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  1. Yes, it is true for all ATGM vehicles. My suggestion would to bind it to the "Driver is driving" variable instead. It's not a huge thing, but at Cold War, it is weakpoint.
  2. That's only possible with tanks who fire a cannon, machinegun or autocannon right now. Not with ATGMs, as ATGMs will only be fired, if no waypoints orders are left for the vehicle. If waypoints are given, vehicles will not fire. So if you give a reverse order, this will not happen.
  3. The Leopard 1 was only lightly armored. Calculations at the time were, that it is very difficult to armor a vehicle against modern anti-tank systems, it would make the tank bulky, heavy and slow. Instead the tactics was speed and movement. Leo1 tactics is shoot and scoot and not get hit. Heavy armor would make the Leo1 inert. There was another vehicle planned to replace the Leo1 at that time, a new concept of a Jagdpanzer, the VT1 with two guns and an extremely powerful motor, optimized to perform fastes acceleration forwards and in reverse, to maximise the ability to do shoot and scoot manouvers. But the vehicle did not go into serial production, because it was not able to perform in a satisfying way in any other form of combat.
  4. Unfortunately, today is not the big day. The release is postponed to an unknown date. Probably August.
  5. Nato had several mine laying devices to delay a Soviet attack and deny an area. The Scoprion Mine Laying Vehicle of the Bundeswehr for example, with 300 vehicles taken into service in 1981/82. But minefields can also be prepared by artillery or helicopter. None of it is part of the scope of a Combat Mission scenario, but the mines which would have been in the area are, and we have them available in the game. Which we don't have is Soviet counter equipment, Tanks with mine rollers to deal with those mines, and prepare a still dangerous, but somewhat safer route through a minefield for the following vehicles and infantry. Can we get tanks with mine rollers later on to fill this gap?
  6. For the independent buildings, I place all building types on the map, in the same pattern, as they are in the editor, and then I can check in the 3D world which building would fit where. I do the same with trees. This buildings will be deleted later of of course.
  7. Yeah, but sometimes 10 seconds are not enough. And sometimes the tank shoots immediately, and then waits for several seconds on the spot. I know, that similar behavior can be simulated already, but it isn't optimized.
  8. What I would like is a new movement type of "Firehalt", being a "Quick" move to a waypoint and then stops there with "Firehalt", a special type of "Pause" until the main weapon, either the cannon or an ATGM got fired. This could be used for tanks advancing forward for an attack, if the tanks are old WW2 tanks, or soviet cold war tanks, to shoot with maximum precision while on the move. It would also be useful for perfect shoot and scoot maneuvers. As you could order tanks to move into a fire position, the tank would pick its target, fire, and then reverse back into a hidden position, if this is where a follow up reverse waypoint would be headed. There could also be a "Firehalt 30" type, to switch through. To "Firehalt" until the main weapon got fired, or continue after 30 seconds, if it did not got fired. For example, if the expected enemy did not show up, is not spotted, or destroyed by another unit. The 30 seconds would give the vehicle some time and a chance to spot, but it would then continue to advance further, if it is in an attack, or go back to the hidden position, if it would be in a defense.
  9. I would also be interested in this campaign. @Aquila-SmartWargames would like to put it on his Dropbox folder, available for everyone, if possible and if storage space is needed.
  10. Yes, when I reported this "bug", or maybe better "questionable design decision". I suggested, to change the "if/then" from "if further waypoints exist, then vehicle can't fire atgm" to "if driver is driving, then vehicle can't fire atgm". Because this is also a variable tracked by the game, as you can see in the lower left corner if you click on the unit.
  11. It does work with cannons however, so for tanks or machine guns, this is not a problem.
  12. Shoot and scoot maneuvers are possible to some degree. ATGM vehicles do not fire ATGMs if waypoints are still available. So you can not give the order to drive from a hidden position into a hull down position, give a pause order of some seconds and then go reverse into the hidden position, as the vehicle will not fire ATGMs from the paused waypoint. At least not as the game is done right now, because of engine limitations. But there is a work around, if you give a pause order in the hidden position first, then drive up to the hull down position, so that the vehicle will stand there for about 10-15 seconds, before the turn ends, then it will shoot, as there are no following waypoints ahead. You can then drive reverse into the hidden position in the beginning of the next turn, to perform a full shoot and scoot maneuver.
  13. Yes, I know. But here I guess the target arc is not working at all, if it is used for passengers. Please, try it out, with elite and highly motivated soldiers against not threatening enemy soldiers. However, this "bug" is of very low importance, as target arcs for passengers are not so important, because usually vehicles get spotted quite easily anyway.
  14. Hello, I was driving around with a few scouts in a jeep, giving them a very small target arc, so they wouldn't shoot around to not draw unnecessary attention. That didn't seemed to help, the passengers still opened fire with their small arms in a drive by against a single infantry soldier they spotted about 200 meters away from them, without getting under fire by him, as he was still waiting in an ambush position. I tested this further then, armor arc or hiding doesn't really work neither. It seems target arcs are not working if infantry is used as passengers in vehicles. It is not an important issue, as this is a very rare case and it is probably a consistent "bug" also within other Combat Mission titles, but I wanted the developers to know. Maybe they want to change this behavior.
  15. Looks kinda funny, if a tank rolls up a +4 slope with the "ditch" setting. But yeah, now that you mention it, I think I have read about some ditch option a while ago, but never seen or tried it.
  16. Oh my god! That works? Is that a new feature? Does it work in other CM games as well
  17. Yes, that is true, I just have to agree. There wasn't probably that much change in the TO&E, the rarities are probably changing more than the equipment itself. Raritiy points are not relevant for campaigns or scenarios, but only for quickbattles. On the other hand, there is no backstory on quickbattles. So no need for an 1983 extension here. Just checked a few systems: The M1a1 Abrams for example was only introduced in 1985. There was an M1IP in 1984, but even that is out of the scope of my idea. The Bradley M2a1 was introduced in 1986, as well outside of the scope. The BGM-71C TOW is in the game already and the BGM-71D TOW was introduced in 1987. Dragon II is 1988. On the Soviet side, the T80BV was introduced in 1985. The SU25 might have become of higher significance, but that plane is already part of the game. I can not find any new ATGMs in the scope of CM for a 1983 scenario on the soviet side. Even on equipment outside of the game as it is, this seems to be the case. Marder 1A1 is from 1979, Marder 1A2 from 1984 The Leopard 2A1 already existed in march 1982, and might become a part of a possible DLC. But even if not, this would not be of significance. The Leopard 2A2 would not exist, even if the game was extended to 1983. It seems the significant change in TO&E and equipment indeed happened between the years 1979 and 1982. If there is any change in equipment between 1982 and 1983, it seems to be just insignificant. I was not able to find any so far. I also just noticed, that the year is stated nowhere in the Scenario. Not in the conditions or anywhere else. So it would be easy to just create a campaign and explain the briefing that it is in fact the year 1983. You are right, everything is already there, no change needed at all to get the full 1983 experience. You could even set the date to late October and state it is November or December. So yep, I happily take my wish back
  18. I would also love an expansion of the game into the full year of 1983. Not so much because of the equipment, but because of the rising political tensions between east and west in that year. Late October, early November 1983 might be the most believable point for a "what if" scenario. The time before was already a time of rising tension. There was a shift in equipment and doctrine for important Nato countries in the late 70s to early 80s, Leopard2, Abrams, Bradley, Marder with AT-ability. The F14 Tomcat and the F15 Strike Eagle were relatively new planes, getting in service in the mid 70s. Tension was especially rising, with the NATO Double-Track Decision from December 1979. In May 1981 the Soviets started Operation RYAN the biggest intelligence operation of the cold war, to find out, when the nuclear attack of the Nato against the Soviets would happen, to be prepared and to act first! From 1981 to 1983 the US had a series of naval operations to demonstrate their ablity to come close to important Soviet naval bases. In March 1983 President Ronald Regan had his "Evil Empire Speech" attacking the Soviet Union. In May 1983 there was FleetEx '83-1, the biggest navel exersice since WWII executed in the north Pacific within fighting range to the Soviet Union. On 1st of September 1983, the concerned Soviet Air Force interecepted and shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007, as they were convinced it was a spy plane. Leading to further tensions between the US and the Soviet Union. later in September 1983 was the annual Reforger Exersise in Germany (Confident Enterprise). While this was an annual event, it still is concerning one for the Soviets, as it could be used as a disguise to mobilise troops secretely for war preperations. During this Exersise in September 1983 was the Soviet nuclear false alarm incident, in which the early-warning system of the Soviet union got a false first strike alarm of US nuclear ballistic missiles. Only because Stanislav Petrov, the officer on duty decided it was probably a false alarm, the Soviet Union did not respond with a scheduled nuclear counter attack. This already could have lead easily to war, most likely to nuclear war. In October 1983 Operation Urgent Fury happend, the US invasion of Grenada. In preperation of this Operation, Nato communication multiplied, while for Operation Able Archer in early November 1983, Nato switched to new encription methods, never seen before by the Soviet Union to simulate nuclear war on HQ-level. This lead to mobilisation and immediate war preperations in the Soviet Union. During Able Archer 83 it was the first time, that a move through the DEFCON stages was simulated. This now could have lead to the believe in the Soviet Union that a Nato attack is imminent. In Soviet doctrine, the war was not to be fought as a defensive war on Soviet territory, but active, to turn the fight into the land of the enemy as soon and fast as possible. For this reason, I think a late October, early November 1983 campaign would be the most believable. As all the political background already happened, and just the final order to attack in defense by the Soviet Union was not given.
  19. Nice! Thank you. You have any idea when the 11th ACR got Bradleys and Abrams? What is "Fire and Fury"?
  20. No, Trenches deform the ground as well. Place 3 trench elements on the 20s fields, surrounded by these hights for example: 23 - 22 - 20 22 - 20 - 21 20 - 21 - 21 You will notice, that the trench will be sunken into the ground very naturally, but that the ground will pile up in the trench a bit, until the Setup phase is over. Soldiers sitting in the trench during the setup phase will now float in the air, above the trench, as they were formally standing on said ground. When they move, they will move into the depression of the trench.
  21. The official way sounds to be straight forward already, I will do it that way, thank you.
  22. Hello, I would like to make gift to a friend of mine and get him Combat Mission Cold War. I know there is an option on Steam to gift a game to another profile. Is is also possible to buy a game for him here on Battlefront? This would have the advantage that he could get and play it right now and it would be a better support of Battlefront as a developer, as the full amount of money goes their way. But I am not sure how I can get him the game from a technical perspective. I already bought it, and wouldn´t I just have two copies of the game within my account?
  23. @Double Deuce, ah okay. Understand that now. So the player would still play that other assets issued by the battalion, but it is only added to the core force to keep track of the losses. About the thread: is it possible to get a AT-4B Spigot Team as a single unit in the "specialist teams" category? For now only the AT-7 Saxorn is available there, while AT-4B Spigot is only available as a Battalion asset in some formations.
  24. How would you archive that? What would that supporting assets do and how?
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