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  1. Anybody who recommends 1830 because they understand Black Scholes option pricing has a high chance of being a difficult customer. I have: CMBO (3 copies - one with a real printed manual) CMBB 2 copies CMAK 3 copies CMBN - just updated to v 4.03 having not played it for about 5 years as I'm no good at it. But basically I have had 20 years of happily blowing stuff up - and when I did have some trouble Shullen### helped me out. So, I am a happy customer. But i still can't win "Cats Chasing Dogs"
  2. Merde Anyway, this WFH (working from home) is more like NWFH (Not WFH) so as I have the time here's a picture with a tree and the cover of a book I read about 50 years ago written by Ross S Carter of the 82nd
  3. No2 - "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" Bing Crosby
  4. Here's some background - watch until the Miami reference
  5. Inn Fact (pun) you may find this of interest: http://www.daimler-fighting-vehicles.co.uk/DFV-File%20Part%20D006c-RAC-Yeomanary%20-%20Innes%20of%20Court.pdf
  6. Operation Windsor got under way I think.
  7. Oh well, at least this is giving me something to do whilst I slowly download the files to install version 4.03 Brigadier N W Duncan of 30th Armoured Brigade, 79th Armoured Division, watches the attack on Caen from beside his Humber scout car outside Beuville, 8 July 1944
  8. One previous owner, needs attention. Maultier near er, Avranches Bit like Warren Street really.
  9. In other words for most captains/lieutenants and men its walk/drive down that road until you get blown up. Take your turn as the point man. Hope that when you get hit it doesn't actually hurt that much and you get a ticket home, or an instant wipe-out. Being cooked by a flamethrower is to be avoided. Bloody glad I wasn't there.
  10. I am impressed at the amount of work that goes into this scenario making - well done.
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