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  1. If it's luck I need then I'm screwed. My luck consists of my LMGs are the first to fall (followed closely by the SMG). My tank commanders sitting 400m away from the front line get pinged by a machine gun. My rifle squad that just cleared the first floor of a 2 story building fail to notice an enemy LMG squad above their heads who then cause 4 casualties to my bounding platoon HQ and an accompanying half squad. I send in 3 full rifle squads to the first floor of a building to smoke out a pesky 3 man recon team armed with MP40s with area target orders for the building the recon squad is in only
  2. I am by no means the technical guru here but I don't recall any threads here of recent that described the same problem you're having. I've had some slight experience with download managers that have caused issues but considering you've tried IE and FF I'm at a loss as to what to tell you other than what Phil suggested in opening up a support ticket.
  3. Almost done with my Road to Montebourg trip and I'll be going to this campaign next George. Any helpful hints that don't give away too much information you care to share?
  4. Is it consistently failing each time you try to download the game file?
  5. And a good read about clearing mines, etc. for your reading pleasure Ted Edit: Disregard. I didn't read the whole thread like a goof...Kevinkin posted the link. It's still a good read though!!!
  6. Wherever you have your game installed look for a folder called "Game Files" (catchy title isn't it!!!). In that folder you'll see Campaigns, Incoming email, Outgoing email, Quick battle maps, Saved games, and scenarios (I'm looking at my CMBN folder by the way so it may be different in Black Sea). For scenarios you just download the scenario you want to play (it will have a .btt extension) and put it in your scenario folder. No muss, no fuss. I'm assuming with maps you're talking about QB maps. Again download the map and put it in the quick battle maps folder and you're done. On a side note ca
  7. I wouldn't go that far. My experience (thus far) in figuring out scenario design has been uneventful and the community has been very helpful. More scenario designers means more campaigns/battles and that's good for everyone involved as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully one of these days (hint hint) Chris (Battlefront Guru/Developer) will do some Twitch streams on scenario design!
  8. Well it's like you said. Darwinism at its best. One of the saddest police calls I ever went to was a 13 year old who texted her boyfriend (who I might add had just broken up with her hours before because as he put it...she was "crazy") that she was going to kill herself and posted a picture of herself with a bottle of Tylenol PM. An empty bottle later and a phone call from the concerned ex-boyfriend a few hours later led me to finding her passed out in her bedroom. She died from liver failure 6 days later (taking a Tylenol overdose is a BAD way to die).
  9. For Chapter 4 maybe a lesson on the different kinds of "cover" and "concealment" and their use in CM. I know concealment isn't really protection but in a sense I guess you could say it is because it's hard to shoot what you can't see (unless of course you do area fire). Chapters 6 thru 8 sound extremely interesting. I look forward to seeing what you do with it!
  10. Infantry and vehicle recon. That's the next scenario I'm working on from the scenario I've sent you.
  11. Who do I talk to for the 29 percent???!!!! LOL! Excellent video Slim.
  12. Going to have to try this tomorrow. Is this a FB thing only or does it apply on all titles?
  13. I still have my Altec Lansing speakers I purchased way back in 2000 (man those things STILL sound good). My wife HATED when I played the game. Explosions, gunfire, and let's not forgot "Let's get some noise discipline here" (very loud by the way...LOL!). I had to invest in headphones to play at night or I swear I think she would have put the divorce papers in.
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