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  1. I'm looking for the high def uniform to fix the blurry runes. I'm trying to recover all my former mods.
  2. I followed the steps in this thread and it fixed the blurry text. EDIT: Now I can't get the image to scale and everything is too small.
  3. Didn't work. I tried taking a screenshot, but when I pasted it into paint everything looked fine. Errr.
  4. I reinstalled my combat mission games and am having a problem with reading briefings and UI texts. My native resolution is 2460x1440 75hz. I have a nvidia card.
  5. Okay....I'll bite. What gave you the impression it was a white supremacist group/tea party?
  6. I don't use Trophy or Arena either. In addition to the ATGMs, some CAS missiles still are being intercepted. Shtora and ERA are all I use.
  7. I still don't understand that after 7 years how modules are taking this long too come out. Battlefront should just buy a copy of Gary Gribsy's War in the East and War in the West. There's your TOE down to the rifle.
  8. I think the Romanians, Hungarians, and Finnish contributed quite a few men and resources to the war. Like the Italians, their contribution was dismal. There were many minor nations in the Western Armies and they are including Brazil in the next CMFI module. Perhaps they could just focus on a few formations. Even making them purchasable as single units/vehicles.
  9. I like the way Theatre of War handled LOS. It was quick and efficient. Perhaps simplifying the LOS/LOF could avoid a lot of the quirks of the current system and be a little bit more uniform. If it takes thousands of programming hours and tons of computing power then other options should be considered. I know there are many variables to calculate to achieve perfect, simulated LOS/LOF but this is a game. I'd like to play the game knowing some of these awkward variables won't affect my gameplay.
  10. Considering this is World War 2, I think we should measure the training that existed at the time. The US and Germans trained millions of soldiers. I don't think that the US or Germans were sending "substandard" troops to the front line. (In the case of the Germans, at least not yet). Were these formations brand new or were they integrated with veterans?
  11. Ohh, the LOD stuff he talked about. Great to hear!
  12. These unexpierenced troops are going to make this battle interesting.
  13. Are all the Germans and Americans supposed to be rated "Green"? If so, is that because the units depicted in the battle were actual fresh recruits?
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