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  1. I noticed that when my scouts spot fortifications and other special items they appear quite silently on the map. Basically, I very often do not notice those changes, particularly in night scenarios. I was wondering if a small sound bite would be helpful for the player to raise attention that such items appeared on the map. Cheers Steven
  2. Guys, what's the benefit in pre-ordering? Eventually I will get a license key that will activate the game on the same day as if I would order it on the release date. Am I missing something? Steven
  3. Just coming back to Combat Mission after being absent for a while. Would love to get my feet wet again with a turnbased PBEM game at Iron Level. At the Scenario Depot III I came across this little beauty: Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - Commonwealth - Contact Front (H2H version) http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/contact-front-h2h-version/ Brief Description: 1pm, 1hrs, clear, 29°C, Medium, Allied Attack, Rough This scenario is completely new to me. I consider myself as mid-level player with some experi
  4. So...it is early March 2017. Are we still going to see the CMFI Engine 4 upgrade anytime soon? Cheers Steven
  5. Frequently looking for CMFI Internet/LAN turnbased opponents. PM me.

  6. I have some spare time this weekend. Would love to play CMFI (any module, latest update) in an Internet/LAN mode (turnbased). My suggestion would be a quick battle with a lot of randomness like this: Battle Type: Random Size: Medium Length: 1hrs Map: Automatic Map Size: Medium Environment: Random Year: 1944 Month: March Daylight: Random Weather: Random Rarity: Standard Service: Att-Random Allied, Def-Random Axis Combat Forces: Random Purchase: Human Map Preview: Allowed Force Adjustment: None 2 Player Internet/LAN turnbased Skill: Iron (or Elite) Please send me a PM if intereste
  7. Yeah, but he played on a very low difficulty setting. I actually only won this one (on iron setting) only after about 30+ attempts. My strategy was focused on taking the farm first with 2 squads, then suppress and attack the station. I did use the offboard-artillery to harass the station, send some of my BARs to the right side of the wall. They continued the harassment of the station while in parallel I rushed 2 squads and the Bazooka along the right side of the map towards the farm. I then attacked the farm from it right angle and eventually cleaned it (with many casualties). The bazook
  8. I actually like the movie. Pretty entertaining. However you should not compare it with Full Metal Jacket. I think it is more directed towards the Rambo crowd. For what it is in that perspective it is pretty refreshing. Steven
  9. I would love to start a SC2-AoD game this very weekend. 1939 Campaign. Either side. My skills are rusty. never seriously played the game, but I do not mind loosing. Any takers? Please PM me. I am online as we speak. Steven482
  10. I like to use my snipers to kill crew exposed tank commanders. Typically I assign a sniper team to a specific tank or put an armored covered arc. However I struggle in keeping the Sniper Team from firing at a tank when the commander is buttoned up. Is there a way I can withhold the fire until the commander presents himself? Steven
  11. Fate has left me with a destroyed light mortar section, but the weapon is still around. I asked my Ammo Bearer Team to provide medical assistance. After saving theirs buddies lifes, I expected them to recover the mortar and use it (even if they are not really qualified). So far this has not happened. How can I motivate them to do so? I can see the weapon clearly standing right next to them. They did recover some of their buddies small arms ammo. Steven
  12. I confirm that upgrading to Windows 8 requires a re-activation of CMFI. Very annoying, again!
  13. With the imminent release of Windows 8 (and my plans to upgrade from Win 7 64bit) I would like to know if my current installation of CM:FI will support this? As I already had quite some issues with the license manager due to HW-Changes I am now wondering if the currently installed license will be somehow be effected when I change the OS. Steven
  14. I really enjoy playing CM2. The way I interpret my role is not only to lead my troops to victory, I also like to crunch down the numbers in statistics. Therefore I try to keep track of the Ammunition, Casualties, enemy sightings, C2-Links and other details of each turn. However this is quite a cumbersome job to manually collect all the data from the replays / game. Are there any tools existing that would allow for collecting the info from the Save-Files in an automated way? I am currently using my self-created Excel-Sheet to keep track of things. However it takes quite a bit of tim
  15. Each unit in CM2 has an assigned leader with a rank. Does this rank play any role in the handling of the game or is it purely for the historic background? Steven
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