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  1. I will be buying this, it will be my first modern era CM title...
  2. BTW, anything high on the list of "to-do"s for you, guys?
  3. Phil, you know what we are asking for , and yes, it's EXACTLY that: REWIND.
  4. I am having fun again http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5391/details
  5. I am almost "out of it", but After purchasing the Vehicle Pack I couldn´t stop but modding and upgrading some of my previous textures,...
  6. Exactly Mr Wodin. All my time is devoted to that masterpiece. I finished Russian vehicles for CMRt so,...I deeply recommend EZ´s German mods for vehicles.
  7. Thanks Panzer Mike, I will play and post impressions here,...don´t ask me why but I know this will be a keeper. You scenario creators deserve a huge THANK YOU.
  8. Once again, amazing, thanks for all the effort you put into these.
  9. Ok, if your people wants it, your wishes are my command,...uploading....
  10. I am much busier at work than expected , so eventually I won´t have time for a version 2 of the T-34s,...at least for some time. In the meantime, I simply fixed the "Late 44" as pointed out by Erwin.Rommel,...So, if you fell like it, download, extract to Z and overwrite. Thanks. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38783558/Aris%20T-34_85%20Mod.44%20Late%20CMRT%20HotFix.zip
  11. Thanks Earl, much appreciated, I know the Marder, The Stugs and the Grille are at the Repository, but nothing else. I made my last mod with the Grille plain yellow camo by MickeyD. I would like to do the same with others too, but if you guys decide that's not appropiate for whatever reason,...I will understand your decision anyway.
  12. BFC,..would it be possible to upload yellow plain camo German vehicles so that we modders could add camos to them? Hetzer, Nashorn, etc ...come to my mind but sure there are many more,...At the moment weathering is possible, but it's impossible to me with my actual skills to remove the stock camos and create new ones,...
  13. Odd camo scheme I must reckon...
  14. Don't understand a word, but sounds very realistic.
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