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  1. Hi W1ndy, I've been playing for a long long time and I think you hit the nail on the head... you always HAVE to be super careful. I always try to play and recommend playing as if you had to write letters home to your pixel troopers' Moms and Dads if they die. If you are sloppy or let your guard down, you're going to pay for it. But with only two dead, I think you are doing a pretty decent job!
  2. I was really rooting for Zimmer to kill that tank! Fantastic stuff!
  3. I would use Hide and use one unit to keep eyes on the kill zone. Once they are there, unhide everyone and light them up. Ofcourse, this would be easier in real time mode.
  4. I'll call him a hero. I do the same thing when things happen, even odd things. You've got to have some bit of imagination.
  5. That's about as detailed as my analysis gets as well.
  6. I think there is a CMBN manual that is plain black and white in pdf. I'll have to look into that.
  7. Insane person, Evacuating casualties would be cool. It's a huge part of fighting doctrine of some countries. Getting casualties out quickly is a big deal, especially in a modern setting. You'd have to either get a vehicle to the injured and move to the edge of the map (losing the vehicle) or you'd call in a chopper, pop colored smoke, etc. Without evacuation capabilities, you would have to gather the wounded into a safe spot and guard them. Would be kind of cool to ads that element to the game. Speaking of choppers, modern settings would include not only medevac choppers but reinforcements could arrive anywhere on map. The advantages might be offset by the danger of losing chipper and all passengers to enemy fire.
  8. It sounds like a bug to me. Sometimes if something like that happens, you can area fire right where you know the enemy tank is. Your tank will shoot and often hit the tank (before he even sees it!). Usually then, the enemy tank will be seen clearly. I've had things like this happen from time to time, but always explained it away somehow. Next time you see a glaring example, you should save it and send the save to one of the testers. We'll post it as a bug report that Charles will actually see and most likely fix.
  9. I know Fajardo well. I've taken the ferry to Vieques and Culebra several times. Last year I stayed at the Gran Melia between Fajardo and San Juan. Was nice but super expensive. So next time I'll stay with you . Take care and see you around the forum.
  10. Hey AdamAnt2, I spent over a year in Puerto Rico and Vieques. Loved it. I even went back last November (but this time to visit and not for the military). I spent 7 months in Roosevelt Roads and worked for half of that in El Yunque building a road to a radar site. Then 6 months in Vieques during all the crazy stuff in 2000 (yeah, that was me). I love Puerto Rico! If I ever get rich, I'm going to be sailing my yacht out of there on a regular basis.
  11. I like the casualty report idea. I also would like to be able to bring up a list of my units where I can double-click a unit to jump to it.
  12. Ha ha! That's it!!! And it's on Netflix! Thanks a lot! I saw this almost 20 years ago when I was a teenager and never knew what it was. I know what I'm doing tonight!
  13. Wild guess... Patton? I also have a WW2 movie I'd like to see again. It's about US Marines in the Pacific. It is full of scenes of the characters thinking of back home, and when they do, it's like a slide show. I saw it in the mid '90's and have never seen it since. ???
  14. I agree with MikeyD, but if you are designing for play against the Azi, give the AI a decent boost. Normally humans are a lot more cunning than AI plans (unless you're playing a Paper Tiger scenario, he's got a knack for planning what the player will do).
  15. I also think this would be cool if used as a probability. What I mean is that the TacAI would have _% likelihood of using that tactic, where _% would pop smoke and get outta Dodge. In a show I saw recently (I think Greatest Tank Battles), Sherman crews that were interviewed said they often fired smoke at German tanks to blind them without being blinded themselves. This allowed them to either bug out, start firing, or maneuver into a better firing position.
  16. I have not tested any if my scenarios in H2H, but Butera Station might be interesting. The Italians will have a rough go because most of their units are in the open, but it may prove interesting. Catch a Tiger: don't bother. Livorno Pride: don't bother.
  17. Aircraft show weapons available! I called in two fighter/bombers: each had two bombs and a bunch of .50 cal rounds. Very cool! Now I know exactly what I'm getting!
  18. Hey Rocket-Man, First, I tried you mod and I LOVE it! But, I have to agree with Ales. I would like the trees to be slightly less translucent, just a tad. Either way, cool mod!
  19. The driver really is a jerk. And the gunner, well let's just say he's a little on the weird side. The sarge should have had them both peeling potatoes in the rear.
  20. It's possible that the .50 needed a reload or was jammed. I don't think the TacAI is able to limber/unlimber a gun. The gun must have been already set up and they were just turning it. Maybe the gunner was able to crawl under cover and pull the trigger. Once the first shot hit home, they all jump up to load and fire the second shot. One of my biggest issues with the TacAI is when they get scared and move from cover out into the open, where they quickly die. Just stay in the flippin' foxhole, guys!
  21. I don't want to burst your bubble, but I think it's always been that way (since CMSF). And it's not just the HQ, you can select any squad and the whole platoon will light up.
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