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  1. Phil, believe it or not I’m not losing sleep over this issue and I don’t mean to come off that way or rude. I just don’t know how to sugar coat my issue and still say what I’m trying to explain so please don’t get upset. My problem is that this game is a great game like CMSF and you guys have charged accordingly and I have paid. When this game was released I didn’t notice any major bugs that I can think of but each subsequent patch that has been released there have been quite noticeable bugs released with the patch (my opinion). In my opinion patches are to fix problems not introduce new on
  2. Phil are you being serious???? Not everyone is having this problem? I don't see how anyone playing the Engle campaign isn't having the problem. Is it computer specific? And if this is a minor rare bug then what's a common big bug?
  3. Phil thanks for responding. My question is how did the red button crash bug not get noticed before 1.10 was released? I and others noticed it hours after we purchased CWmod that's what frustrates me about CMBN and CMSF is the obvious bugs slip through the cracks and make it to the patch.
  4. I agree and this is my only problem with the BF crew. They make a great product but there is a massive bug included they fix the massive bug but won't release a hot fix. So you have to wait six months plus for a full blown patch that may introduce another bug so the cycle never ends. This has happened with CMSF as well and I whined about it then too. In my opinion the "red button bug" is really the only bug that needs immediate attention for a hot fix the other ones aren't as major. But it's a great game non-the-less.
  5. Any idea when this will be or do we have to wait for the next module?
  6. A work around is to give it a cover arc in the direction u want to shoot. Then once rotated in the right direction give the fire order.
  7. Search the tech support forum cause I had the same problem as you when I bought the NATO mod. I believe I fixed my problem by un-installing the whole game then installed one by one. But check tech support forum for sure.
  8. I have the CW mod with 1.10 and can tell you there's a problem with it so they may be trying to fix that before mass release. The problem is that if you save your setup and exit the game when u come back u cant load that saved file. Someone mentioned it may be due to barbed wire in certain scenarios.
  9. By license do you mean download key? If so that's only good for a year after purchase. I ran into the same problem so I re-purchased the marine mod only to find out later that I had the mod disk in my game drawer.
  10. In my experience with the Brits and Canucks they give a really good showing of themselves (in game). I think the problem may lay with the level of motivation that most of the Germans have in the scenarios that have been released with the game. I have pounded German squads, teams, etc. with loads of fire power but they typically hold their ground until they are killed/over whelmed. I really don’t have a problem though with the scenario designer giving some German units high motivation. I just played the scenario where the Canucks attacked the 12th SS in Buron (excellent scenario) and the Ger
  11. I’m having a similar problem. Whenever I hit the red button to start the scenario after I load up a previous saved setup it crashes to desktop. I have the CW module loaded on a fresh install of the 1.0 version did I need to upgrade to 1.01 first?
  12. Just showing my support as well.... love your mod and cant wait for the CW version.
  13. Same thing happens with MGs deployed on a crest they just keep firing into the crest in front of them.
  14. I think it would be gamey if the defender arty the attackers set up zone because its generally confined to a small area. Other than that bombs away.
  15. Hi George, wanted to bring this thread back to the front page to let you know I'm interested as well in this battle. Any idea on when it will be ready for consuption?
  16. Bold statement, so tell me how many T-34's or any other Soviet equipment did the USA and her little buddies use to defeat the Nazi’s? None but I do know that the Soviets used equipment the USA and the UK gave them such as tanks, trucks etc…… Plus I do know Stalin was begging the Allies to start an offensive push so as to relieve pressure on his forces. The Allies were also fighting in the Pacific, something the Soviets weren’t. The Russians only had one front while the US/UK had multiple fronts to contend with. I do agree though, the Soviets had to endure the greater part of the German m
  17. Thanks for the quick responses. The only I've really seen anyone grip about was how accurate tank fire was but I have tried the demo and didn't seem to experience the same problem. I will purchase the game shortly.
  18. I am wondering if this game is more bug free than CMSF at release? I'm asking cause I'm thinking of purchasing this game now or if I should wait a bit.
  19. True but I just think about all the great skins of yours for cmbb and am dying to see what you have in store with the updated graphics and all for my T-34’s.
  20. I'm a huge Ost front gaming fan myself and would have preferred something dealing with the east front first but Normandy will be cool as well. I realize that the countries that fought on the west front are likely the largest revenue base for cm games in modern times i.e. US, Commonwealth and Germany but………. I just don’t understand how someone prefers the west front compared to the east front. The east front was so much more epic in my opinion, it spanned a greater time frame and more varied terrain compared to the west front. I really hope they decide to release three east front titles,
  21. Erwin I’m done trying to be civil with you. Some of us out here have real life military experiences that are not the same as yours sitting in the controlled environment of a library reading a book which is sometimes second or third hand info. This is also a reason that I seriously doubt a book worm like you would have any girlfriends that I remind you of. Set aside that, what about me wanting to know when a product that I already purchased is going to be fixed is girlish? You said yourself if you knew it was an issue you wouldn’t have started the campaign, sounds pretty contradictory to me.
  22. Erwin you seem like a nice fellow but I know nothing more about you than what you post. And I don’t think you know me either, surely not enough to insult me with a line like the one I have in the quote there. I don’t feel it’s necessary to list my RL experiences in order for people to believe that I know how things go in RL. I will break down your comment though and clarify my position as hopefully this will be my last post on the issue; I’m not familiar with the SAS battery problem, though it sounds like a packing issue which happens all the time with items that are of second or third tier
  23. 1. Its not real life. 2. In real life you would check and re-check your equipment. If you forgot your charges that would be a huge mistake, second only to forgetting your main weapon. And if you forgot your radio you’d be fired and sent to the quartermasters shop. 3. All this screaming????????? What are you talking about? I didn’t realize my post were audible. But if they were I can assure you they wouldn’t be screams. 4. Why does the BFC militia come out and start accusing other posters of screaming because they want the game to be fixed. I haven’t bashed BFC, quiet the contrary, I s
  24. Yes, in another thread Moon or Steve stated they were most likely going to release the 1.31 instead of 1.30 to everyone at the same time. @ Paper Tiger First I’d like to say I’m a big fan of yours. The low wall bug is just an example as is path finding etc……. If I pay for a sandwich at a sandwich shop and the shop messes my order up and their only excuse is “keep in mind we are working on a few other sandwiches at the moment” do you think that will make me feel great? No it won’t because I already paid for my sandwich. The only thing that will keep me coming back to that shop is if t
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