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  1. If that were happening, I'd pay double or triple the standard price of CM games for it.
  2. I think there's a lively realtime community over at CMBS, especially people who play Russia.
  3. Thanks John, both for the detailed explanation and the link.
  4. Oh my God, did Bunning survive? Yeah, that's how immersed I became in the story. Perfectly done.
  5. @CptMiller Thanks for the video and the information. I don't think I'm informed enough to comment any further on this arty issue so I'll leave it to veterans.
  6. Even though ICM munitions aren't in CMBS, I still think (as has been mentioned in the forums before) that artillery doesn't do as much damage as it's supposed to. I once called in two 3-round 122mm precision strikes (from a Gvozdika platoon) on two Bradleys, both of which were hit at least once on the weapon mount. However, none of their guns were disabled. I may be able to believe that it wouldn't completely destroy the vehicle, but seriously, a 122mm HE round directly hitting the weapon but not disabling it doesn't sound that realistic to me.
  7. Today I suddenly felt a pang of nostalgia and fired up the exceptional scenario "Rolling Thunder" by George MC after about a year, and wow, it still feels fresh. Maybe it's just me and my irrational love for modern warfare, but some scenarios are just too good to play once. Which scenarios have you played multiple times and which one is your favourite?
  8. This was a very engaging DAR. I've been lurking this thread since day 1 and guess what, I'm very glad I followed it. The screenshots were pretty awesome too, with their effects giving them a rather gloomy atmosphere quite fitting for this scenario. Keep up the good work. I'm really looking forward to your next piece of art.
  9. As someone who bought CMBS first and CMRT second, I have to emphasise that "big difference". Don't expect the same fast-paced long-ranged fights in the WW2 games.
  10. Thanks everyone for the comments. I will take these notes into account next time I'm playing a scenario.
  11. Yeah, got it. Change of paradigm. Actually an important part of my CMBS tactics centered on spreading hunter-killer teams with overlapping fields of fire to increase the chance of spotting the enemy first, especially from unexpected directions. Looks like I'll have a lot of re-learning to do here.
  12. Thanks, I'll use my on-map mortars next time. Re: Infantry In the modern era, I usually get a "yellow" soldier after a movement order goes wrong. But in CMRT it's almost always a kill. Actually I've rarely seen anyone get wounded, they always become casualties. But my greater experience in BS is definitely a factor here. Yeah I don't see how I'll be able to manage time constraints while having to move forward so slowly, but looks like there's no escape.
  13. IanL already listed some of them: reaction times, vehicle situational awareness, and survivability. A couple others are weapon system accuracy and reach. I'll explain the issues below. Thank you Ian. I think I've been treating tanks as their modern counterparts (especially US since I usually play them in CMBS); I have implicitly assumed a relatively high level of independence in spotting and survivability that simply doesn't exist in the WW2 context. And in the modern era, I don't usually move infantry through the open except if they're to go somewhere stealthily because of the lethal
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