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  1. I don´t plan to finish this (in the short term, that is) , specially knowing there are the modders working on it. I don´t want to cause a good impression, I just want to share what I think it may improve the game. I am very busy, so this is as far as I can go. Thanks and enjoy.
  2. Here is the link: Aris CMFB Terrain Mod Beta 0.8
  3. As wrote some days ago, I am really busy this time of the year. Can´t barely find time to mod or even play. But I managed to modify some terrain textures. They are works in progress I may never finish. Feel free to download and use them if you want. (Link soon,...uploading to Dropbox).
  4. Very promising indeed! I have quite a lot of winter terrain modded textures that I could give to you if you wanted, I won´t finish my tearrain mod after all, so feel free to contact me if you please,...
  5. Thanks guys for all your kind words, but unfortunately I may have to stop modding for quite some time due to some professional changes (and demands) in my life. Feel free to alter or edit and publish any of my previous mods to your taste. CMFB will be the first CMx2 ww2 title I may not be able to mod, it feels strange to me, but that´s life!
  6. Very nicely done Juju! Beautiful artwork.
  7. I am so bad at modding snow textures...the effort may not be worth it,...
  8. Some master techniques for flanking with armor: 1. Approach silently 2. At the proper moment, issue the levitate order and voila,... 3. Much better position for the Panther! 4. Hey, let´s do the same for the other cat too... 5. The Kubelwagen joins the party... 6. Well, sometimes works, sometimes it ruins your Quick Battle....
  9. I am so bad at winter mods that I suspect my modding activity will stop and leave me some spare time for scale modelling!
  10. Wait, that´s in fact...a Photo, rocketman, My mod it´s just a compilation from my previous work plus some refinements, changes and extras. I am a modder, not god .
  11. The problem I see, regarding weathering in the Bulge game, will be how to add convincing three dimensional mud and snow layers. Dust and grime look great but mud and snow may look awful in beautifully rendered 3D vehicles...
  12. Not snow aircraft..YET. I have always wanted to do this though...
  13. Funny, I am an scale aircraft modeller,...1/32 ww1 and 1/48 WW2 scale models.
  14. Not yet kohlenklau, may give a try some day with the Bulge game coming,.. Soon for Gustav Line....
  15. I have been trying to upload both my CMRT and my CMBN terrain mods (both missing) but I get errors after 99% is done,...I will try to create some dropbox links for you so that you can upload them yourself...Thanks.
  16. Sorry, must be me, but still can´t find which early Stuarts are still unmodded,...If you could point me the right direction,...
  17. For some unknown reason (to me) my CMBN Terrain mod hasn´t been reuploaded yet to CMMODS v3.
  18. Something I am working on....Sexton Pack for Gustav Line . Soon in CMMods.
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