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    TAKODA reacted to dragonwynn in CMBS Shadow of the Motherland Campaign   
    I recreated the core file and core units and have placed all forces in each scenario of the campaign. I have tested it through 3 battles and everything seems to be working fine. So I will try and upload again and hopefully all will be good. This turned out to be a real adventure.
    The campaign consists of 8 total battles of which the player will play in 7 depending on the chosen path you take.
    Here is a short list of the changes made based on testers suggestions and comments:
    Added some replacement squads as reinforcements for losses obtained during each battle. This should add a better balance.
    Gave players additional setup zones space in most scenarios for those who like to place their own forces. I tried to group the player forces together in their associated companies, platoons and squads for easier placement.
    Reworked some AI issues (especially the last battle which had some bugged AI) for most scenarios to add a better challenge.
    Added some additional detail to the maps
    Once again all the previous details still apply. I feel the story is unique so it is important to read all the briefings and designer notes (The story). It is imperative to keep Capt. Koval alive.
    Any additional comments or suggestions are welcome as I am trying to improve my skills at scenario and campaign creation. But most importantly I just want each who give it a try to enjoy and have fun with it.
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    TAKODA got a reaction from astano in CMBS Wrong Turn at Albuquerque - New Scenario Available on the Repository   
    I just finished the scenario, rushed here to read theforger's AAR, and I can't emphasise enough just how angry I am feeling at myself right now. I destroyed 3 enemy tanks, at least a dozen enemy AFV's and every enemy troop that approached my positions, losing 2 Bradley's and a small handful of my own men. I got overconfident thinking I had killed all the enemy armour so I moved my remaining Bradley forward into the open fields in search of any enemy troops that had retreated, my Helo's hadn't spotted any survivors so surely it was just a case of mopping up, but to my complete horror I spotted 3 T90's moving in column formation straight past my Bradleys exposed flank. Kaboooom, the lead T90 obliterated my Bradley, I turned the game off, my men were all out of AT weapons...
    BTW great scenario and map, I will definitely play it again soon.
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    TAKODA got a reaction from astano in CMBS Wrong Turn at Albuquerque - New Scenario Available on the Repository   
    Sounds like this is going to be a great scenario, thanks for sharing mate, I'll let you know how I go when I finish playing.
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    TAKODA got a reaction from astano in New Small SP Scenario - "Shadow and Flame"   
    I'll try it out tonight, thanks for sharing.
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    TAKODA reacted to dragonwynn in CMBS Shadow of the Motherland Campaign   
    The Shadow of the Motherland campaign is released. After making adjustments and recomendations from play testers and refining and detailing the maps and narrative I am releasing the campaign to the public.
    This campaign is a narrative driven campaign similar to my CMRT The Cross of Iron and CMBN In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow. It follows a young Ukrainian Captain, Demitry Koval, of the 79th Airmobile Brigade as he leads his men through a series of missions during the Ukrainian Civil War against Pro-Russian separatists. It is a story of modern war and the tough personal trials that soldiers face while underfire.
    It is very important that you read all of the Designer Notes  well as the Mission Briefings as these drive the storyline. It is imperative that Captain Koval be kept alive or the campaign will end.
    Simply download from the link below and place the .cam file in the BS campaign directory and place the mod folder in your data/z directory.
    Many thanks for those who tested the campaign for me and I hope that this version is relatively issue free. Let me know through this thread of any further issues or suggestions and I will revise.
    Here is the dropbox link
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    TAKODA got a reaction from Cheese in Combat Mission: Modding tools   
    I'm not sure what's going on here but I hope this thread will help someone produce models like this -

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    TAKODA reacted to czarejs in Escalation of Violence Scenario   
    Hi everyone. So I thought I give creating a scenario a try and came up with this. It's a large scenario and was totally my first attempt ever. It took a few days to show up on the repository and then I was on vacation when it did. I played it as many times as I could. So I thought I'd let you people give a try testing it. It is Blue only and comments, critiques would be welcome. 
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    TAKODA reacted to czarejs in Escalation of Violence Scenario   
    Hi guys...thanks for trying it out. I can't take credit for the map it was one of the quick battle maps. I added trees in some areas to block line of sight but other than that didn't touch it.
    I think that it is tough for the US at the beginning, especially if you don't know what's coming. I was trying to get an ebb and flow situation going.
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    TAKODA got a reaction from Cheese in HD footage of armour manuevering in Ukraine.   
    This photo album contains 12,648 photographs, many taken on the frontlines, it is really worth checking out some of the albums that were posted a few months back.
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    TAKODA got a reaction from Alexey K in HD footage of armour manuevering in Ukraine.   
    Some high quality close up footage.
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    TAKODA got a reaction from Vanir Ausf B in Black Sea Patch v1.03 Preview   
    A big thanks to everyone who tested and worked on the new patch, much appreciated.
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    TAKODA got a reaction from Vanir Ausf B in Kieme's Maps   
    I can't wait for more of your maps, you have some serious talent mate, the maps and mods master!
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    TAKODA got a reaction from MOS:96B2P in CMBS total conversion ideas...   
    I think a National Training Centre, Fort Irwin map would be perfect. The Russians would be OPFOR  (11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment) just like in real life, so there is no need for a fictitious backstory. Scenarios could be exact or close replicates of past and current training missions. Kieme you would be my hero if you could create this map.
    Here is a link to the 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiments facebook page for those interested -
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    TAKODA reacted to Kieme(ITA) in Kieme's Maps   
    The following pack has 3 quick battle ready maps, based on the one posted above, suited for meeting engagement only (deploy areas in the corners NE/SW).
    All versions have the same size and deploy areas but more objectives (small has 1 objective, medium has 3, large has 5). all objectives are of the occupy type (point values in brackets).
    It's up to you to decide what version to play with, just keep in mind that the size is the same. For example: if you want to play a small battle with few forces, the small versions with only 1 victory location in the middle would be best suited to avoid dispersion. At the same time, if you play a huge battle with large forces the large version gives you not only that big objective in the middle but 4 more minor objectives around the map, but you might still want to play with just 1 objective, it's up to you.
    Important: this quick battle map pack is intended ONLY for player versus player games.
    Kieme's Highway PvP quick battle meeting engagement map pack download: https://app.box.com/s/woi7osiofy8tp9j2xer6hpjtrj2t6qyz
    Please note: there has been no testing on the balance of victory locations and deploy areas.
    Preview of the three versions:
    Small battle

    Medium battle

    Large battle

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    TAKODA reacted to Kieme(ITA) in Kieme's Maps   
    Hi everybody,
    a first attempt at map making. 
    Kieme's Highway
    A few statements to describe this map: 
    -Main theme of this map is a highway running east-west with an interesction in the middle going South and two overpass bridges.
    -map size is 2000x2000 meters roughly.
    -it is practically flat, the main elevation is 19, while depressions go down to 18 (17 in the corners) and up to 21/22/23 in wooded areas, highway is at 20.
    -the buildings are mainly of 1 level or 2 levels. Few exceptions for some buildings at 3 or even 4, but these have no Windows and/or unusable rooftops, so there is no key building dominating the map.
    -large open areas, with few complexes sorrounded by walls (such as an industrial area, a residential area, some farms).
    -wooded areas are small, vehicle passable, slightly elevated and with not too thick trees.
    -there are many ditches between fields.
    -it has few flavor objects.
    -there are no landmarks names.
    -this map is made up and does not represent a real world location.
    Notes: this map works best with my previous Modular Buildings mod and Modular Buildings Add-on. Moreover, it makes use of the Optional Highway mod (tagged version).
    HD terrain mod is best suited but not mandatory.
    Map only download: https://app.box.com/s/5xz78s9xrvgbvslcc1cwdhq4p8vi1jv6
    Intall: put the .btt file in your game files folder (under documents).
    Feel free to use this map for your needs, crop, cut, expand, change whatever you need for your scenarios.

    I decided to start with a concept for PvP (player versus player) coming in form of a basic pack where you can find 3 versions (same map, size, etc.), but with different objectives layout. These are intended only for player versus player and contain no AI plans.
    A preview and download of such "quick battle pack" is coming within this thread shortly.
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    TAKODA reacted to dragonwynn in CMBS Shadow of the Motherland Campaign   
    I am putting the finishing touches on a campaign for CM Black Sea. It is a narrative driven campaign similar to my CMBN In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow and CMRT The Cross of Iron. I am looking for a few playtesters to check it out and report any bugs or make suggestions to improve it before publishing it.
    It is a infantry driven campaign that dipicts actions by the Ukrainian 79th Air Mobile Brigade under the command of Captain Demitry Koval. Though armor plays a role in the campaign it is centered around 3 companies of this brigade and their actions against pro-russian separatists.
    As with my previous campaigns it is important to read all the briefs and  designer notes as these drive the story. Also there are modtags and a folder with the needed mods in it in the download.
    I need a few fellow players to give it a spin and let me know:
    Is the difficulty level and balance ok
    Are there any bugs such as out of place units or units doing idiotic stuff.
    Is the immersion level satisfactory to the campaign.
    And any other things that need improving.
    If anyone is interested let me know and I will PM you a drpbox link with the campaign and mods
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    TAKODA reacted to theforger in CMBS Shadow of the Motherland Campaign   
      1st Campaign Mission from Shadow of the Motherland.   (Iron).   MAC 10.10.2, 2.7Ghz 12GB Memory, Radeon HD6770M (512MB)   CMBS 1.01   Excellent opening battle, achieved a Tactical VIctory. Had got used to using all the bells and whistles (drones, precision Arty) so it was nice to experience different challenges.    As you say a few more flavor objects, forecourt flags etc, to be added maybe some fencing, just cosmetics. But these sort of things bring some horror and realization that this awful event could be happening on your own doorstep one day, and empathy for the poor people of Ukraine.   There were some adjoining buildings that didn’t have connecting doors, which is great as its good to be challenged. Engineers would have made my job easier. But neither should be included as the object of the scenario is to make you think and adjust, which it does.   Love the mods they look fantastic! Took some great screen grabs but can't paste in here directly  .   5 stars from me, Thank You very much from Nigel (theforger)       Extracts from my AAR 19:00 Plan Of Attack Making initial thrust to the north with the idea of then rolling them up from the flank. Sending 2nd COY with the armor to get established on their flank. Sending Lieutenant Ishchenko’s Recon platoon to building hop on 2nd Company’s right flank. 1st COY to support Recon once enemy positions identified.     19:21 North District subdued. All quiet.  19:22 All hell breaks lose. What a sting in the tail. Previously hidden Separatists in the Southern and Government buildings open up with everything they’ve got. The APC gets caught in the open and brews up. Advancing 1st COY troops suffer casualties.   Within 60 seconds a situation that was under control deteriorated into a near disaster as the BMP that Koval was riding in became the 2nd AFV to fall.     Koval clutched his leg in agony. Blood seeped from Koval’s wounded thigh as he stumbled half deaf, dazed and confused from the burning wreck. Under a hail of bullets he was dragged into the first building that offered temporary sanctuary. He felt sick, he’d let his people down.   Ambushed, how stupid, he cursed himself….then drifted out of consciousness.   After 15 minutes of intense action, firing ceased. 1st COY had achieved its objectives but at a considerable cost. This was street fighting at its worst. The defending had been fanatical, maniacal, sometimes suicidal. The Separatists had been nearly wiped out, over half lay dead, the rest captured.   Both UKR Companies had taken some serious casualties 28KIA, 44 wounded and had lost both AFV’s. HQ would not be pleased, but Captain Koval lived to fight another day.
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    TAKODA reacted to RepsolCBR in Debaltseve Devils - CMBS scenario   
    Hello..   This is an updated version of the original scenario. According to the feedback i got on V.1 of this scenario at the BATTLEFRONT FORUM it might have been a bit to difficult in its original state.   Dropbox:   https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnpzof7owjjwhg8/Debaltseve%20Devils%20V1.2.rar?dl=0   The file is also uploaded to the Repository but it will not be avaliable there until BFC have rewiewed it..     The following changes where made in this V 1.2 version:   - The 2 squads in the recon platoon are now VETERAN troops as opposed to before being REGULAR. - The MORAL of the two T72 tanks have been upped one level to NORMAL. Used to be LOW. - The scenario now have the CORRECT gametime in its description. - 1st company have now some limited artillery/mortar support - The briefingtext have had an overhaul and should now be correct english. - I have TAGGED a mod to this scenario that will have the SEPERATISTS look more the part...     I would like to thank the following FORUM MEMBERS for their help:   Scenario feedback:   - ridethe415, TAKODA, Capt. Toleran, Childress and Chudacabra.   For helping me improving- and correcting the briefingtext:   - SLR   For his excellent SEPERATIST MOD:   Blimey     I hope these changes will make it somewhat easier to achive a victory...   I tried to put the DROPBOX link in the first post of this thread but i could not find any way to EDIT that first post...  
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    TAKODA got a reaction from George MC in First Clash Redux   
    Thanks George.
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    TAKODA reacted to George MC in First Clash Redux   
    This scenario was originally released as part of the CMBS game. Whilst the intent pre-release was to create an intro to modern armoured warfare it appears many players post release considered it too easy – mainly due to the strength of the US forces arty and air support. Whilst doctrinally correct it did make the scenario a bit easy for the US to win. In addition all US AFVs had APS. The preponderance of APS equipped armour did mean the M1s were pretty unstoppable.
    This version tones down this. Overall the changes aim to make the scenario a more challenging proposition.
    This scenario recreates a US company team attack against a Russian Forward Detachment of an armoured tactical group – the first contact between both sides ‘heavy’ forces. The map is a large one - around 4km x 4km although the OOB on each side is kept manageable at around reinforce company level.
    Both sides have a fairly ‘typical’ OOB (organisation, units and vehicles) plus supporting arms (air assets, anti-aircraft assets and artillery) for the missions they have been tasked with. As such this scenario serves as a useful introduction to commanding a modern combined arms unit at the company level.
    This scenario was originally designed to be played first and foremost from the perspective of the US side against the Russian AI. There is also a Blue AI Plan and potentially it is playable head to head (H2H) but has NOT been playtested for balance in this regard.
    There are two distinct Russian AI plans and one US AI plan – thus allowing some level of re-playability.
    You can grab the new version at the following HERE
    There was an earlier thread discussing the stock version that was packaged with the game HERE. I'd appreciate any comments regarding the redux version are posted here - just to keep em separate please?
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    TAKODA reacted to George MC in First Clash Redux   
    Oops my bad. It's working now. Cheers for the heads up guys
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    TAKODA reacted to Macisle in S&S1: The Boys are Back in Town (new SP scenario)   
    Here is a new 90-minute, SP-only scenario for everyone (human player must be the Attacker):
    S&S1: The Boys are Back in Town (version 1 file removed)
    S&S1: The Boys are Back in Town V2 (version 2, 03/14)
    You command a reinforced Ukrainian mechanized (BTR-70) company, fighting to take back a town from Separatist irregulars with Russian regulars on call as their lifeline. The download includes a tagged copy of Blimey's excellent Separatist mod, which will work with the scenario (readme file included).
    Here is the map:

    This is the first offering in a series I’m calling Spit & Sawdust. S&S scenarios will use existing QB maps as a base, will not include briefing graphics, and will receive only minimal testing. The goal of the series is to give players reinforced-company-sized SP battles that are significantly better than standard SP QBs, while cutting production-time corners by dropping the normal scenario graphical packaging and thorough testing. S&S scenarios seek to be “good enough” rather than attempting to be a work of art.

    I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to make them, but going with this concept offers a much better chance of getting more scenarios out to the community than the standard approach.
    Anyway, my best to all and I hope you have fun!
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    TAKODA reacted to Heirloom_Tomato in Vega Force Small Scenario Released   
    I had posted this to the repository at the start of the week and so far it has not come up. I am not sure what is going on but thought I would post a link for anyone who is interested.
    This is a small scenario, Ukrainian Special Forces vs Russians. Playable as UKR vs AI only. There are two AI plans for the Russians. I have not tested the scenario for H2H play. It might work and it might be terrible.
    Here is the link:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ct81paat2vii58c/AACX3IZ0Rv5dyr9W1v0ibJnNa?dl=0
    If you have any feedback please PM me.
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    TAKODA reacted to RepsolCBR in Debaltseve Devils - CMBS scenario   
    Thanks, TAKODA
    Yes, snipers are suprisingly difficult to route out (in a good way) and usually requires close assulting the building to finish them of...Unless you use some heavy hitters to deal with them .
    Looking forward to hear how this end for you...
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    TAKODA reacted to RepsolCBR in Debaltseve Devils - CMBS scenario   
    Hello, Capt. Toleran
    Thanks for you comments...Sorry things did not go to well for you.
    Maybe the difficulty level is to high...I would be intrested to hear what other people think..?
    I tested this scenario a couple of times...2 full playthoughs with resulting enemy surrenders and i think 4 times to try different ways to get across the river. I tried my best to NOT use my knowledge of the enemy in these playthroughs....
    I managed to win (whitout the reserv platoon) but i indeed took quiet heavy casulties...My last full attempt resulted in 20 dead and 40 something wounded...Both tanks remained...
    -----SPOILER ------
    I agree that trying to route the enemy out of their possitions (especially those in buildings) with massive firepower is VERY difficult...Despite the fact that thoose troops are not beefed up with super great stats (moral, experience, leadership).
    I think that one key to victory will be to not try to route the enemy out of their possitions with long/medium range fire (i tried that also and failed)...Especially on the south side of the river you should be able to suppress (not route) the enemy possitions from a distance and move other troops forward to close assult the enemy...
    this has proven effective in my playtesting atleast...Even TARGET LIGHT (to save RPGs and such) from multiple possitions have been enough to sufficiently suppress the enemies to allow an assult.
    With regards to the 'ton of blue' on the other side of the river...Yes... It might look a bit impossible when rewiewing the map in the AAR screen but many of thoose troops are triggered to make counterattacks and repossition during the battle to allow you to catch them in the open (atleast that is my intention...)
    They should be a bit easier to deal with then stationary defenders remaining in some buildings...
    ----- end of SPOILER -------
    I hope this scenario did not ruin your day 
    Feedback like this is good for future work....thanks !!
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