5. Hi everybody, I have successfully modded one building - just a variant on a stock CMBS commercial building and got it to load in the scenario editor. After more reading-around, especially @umlaut 's work, I have come to the conclusion that modding modular buildings is never going to work. Today I modded CMBS independent building 103 - a commercial building, and called it building400 and put it in the Z folder including a renamed .mdr file from the original 103. After opening the Scenario Editor I cannot seem to find it loading. Any ideas? Please. Sec
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