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  1. I've got the GOG versions and they work OK - my laptops are all pretty low powered. Sometimes I have to alt - tab others not. I'm beginning to think it depends on what I might have been doing before e.g. game, internet or work but the sample size is too small. Last night I played a scenario on my AMD powered Lenovo ideapad330 and it was fine.
  2. I'm with Kump. I still prefer CMx1 - mostly the quick battles. I know the AI does suicide charges so I don't regard a win as a real win.
  3. So does that make it not so much a Char B as a charred B ?
  4. Come on Wart - shake your box of tricks up and give us another game.
  5. Having a cup of tea led to the Villers Bocage "brew up" didn't it?
  6. Avro ? or Pelmet = valance = The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. ------ It's six o'clock in the morning. Why am I writing this nonsense? Nurse, nurse ....
  7. Principles or principals? In principle I think the principals of a firm should explain their game design principles. ------ I usually ost (=post) drunk, so that's my excuse (error picked up just in time) --- A very short book called "Elements of Style" by Strunk and White may help the confused.
  8. What's up pussycat? I'd like to say the dogs didn't even scratch the paintwork on my cats but they probably did which rather lowers their resale value. Also on the review map screen (which I didn't even know existed until now) - I see what my best Puma did - Oak leaves for that lad. Anyway, this was of course a fixer because of the restarts, but it would be good to win a war and not have any casualties - a bit like the days of Omdurman and "We have the Maxim, and they do not." You can see where all my Pumas are and the infantry guns that achieved nothing. This was WEGO on Veteran but I bet some of you could do it realtime on elite.
  9. Major German victory with 14 minutes still to go. No casualties Ok, a couple of restarts but only because my troops disobeyed orders. They will be punished later. I'd give you a screenshot if I could reduce it to the bizarrely precise limit of 431.17 kB
  10. Well on an appropriately rainy day to give added sound effect I had three more goes and only got draws. PS - you know you can start your Pumas over at the east end of the map where the re-inforcements arrive ?
  11. At last - a German minor victory. Time for another drink.
  12. 3 more defeats. At least on one I lasted 9 minutes before my guys died. (I sprinted vehicles up past the house and round the hill) I even tried playing without a drink in my hand.
  13. Ugh. Major defeat again And it made me sit through 5 minutes of "extra time" watching the smoke from my vehicles. Grrr. I got some use from the infantry guns behind the woods firing onto the road in the middle, but they didn't last long.
  14. Thank you for reminding me of my incompetence. I've got an excuse now to try again instead of doing some boring work. This not Working From home lark is great. PS - I've never been able to do anything useful with those towed infantry guns.
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