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  1. Any news on this? Any plans for a hotfix? I have had to revert to 3.12 but would prefer to play 4.02 if it can be fixed. Regards
  2. Same here. Shadow stripes on vehicles after the patch. Nvidia card. Going back to v1.00. Sigh....
  3. I did kind of expect it today. It has been a long time coming, but I do hope it is not released with the same number of bugs that 3.0 CMBN & CMFI have eg gap bug, linear alignment bug, mortar bug
  4. Absolute War is indeed a very good book. It is a serious study written with the ease and style of a popular history. As for Gantz, mind-numbingly turgid though his style may be, he is not the worst. That accolade goes to Anthony Tucker-Jones an ex-analyst who turned to writing military history, and produced the appalling 'Stalins Revenge', an account of Bagration taken from a handful of secondary sources and written like a 'D Grade' school essay.
  5. Vanir It occurred to me soon after I posted that the path finding issue might simply be due to 'shortest route.' Thanks for confirming. Also thanks for reporting the return of the wall/hedge lining up bug to BFC.
  6. There is plenty of good things with 3, but there are two issues which I have noticed which I do not think existed before (but not tested). 1) Sections no longer line up side by side along a hedge. Previously if you moved a squad up to a hedge all the sections would line up facing the hedge ready to shoot through it. Now at least one section hangs back and using the face command does not resolve it. The only way is to break the squads down into sections and move them into position one by one which is tedious. 2) Infantry path finding has gone backwards. Squads will ignore a hole in a hed
  7. Thanks for the link Umlaut. I did a search for 'books' but drew a blank. Ho hum
  8. I'm trying to find some decent books on the campaign. I have read the Osprey book by Zaloga but this is little more than a brief introduction. I also have Stalin's Revenge by Anthony Tucker-Jones but am finding it poorly written and not particularly informative. Does anyone have any better recommendations? Thanks
  9. Wondering how the patch is coming along.....
  10. Chance Encounter CMBO demo. I vividly recall sending a squad into the isolated house on the left, feeling pleased with myself for getting forward without any significant opposition. Then the AI landed a barrage on the house and it catches fire, panic sets in. Terrific moment and I was hooked.
  11. 25 photos for each side taken mainly from Op Bagration. Two sets - b&w and sepia. Mix and match as you wish. Available at CMMODS.
  12. Using a painting of a T34/85 as splash screen from potemkines mod - looks very nice. Also I have worked out how to correct the clipping on the loading screens. I am working on a loading screen mod contains only Op Bagration photos in both b&w and sepia and there will not be any issues with clipping.
  13. Same problem with the image clipping. I have had to abandon this mod unfortunately. Also cannot get a splash screen mod to show up.
  14. Using this in both CMRT & CMBN - it looks great in both. Thanks very much for your hard work.
  15. Absolutely stunning mod work! Would love to see that bunker released as well. It could be numbered to be selected at random along with Kieme's.
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