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Found 2 results

  1. See title. I never did notice one way or the other, but anyone who is familiar with the game engine might know.
  2. So I spotted something this evening I didn't know you could do. If there is a "tentative contact" icon at a location where a unit that can "see" (?sense?) that contact, can draw LOS to, you can click a Target order on that icon, and give an Area Target (or Briefly or Light) to the AS where that icon has been identified as being. It's definitely the icon that lets you because it's possible to pick a POV which puts the icon way above the ground, or in front of terrain that's definitely in defilade. Hovering the mouse over the icon will give you the targeting status for "where you noticed the tentative contact", such as "Reverse slope - No aim point", the range, and hull-down status relative to that point. Somehow, the icon also can be partially targetable; I've got one now where the left side (from the POV of the unit that has the contact) is "Reverse Slope" but the right side is targetable... Are we supposed to be able to do this? Am I the only doofus who didn't realise you could? Is it new? They definitely shoot at the ordered location, and it's not like it lets you draw a target line to somewhere you otherwise wouldn't. It just makes picking the right AS to aim at to chase that elusive hedge-ducker-down-behind easier.
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