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  1. I was today years old when I learned this. When playing CMBS earlier today I noticed that when one of my Russian engineer squads got within grenade throwing distance of Ukrainian infantry in a treeline, the engineers started throwing their BREACHING CHARGES as grenades. It was awesome! Has everyone known about this?? Now I'm curious to see how effective this is against vehicles😈
  2. I think a nice quality of life improvement would be an expansion of tags into quick battles. There should be a tab within quick battle parameters that enables the user to assign tags just like they would in the scenario editor.
  3. Since we've got 2 titles on steam now, official workshop support would be huge!
  4. I may be late to the party here but I have found that the IED triggerman cannot be hiding and activate the IED at the same time. That is to say that even with proper LOS and being within range of the IED, if the triggerman is hiding, he will not detonate the explosive.
  5. By all means please share when ready! The more the merrier😁
  6. PSA that the mod is officially up on The few good men mod warehouse. forgot to include install instructions in the readme file so here they are Install instructions: place either of the 3 sub-folders of the "us army rag-tag comp" folder into the z folder of the games data folder. You can use them interchangeably at your discretion. You CANNOT use multiple sub folders at the same time.
  7. More Screen's, Sorry the picture's are so small, I'm not in the know on how to get good quality pictures up on this site. And by the way, for the more experienced modders out there, I would be honored if you all used this as a template for more detailed & varied creations. Just be sure to cite ya boy🙂. My dream is for SF2 to reach SF1 levels of user created content, lest we forget the repository 😔 . Ik for me personally, @Jock Tamson's new insurgent mod really changed the game. S/O to Jock Tamson. But with the steam transition I'm hopeful that this game we all love will see more posit
  8. What's going on fellas! I finally decided to venture out into the world of modding and made my own uniform mod. It's nothing serious, I just took the coyote brown vest from Black Sea and put it over the UCP uniforms. I got the inspiration from the occupation phases in Iraq & Afghanistan; figured it'd make more sense to combo desert gear and equipment with the UCP uniforms. To make this mod possible I used gear from Oleksander's 7th Infantry Division skin mod and rag-tagged existing equipment found in the base game. S/O to Oleksander. In the preview pictures I am also using ViperA
  9. What's up guys, sorry for the long hiatus. School's picking up but now I can get my weekend warrior on😎. I 'm pleased with the result so I compiled the files I'm using to be shared with the community. Who is the contact for posting a mod?
  10. With that being said, when I first found out about rag-tagging I learned that you could assign certain uniforms to only appear (in-game) in tandem with certain skins via the numbering of the game files. Does the same apply for gear with respect to uniforms? I ask because I want to try and get the brown harness (mag pouches for US soldiers) to only show up on the brown vest and vice versa for the UCP. But currently, it appears to just happen at random.
  11. Waffleman you're on the money with that one! I got it functioning correctly. I'm going to try and release my personal little rag-tag mashup I made for US infantry using gear from oleksander's 7th inf reskin and the new uniform I just made.
  12. I got rid of the alpha channel and now the uniform appears, however the brown vest I added comes out as a weird teal green color as well as the underlying ucp uniform. The file is the correct size, 1024x1024, you can see at the very top of the 1st screen shot I sent. I did save and export the file but can you go into more detail about the option I’m supposed to check? I didn’t see anything of the sort when I exported the file Initially. And as a side note, what do you recommend as the best method of taking screenshots in game? The “win+PrintScreen” combo just gives
  13. In testing it appears that we've encountered a dilemma, the uniform is completely black , As if there is no texture. I would send another screenshot but apparently the "win + PrintScreen" key combo doesn't work for in game screen shots.
  14. Good Evening Gentlemen, Just took my first crack at gimp and it wasn't terrible. This is just basic cut and paste from existing files, but an important stepping stone nonetheless. For my next attempt, I want to create a marine uniform using flight suits. I was able to recreate this to some extent by using the marine crewmen skin via renaming the base game files. But I'm interested in creating a skin using textures that are not already in the game. Here's the result:
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