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  1. Yeah, it's not in my Spam, (I checked that immediately) - I simply wasn't send a confirmation. The only confirmation I have is from Paypal. Support just completed my order, but I still don't have my confirmation email, which would be nice to have for my records. Edit: The confirmation was sent to my Paypal email address, not my account address. So mystery solved!
  2. I just bought the CMBN Big Bundle, and I'm in the same spot. Just sitting here twiddling my thumbs. Pretty frustrating.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion, I've tried the Gaviteam games, but I really dislike the lack of control I have. It all seems very nebulous. I'll make an order, and sometimes the units will do it, sometimes they won't, but it just doesn't feel good (for me). While it probably is a good "army general" simulator, I'm looking for smaller scale both in engagement size and control (like CM offers).
  4. On the contrary, I'm looking for opinions from people who enjoy the CM series. Not everyone does. (also, I've tried that, 0 results ) My suspicion is that there really aren't any CM competitors, no one has really been able to match the depth and gameplay provided.
  5. I've been on the fence for years (literally) at this point, hoping that something with more modern controls/UI/graphics would come along, but so far nothing has even come close to the tactical control and scale of CM. The new Close Combat looks neat, but just doesn't seem to have the same feel. Is there anything on the horizon for battlefront I should be waiting for? Or should I just shut up and buy?
  6. Thanks guys - Would like to use the new engine - so no games covering the Russian/German Front? (History is clearly not my strong suite, so I apologize if I'm not correctly identifying what I'm talking about.
  7. I've tried to get into the game for years, (via the Normandy demo) but I keep bouncing off of it, mostly because of the abysmal controls. (The graphics are also pretty poor, but I can easily look past that) I've been playing games for 20 years, in every genre there is, but this game's camera and movement feels like an odd mix of control schemes, and none of them feel right. Is there any chance this will ever be addressed?
  8. Thank you! I'm a bit unclear - Does Black Sea for $60 include v4, or do I need to buy the upgrade with it?
  9. Thanks John! I did have one follow up question - I'm wondering if I should forgo the "big bundle" and just get one of the BN modules, and grab another of maybe the more modern setting? Any suggestions on what to buy to get a good variety? Knowing myself it will take a long, LONG time to get through what is in the big bundle, and I'm thinking I might want to have some diversity when it comes to the setting/time period.
  10. I'd like to purchase the Normandy big bundle, I've had my eye on it for years at this point - I've played the demo a bunch and think I'm ready to take the plunge. My concern is the DRM - I often play games on my laptop or my desktop, and would like to be able to install this on both. Is this possible? Sure wish they would just put this on steam
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