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  1. Having both games I'd say the Italy one has much more variety. Especially if you go for the GL option as well. The RT game is good as well but for me it lacks something that I can't quite put my finger on where as FI has a whole varsity of Axis and allied units. It really does depend what your into most, big tanks or smaller more unusual units and vehicles.
  2. How long did it take to make that ensemble?
  3. Hi mate! Its been a long time since we spoke, glad to see your still playing. I've recently come back to it myself, been playing CMRT this past few weeks and was toying with getting Black Sea but not sure if I want to return to modern warfare for many reasons. Geordie
  4. Honestly, if your a fan of the CM series then the price is not exorbitant for the amount of hours you get back. I played the CMx1 games for a decade and have played the CMx2 games since 2007. If you think of the costs as a through life gaming experience then it works out to be one of the cheaper forms of entertainment around. Try taking 4 folk to a cinema on a Friday night with Hot Dogs, drinks and popcorn. You will pay more than 60 Euros for that one evenings entertainment.
  5. Mord Just modding up my CMRT and these were one of my go to Mods along with Juju. As usual, thanks for doing them. Cheers
  6. I already own Citadel by Mark Healey, would recommend that one to anyone, slightly less pages....
  7. Thanks for this Juju, I've looked at the game but put off playing it until this Mod arrived. Much appreciated.
  8. I feel exactly the same, Im actually not playing it right now as I hate those green weapons..... Hate them.....
  9. Looks good. Looking forward to this one, have been for a while.
  10. Ah, Ive checked and I forgot to remove my MODs. Thanks for this info. You know this is the first time Ive forgotten to do that:(
  11. Since installing 2.11 I seem to have a few strange QB options: Walther P38 which gets you German MOUT formation? Isnt MOUT a modern term? Porche, which gets you German Airborne. Seems strange to have a formation named after a pistol and a Person.. Im assuming its a Bug.
  12. Well as the Germans were in the main defending in Normandy I would say that sounds about right. When the Germans were attacking I assume it was reversed.
  13. CMSF didn't get anything in proportion to the previous CM games. While there is a lot of good stuff out there for CMSF it failed to reach anything like previous efforts. The reasons for a lack of modern CM content are many I suspect. For one, those guys doing great work previously have been signed up by BF to do operations and missions for new games. Some, like the mad Russian, who made excellent CM scenarios have disappeared. And more tellingly, the system isn't as easy to do as it was formerly. Scenarios are much harder to design today than they were historically. Compared to previously there is much less user made content and there are far fewer places to get that content, which is a shame. I thing CM has shifted from what it was before to a more single player experience. Also, there just seems to be a lot less people playing multi player out there, which always drove new scenarios and tournaments and stuff. I'm not sure it's dying though, perhaps just refocusing a wee bit.
  14. Thanks for these Mord, very much appreciated. These Mods enhance the game for me over the stock graphics. Cheers
  15. Win 8.1 plays CM just fine, but in had to submit a ticket to have the DRM recognise it again. Win 8.1 does Bork loads of things in windows, including Microsoft products for me. Outlook and IE don't work properly, not to mention half my other programmes. I would have thought that microsoft products at least would have worked! Needless to say I haven't updated any other PC to 8.1. CMBN does work OK though, although my performance seems to have dipped slightly over win 8, especially in the larger scenarios. Not sure what's going on there. Strangely my 8 year old laptop gives decent results with the game, occasionally eclipsing my 2 year old PC. Weird.
  16. I've had mixed results from bailed out crews, sometimes they get out and run for cover but others they go down fighting with considerable loss to the enemy, or my forces depending on the side played. I'm not sure what's possible to implement but I'd like to se a system where if the crew is near to enemy forces then they are panicked and will immediately surrender. If they are far enough away then they should try and retreat to some cover in the rear. Ideally I would then like to see them not take any further part in the battle, unless later they are confronted by enemy forces and they would take self preservation measures. I think that in real life the process of being in an armoured vehicle and being knocked out it's extremely traumatic and that if in proximity to the enemy self preservation would be paramount to taking even defensive action let alone offensive action. If this means immediate surrender then I think it's more plausible than taking on a whole section or more of infantry. However, thinking of the Eastern front I would imagine that surrender might not be a viable option in most circumstances. I do think the balance needs to be adjusted somewhat to tone down the effectiveness of bailed out crews but realise that this needs to be balanced against the use of dismounted crews in a Recce role. I've often used half track or Recce vehicle crews as foot Recce and think that having them immediately throw in the towel at the first sight of the enemy would spoil that option.
  17. Yes indeed, the rockets hit beyond my set up but devastated the infantry in the set up. Hence why I now prefer to choose the enemy, or of course play against a human, who might just rocket my set up zones!!!
  18. Thanks Mord, very much appreciated and Im certainly not looking for them tomorrow. When you can manage it will be fine. And thanks to Astrocat as well for his continued help.
  19. I think the Brits had an Armoured Car that had a remote MG too (think it was in CMAK). What kind of weaponry does a Helzer have, not flames!!!!
  20. And Im not afraid to admit it. Yesterday, after BF sorted out my Windows 8.1 DRM fankle (thanks Martin) I though, 'what the hell' Im going to buy MG, just for the German Airborne so I can play them in Normandy. Well, I was wrong, not only is MG a very, very decent addition to the CMBN club, it feels much more polished than the others and the maps are excellent. I had a 2 hour battle with a Fallschirmjaeger Recce Company against the AI (US Glider Inf Coy) and had an absolute blast. I played it over one of the new MG Bridge maps. I did a proper advance to contact recce, fix the enemy, flank by Platoons and everything. I did have a couple of Stugs as a back up and 2 x 75mm Inf Guns, one of which I even managed to get into action (not often I manage that against AI mortars in CM). Those Para recce Squads pack a punch, 2 x MG42, 2 x MP 40 and 2 x Kar per six man section and you get six sections to a Platoon. No real need to split those babies. I put the AI on defence and chose the force myself as I think that if you let the AI choose it always goes artillery daft and has an uncanny ability to choose just where my set up zone is. This happened just the other day when I had spent literally 40 minutes planning 1st moves and Blam, the AI hits my whole Inf Coy with Rockets. Game over in 30 secs. Anyway, after a great and glorious struggle, I managed a Major win against the US force which as I said, I chose myself (does spoil the surprises a wee bit but does make for better QB in my opinion). So yes, I was wrong and the MG module has quite a lot to offer, some very interesting and well made maps and of course the German Airborne, to mention just 2! Strangely though, no Brit Campaign? I was looking forward to being Michael Caine and yelling 'Start the Purple'!
  21. Thanks for those links, I think I got one of them the other day when I was upgrading to newer Mods. Im just missing the Para portrait now, not ultra important would just like to complete the set! Cheers
  22. Mord Have you updated these to include the MG game? I was after some new German ones, in particular the Paras. I had a search and couldnt find anything... Cheers ....
  23. Yes but Ive also had numerous instances of vehicles behaving rather erraticly that in Real Life Im sure they wouldn't. A traffic Jam would be acceptable but when your vehicle suddenly reverses towards the enemy then Id say that's pretty bizarre. Voice control would be pretty good, Im sure the wife would wonder what I was muttering about though.
  24. They are working to their plans whatever we do, why just not get those plans out in the open, publish a framework perhaps? Wouldn't bother me finding out their roadmap for the next few games, even if it wasn't my cup of tea I'm sure I can handle the knowledge without going berserk, or my eyes starting to bleed.
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