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  1. Well, If it was no opening on the Tiger before, you made one
  2. Agree!! If there are any possibilities to do just a fraction of this, In current engine. I would be the happiest man on the planet
  3. After clicking "look at Youtube". And reading all the comments. It seems the launch is no doubt from a Bill. But the rest is from a Milan missile demonstration in the late 70´s. Bill is topattack, like TOW 2B. Not Javelin like. And this one seems to hit the target straight on, on the higher end of the turret. So could be true. Any old Milan operators here, who knows? Never trust what you see on the internet But this is a real Bill-2 Demonstration, I think???
  4. I bellive its the Spike-MR, the Dutsh use there. But the warhead from Bill-2 is used in the nlaw missile. So if there is a brittish module for Black sea.......
  5. I answer my self, to tell what I missed The S-Tank and T-72M1 fired at normal combat ranges at eachother, not point blank! The S-Tanks gun is 62 calibres, vs the normal L7´s 52 calibres. That compares roughly to the same penetration at 2000m for the L/62, as at 1500m for the standard L7 L/52! Buy the way, the S-tank still has the world record for a tank in RPM for its 105mm gun, 24rds/min (THATS FAST) The S-Tank only had 40mm upper frontplate armor, but it also had "Rib armor" 40mm high, 30mm deep, that added more protection together with the extreme slope of the ufp. That, together with the worlds first Slat/Cage/Bar armor. Made it basicly imune frontally, to any AT weapons in the 70´ts. But the introduction of APFSDS, made all that useless! Earlier projecitiles Would just bounce of, but APFSDS just went trough! 1. A picture, when fired uppon, with non APFSDS ammo 2. A picture of the bar armor, Which to some degree was effective against AP projektiles aswell! And that was mounted on the tank, the T-72M1 fired on!
  6. I first posted this, from this forum several years ago. At the time I´t was in an unfinished state! But now, with CMCW. I think its time to go back there! Very informative, but with humor A short intro, of each family of tank ( Dont forget to "reveal hidden contents") And then do the same as you scroll down. Very funny, and very informative! Communist tracked boxes with pancake turrets: don't you dare to confuse GLORIOUS T-80 battle tank with Kharkovite T-64 tractor that doesn't work. - Mechanized Warfare - Sturgeon's House (ipbhost.com) "True socialists of the Ural understood a main problem with optical rangefinder - a worker and soldier of Fatherland had to match 2 images of capitalist in his sight in order to find a range to him. Not only you should have looked at decadent westerner for prolonged period of time during combat, but you were looking at 2 images of him! It is 2 times more decadency per capitalist that free komsomolets should have witness during combat and what is allowed by Party and Narkom of Health! In order to decrease hazardous and health problems of seeing 100% more concentrated capitalism per capitalist, Soviet engineers created a ray emitter that could measure distance to enemies by shooting red communism laser to their fat bodies and tell exact range to increase accuracy of firing main gun! This deivce was installed to gunner sight, which mean that second optical device was not needed, and it was removed, leaving only hard Ural steel"
  7. A "Balanced Battalion (task force)" Is 34909p In a defencive battle on a huge map in 1982. And that is with M60 tanks, not M1´s. I don´t think 22,500 is enough!
  8. Future wars. No more gunruns?
  9. I Understand that!! But that would be the same threat to the F-35 right? If it is in vissible range, it can be defeated? I`m an old relic from the cold war! So I just ask you? Or any other one?
  10. After looking at some gun runs, from the A10, How the hell is the US Army going to replace that, mother of hell??? With the F-35? Why doesent the leadership in the army, just see the A10 as a great asset? I´m sure the soldiers on the ground, want them alive? Or am I totally out of it??? Just look at this: A10 WARTHOG GUNRUN DESTROYS TALIBAN IN TREELINE - video Dailymotion
  11. I was in the Swedish military from the first half of the 90´s, to the beginning of the 20´s century. And when the Berlin wall fell. We got 5 T-72M1´s from Germany, allmost for free. To test amunition on, and to test the East German amunition, and to share the results to Germany (and other NATO contries). The T-72 M1 fired the BM22 and the arrows went straight through the S-Tank. When the S-Tank fired at the T-72 M1, it could not penetrate other than on weakspots! And remember, Sweden as a neutral country. Always bought the best (non DU ammo), if we could not developed it ourselfes (For political reasons, we could not buy DU ammo, nor develpe it ourselfs). And the S-Tank, had a longer barrel than any other 105mm L7 tanks out there at the time. So it compensated with higher muzzle velocity, for not using DU rounds (<10% higer penetration for DU rounds, and much more pyrophoric effects after penetration. Values are for 120mm rounds though). The same after we bought the Strv 122 for our armoured brigades, and rented 160 Strv 121 (Leopard 2 A4) for our mechanized brigades from Germany in 1994-95. We wanted the best non DU ammo, and it was not in Germany at the time. So we bought Israeli APFSDS ammunition after comprehensive testing. So I think that CM:CW is quite spot on, from my own experience!
  12. Thank you for your polite answer. I have never ever, been asked of my Windows pin earlier, thats a new one exept from loggning in, after a restart that is
  13. LOL offcourse it was that pin. I´m so stupid lol. Big thanks . The other issue was in winrar, to extract the files. But it is solved. I´m up and running Both F&R, and Cold War! And I never had to start my first ticket ever
  14. I´m full of shame, but how do I open a ticket on this issue? I never ever had any problem earlier, so I never had to open one
  15. Doesn´t matter if I save the file, or just downloading it to open. When I want it to install, the same text comes up!
  16. "Windows safty" "Controlling that you is you" "We need to verify your identity" That is whats comming up on the battlefront page! And yes, Im paying for a strong Anti virus program from F-Secure. The same when there was no problem to install all other CM games. Of wich I have all, exept Normandy.
  17. I dont know! Never ever had this issue earlier. Just now, I bought the CM Cold War, same thing! Can not install! My computer is 1 year and a half old. And I did not have any problems installing any of the earlier CM!!!
  18. Just bought the F&R module. No problem so far. But after downloading, it want´s me to give a pin code to my windows account, just to install? After severall attemts, I succided to get a pin code. But it will still not install. I want to give Battlefront all the money, and not 30% to Steam. But it is so mush easier to buy on Steam. Well, I´m still not able to install! Does anyone have any sugestions?
  19. My thoughts is: BF could have released this module a year or so earlier. But then we would have, a much more meager module!! The content, wich is in it now! Is something we only could have dreamed of, and maybe in for an 2nd module! Now its all there, two mudules in one! And only days/weeks away. So don´t whine!!! Its comming right up your face, with more content than you normally would wish for, from one module!! With that said, I wishes every one a good day, evening, night, or dawn! Whatever your place on earth is!
  20. Anyone who knows the LoS difference in Armour, between different NATO Centurion tanks, at the time. And the M48a5? Just for mod purposes, and scenarios?
  21. At the time this coment was made. It was over 39.000 dead, and over 258.000 wounded!! This is jungle fighting, for the most part. with some city fighting! Dear America: Letters Home/Vietnam Intro (Fortunate Son) - YouTube
  22. Its still here . Dont know why I did´nt see it earlier!
  23. Great documentary of the 93rd mech brigade in 2 parts (3rd is comming). And the battles it was engaged in. 2014-2016 it lost 138 KIA, and over 1000 WIA. English voice, and subs
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