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  1. You know you mod CMRT, a lot, when you look at the way dust and dirt settles in the wheels of cars as you pass by...
  2. You won´t find it. It's not in CMRT.
  3. If you have got a template, creating camos can be a lot of FUN: Uploading to CMMODs shortly.
  4. Then, cry out loud, "MickeyD, would you upload a plain yellow template for CMRT Hetzer!? Please....! " Mr Dupleissis released templates for some vehicles long time ago (available in the Repository), so I could create new camos. Eliminating an already present camo is, at the moment, beyond my capabilities.
  5. Always difficult to please eveybody (Kieme, you can use my Early and Mid variants from CMFI, they will work ok, they even have [muddy] variants). Now a new challenge , creating a completely different camo scheme from scratch. I don´t like the stock scheme so I looked for nice Grille schemes and created mine. Then applied weathering, a lot to do yet,...for some reason, the german Self Propelled vehicles are the hardest to me when modding. (compatible with CMBN too.)
  6. Yes, the game recognizes them, resizes them and the overall result is a slight improval at the cost of a MUCH bigger texture size.
  7. The game recognizes textures with the factor of 2 of the stock ones, but won´t resize the 3d model, just the texture. You can make better resolution textures (that somehow will be resized by the engine)and they look better too.
  8. Thanks a lot for these. Have you considered adding tags so that we can have SS troops when designers create battles which depicts these fanatics? Somethink like "smod_german_m43_soldier_uniform[ss]"?
  9. I am releasing a new mod in within minutes and then I will take a (I think) deserved break for some (long?) time, play CM, Wings Over Flanders Fields, play guitar and make scale model kits . No more mods from me in a while, hope you like what I modded so far. Cheers!
  10. Don' t tell anyone, it's a secret, I am making a weathering mod for german uniforms....
  11. Phew, that is a helluva job now with so many variants,...doable, but I will let others give them a go first
  12. PM-me and tell what you have in mind for this scenario , sir
  13. Very easy to way to upload and search for mods by author, downloads, etc...Clean, clear interface. Would be good to be able to upload more than one screenshot for each file. Ratings, people comments for each mod, etc.
  14. Wow!!Great results for a 2d texture! Congratulations,...
  15. Early Beta,...SdKfz 222 & 223 in the works
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