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  1. Hello. I see the scenario has been rapidly approved and made available. Thanks. But, would it be possible to take it to the "CMBN Scenarios & Campaigns" section instead of being at the main CMBN downloads section? I think it will be easier for the players to find it there. Thanks again.
  2. As I was designing an scenario I saw this strange behaviour on one of the bridges in the map, but not in others. I realized that the bridge was over a shallow ford (only visible in the editor). I changed it to simple "water" and the problem disappeared.
  3. Wow, this time the devs at the repository were fast. Available.
  4. Moving on Slow outside paved roads since I had my first Bogged tanks. Not many problems since.
  5. I haven´t had much help from playtesters in this one. I guess they were still recovering from Huberderie, hehe. So I hope it´still fun, challenging...and maybe not as hard as my previous, nasty scenario
  6. The 28th Fights Back Allied Attack towards Sourdeval and Mortain. Not as tough as Assault at Huberderie I guess. But not a walk in the park either. Hope you like it. Soon in the repository.
  7. Just P-51D Light. But all Air Support missions seem to be hardcoded. Ammo selection in the editor doesn´t affect the mission. Allied Fighter bombers with Veteran Observers are really able to destroy a whole Company and a Panther or two,...
  8. I am currently designing a scenario in which I would like to include some air support in the form of P-47s. The problem is that even if I modify the ammo quantity to scarce, the bombing and strafing of the planes is unbalancing the battle as they are terrific for the Axis. One pass after another they don´t seem to be low on ammo and destroy all the armor with ease, no Flak opposition (no 20mm AAs, no FlakPanzers,...don´t want to use the 88s as this would unbalance the battle to the Axis side). So, how could I limit the presence of Allied fighter bombers to say, one bombing run and a strafing p
  9. It´s the same download link as before. Just look for Author-->Juju and you will see it´s version 1.01 now.
  10. GLAD that you are enjoying this. Some might say 40+turns is too short to acomplish the objectives, but it is intended to be hard. And you may have to play it more than once to achieve both objectives. LOS, sight lines were,..um,...trully a headache, and worked on it really hard, thought of them as a help for the AI, but without letting the terrain being too restrictive. You can try different approaches, each with its difficulties. Good luck, you may need it!
  11. BTW, it´s intended to be rather challenging. Don´t expect to win the first time or beating the AI easily. You may have to replay a few times to get a Total Victory.
  12. I replaced the old version (only 10 downloads already at the time I did it) with the version 2.1. The Designer Notes still at Beta 5 since I didn´t want to spoil the fun with the newest changes made. I Uploaded 2.1 to the Repository too, so no problem with people playing different versions of the scenario.
  13. Version 2.1 already at Cmmods. Forgot to add some stuff for the english version of the scenario already present in the Spanish one. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. I may fix some minor points and upload version 2.1 today. Many people playing it and giving feedback at the moment. Thanks for playing anyway.
  15. Struggling with the AI. That was the toughest part. There is no way that one can keep the AI hidden and effectively ambush or unhide. If you Hide them, they only fight back if attacked (what makes them be pinned anyway before the fight starts) and if you tell them to ambush to 300m they are VERY visible so you can destroy from outside that range and they won´t even shoot. AI plans add some replayability, but the problem remains the same. It may be a misunderstanding on my part, but it´s tougher to create not H2H scenarios now, unless you give the AI Crack skills and kilometres of (metal?)boca
  16. True Available, enjoy! http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4470/details
  17. It´s finished, it´s just in the process of being approved by the devs since it´s already uploaded
  18. Soon in the repository. Huberderie, near Periers, 20 km west of St Lo. Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy. Mist and fine rain. Light wind. Units from the117th Batallion of the 30th American Division and the743rd Armored Battalion exploit a gap in the enemy lines and move southwest to crack the next nut. You are in charge of Company B, with three platoons of men hardened in battle. You can count on the support of three mortars, two machine guns, bazookas and 81mm mortar section with little ammunition. Three Shermans from the 743rd Battalion have been sent to your aid
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