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  1. No problem Kieme I won´t be modding CMBS. Sorry, I keep my energy for modules and vehicle packs in the ww2 .
  2. Problem solved!! Thanks to the support guy (John Costello) who promptly helped and pointed me in the right direction. REMEMBER, don´t be as silly as me, and don´t let the sytem go into sleep mode when downloading so big files!
  3. Wow, I even forgot about it!! I will see what I can do.
  4. Thanks sburke, I always thought this was the place for a heads up,..Will submit a ticket...
  5. No response from support yet? I hate to bump really, but if you can't provide servers with resume possibility it will be good to know, so that I can look for alternatives, such as friends' computers with better network connection and a USB drive...
  6. Thanks guys, glad you like them. Apart from the CW Shermans, is there anything for CMFI/GL you would like to see modded?
  7. After a forced reinstall I have been trying unsuccesfully to download the Master (Huge) Installer due to some network "microcuts" that make the download stop but not restart from where it was. I have tried with my download manager but when connection is lost is impossible to continue it, BFC servers don´t allow it, you have to restart from zero,...frustrating. So here I am, unable to install the game. Although my broadband internet connection is quite good, my download of the large file often fails with a Connection Lost error message. I am not sure, but I think that it fails because perha
  8. Sherman M4A1 Early and Mid uploading to CMMODS...
  9. M4 Mid and M4A1 Mid soon in CMMODs,..
  10. Soon, the rest of the Shermans, my favorite CMx2 title deserves it...
  11. Check this: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1692
  12. Completed the whole campaign with a Total Victory. A VERy enjoyable campaign, with great inmersion factors and pretty well balanced. The last battle was,...well,...tough. Thanks dragonwynn!
  13. Thanks , thanks , thanks, a great effort, just played the first battle, and had a blast! Things like this make me realize why I love CM so much.
  14. Keep them coming, great fun, even if they are not super-hiper balanced!! Thanks a lot for these, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, could make the tutorial CMBO one? That would make me so happy...I am getting old after all, you know,...
  15. Download links for 3.11 are brz files, no exes,...I have 3.10 already working but if I put 3.11 BRZ file in my data folder the game still shows 3.10 in the splash screen, what is the procedure? Am I supposed to redownload 1+GB of files...again?
  16. That's a crazy amount of work,...godd luck, and try to enjoy it too !!
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