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  1. German campaign: First Mission Well it definitely seems that German infantry doesn't want to enter buildings Am I missing something?
  2. well....battle The Passage my tanks with riding infantry are at 1200mts from Germans the tank fires its main gun at German tanks I think that infantry would have to automatically dismount, apart from any tactics you are thinking of
  3. I noticed that riding infantry doesn't automatically dismount when the tank fires its gun Is this correct?
  4. Marco Bergman, I love you hope your health is fine
  5. I mean this mb-cmfi-altsil-v2 anyway where this JuJU's mod?
  6. also in A Moment in Time campaign: sailor units with no portrait btw which thread?
  7. I noticed that the German HMG gunner is facing opposing the machine gun direction of fire Am I wrong?
  8. well...Final result German Tactical victory I had to fight the last battle with non tanks remaining...Amis did'nt get the town:)
  9. OK....done Squad 3 Step 1 13 Step 2 12 Step 2b 1 Step 2c 12 Squad 1 Step 1 3 Step 2 2 Step 2b 1 Step 2c 2 Squad 2 Step 1 8 Step 2 6 Step 2b 2 Step 2c 6 Yes, rifle ammo count works correctly. The grenade count does not SHOW the use of grenades. It shows the end-state; how many grenades are left. Internally, the count is always correct. In the UI, the count is correct in the command phase and at the END of the replay phase. You're right I was wrong
  10. well...to make things clearer and easier when I looak at the WEGO replay I see for instance .30cal M2 ammo decreasing when fired no grenade decreasing when launched
  11. Exactly what I did....I noticed grenade number before launch...I noticed grenade number after launch...exactly the same
  12. I noticed that, when a squad launches grenades, in the ammo panel there is no reduction in the available grenades.
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