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  1. Playing a HUGE PBEM game with a friend and for the last several turns none of my units will move. They all have orders, (have had orders for some time). Most are not suppressed either. We are talking about a LOT of units too. When I click on each unit is says, "planning". This has pretty much ruined this game because we have spent the last few weeks getting to this point, a huge assault. Does the game get overloaded if you have too many orders?
  2. I recently purchased Black Sea, and find it is really good. Other than Shock Force, it is the only second/third gen CM engine game I have. I have been VERY pleased with the game, playing it a lot. Matter of fact, playing the Americans gives me a bit is post Afghanistan PTSD when I see "my boys" laying dead or wounded. I love building maps, and after finding the current QB maps too small or restrictive, I started making my own, or expanding the currently QB maps. I have had a few issues, I cannot seem to solve, mostly I am sure due to my lack of computer skills or maybe I am just too lazy t
  3. Thanks John, you seem very gracious. I have been playing like crazy since I got the game, played 5 scenarios, many QBs, started the Russian campaign, and designed two small and quick scenarios, (although I cannot get printscr to work, so I only have text briefings, and started making two of the QB maps larger. Like I said at the start of this thread, I started messing around with Shock Force again after updating it with all the latest patches and was impressed with how much it had improved over time, so I decided to get this. So far I love this game!
  4. I took the online name "Zemke" back in the 90s because I had heard not to use your real name, so wanting something "secure", I sat there thinking about what to use, and on my desk was the book "Zemke's Wolfpack", and I thought, "hey Zemke is different, I will use that." So it came to be.
  5. Well I broke down and got Black Sea, as did a friend of mine. We used to play CM1 TCIP and PBEM all the time. So far I like the game a lot. This is the first title I have purchased of CM since Shock Force, and I must say I think Battle Front has got this pretty close for a tactical game, nice work.
  6. This thread is out of control, so I am throwing more fuel on the fire, stirring the pot....oh yeah baby! (1) Russia does not have a free press, all the media outlets are now under the governments control, so nothing coming from them should be considered as creditable information. (2) Russian has created this problem by interfering in a country that is not their own. Certain parts of eastern Ukraine with large Russian populations have declared their own country/territory/state/ whatever, and Russia has taken advantage of the situation by providing arms and clandestine troops to aid in this
  7. Well it is good to know the later CM2 games have this feature. It is one of the things I always loved to check at the end of a CM1 battle, how well units did, interesting enough a lot of it was just right place right time.
  8. I guess Shock Force does not have it. All the units I look at just have what they are doing, or status, spotting, casualty, no list of kills.
  9. I was in the map review after the battle, and clicked on several units, and never saw anything like damage inflicted. What am I missing?
  10. Where do you see that in CM2? I am playing Shock Force and do not see each selected units kills. The game list total kills and wounded for each side, but I can find nothing looking at individual units. I would love to know how to see this.
  11. Didn't CM1 give a roll up of kills by how they were killed, like small arms fire, or how many kills a unit got, or am I thinking of a different game, or something I wish it had? Anyway, I love looking at end of game stats, not sure of this was in Steel Panthers or Combat Mission.
  12. I used to LOVE playing TCIP Combat Mission 1 games. I particularly liked the time limits on orders, as I felt that added to the pressure to make decisions quicker and was more realistic at that scale, and made for a faster paced game. Does either RT or BS have time limits? I know SF did not, and it's TCIP model was not really the same as the old CM1 games, which was the main reason I left Combat Mission game completely after SF came out. I wanted the same thing we had in the old CM games, but better interface/graphics/improvements, but that is years old news now.
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