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  1. Any news on this? Any plans for a hotfix? I have had to revert to 3.12 but would prefer to play 4.02 if it can be fixed. Regards
  2. Awesome news! And fantastic that 3.0 arrives with the next game. There were some significant improvements in terrain graphics with the last patches for BN and FI. Is this going further with 3.0?
  3. Got them! What a day....so many great mods. Thanks Aris!
  4. Yet again, lovely work. Thx for the splash screens too.
  5. Oh and those screens look great - can't wait to see them in-game
  6. Just came back to CM and downloaded every one of your mods! Much appreciate your enormous effort in producing them. Are all cmbn base game and cw vehicles/armour now done? Any plans to finish FI where there are still some gaps? Would be great if you add a few more to that set. Even if you don't many thanks again for what you have done.
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