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  1. Got mine keys today for base game and Marines and NATO modules. Also just bought the missing British one with 30% discount, so now i have the whole package. It's very convinient to have everything in one place. For me Steam is that place. Hope to see every other CM title on Steam soon!
  2. That's a fantastic news! I hope we get all of CM games on Steam one day. My guess is Slitherine is going to do the heavy lifting on Steam forum. Although I agree that's a really toxic place which i completely avoid.
  3. Yesterday i wrote to BFC support if i could upgrade my Paradox boxed copy of CMSF 1 to CMSF 2. Problem was i purchased it years ago so i don't have any proof of purchase anymore. But I also bought two modules directly from BFC. I provided order no. of those purchases and today i received a new licence no. for CMSF 1. BFC assumed that since i bought two modules, i must have also purchased the base game, even if there's no way to verify that. That is what i call an exemplary customer support. Thank you! Now, off to the store to get me a CMSF 2😁
  4. I'll remain an optimist. IMHO current technology/various game engines are able to make CM game much more than they are today. The only issue is money and manpower. Maybe BF will try crowdfunding someday. Lot's of fantastic games were made thanks to Kickstarter in recent years. Most of them propably wouldn't be made otherwise since they represent niche genres (like Battletech and Pillars of Eternity I and II just to name a few). Battlefront is a well known company in wargaming community with great reputation. I have no doubt they'd able to collect at least few hundred thousand dollars for
  5. Ok, thanks everyone for replies. It's good enough for me that there are some plans, even if it means it's going to be a very long run!
  6. If the matter was already discussed, sorry for littering the forum. I did try to find a similar topic or a response from BF but couldn't find anything. Does BF consider moving to a completely new game engine, either using an already existing one from another company or creating a new one from scratch? If so, has any research been done by BF in this area? Obviously i'am a fan of CM games, otherwise i wouldn't bother asking. I support BF as much as i can, i know that BF is a very small, even tiny company, doing everything on their own and staying fully independent but i also have the f
  7. New site is very nice. Most of all i'am glad i can actually open it😁 I was always blocked from your last one (i guess my wi-fi was the reason). Now waiting for Shock Force 2. Day 1 purchase for me!
  8. Sometimes I wish we could see your faces and your reactions when something unexpected happens during a turn
  9. Talking about a sweet revenge! One best served...cold Not many players would go for such a bold move. Really nice one!
  10. I'd love to see a video aar of this battle with Bil commentary That would be cool!
  11. That is some high defence here. Action is just around the corner for sure.
  12. Nice, CMSF... still my favorite CM title. I hope some day it gets 3.0 engine upgrade... Great vids btw:)
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