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  1. Looking at the creation dates Rolling Thunder no version number was part of the CMBS demo. Rolling Thunder V1 was the version that shipped with the full version of CMBS The OP does refer to the demo so i believe that is the version he is playing
  2. I would be interested if you still have room for a game. Been doing mostly CMBS time to do some WW2 battles. I have Dropbox and CMHelper also. No preference as to side , size, QB or scenario. Reply me here or my email address is robacummings@hotmail.com. Rob
  3. The first rule of MOUT fighting is "Do I need to take this building"! MOUT is very bloody, for both sides. If you don't have to have the building level it with CAS, artillery or tank fire. Lay massive amounts of fire on it and make the enemy decide they would rather be someplace else. Only assault and stack all the odds in your favor as Wombie described only if you really really have to have that building.
  4. If it is the Ost Front you are really interested in then Red Thunder is the way to go. Bear in mind that as stated before BFC has said they will never do a game on the scope of CNBB again. For my own reasons I love Fortress Italy and the Gustav Line module. For one it starts in '43 so you have access to mid-war formations and equipment. The second is terrain. The base game really feels like sun-brenched Sicily. Try the RT and FI demos out there and see what you like. Keep in mind the demos don't get updated so they don't have all the latest bells and whistles. And check out the demo
  5. I usually see them being used in prepared locations. Be interesting to check on actual battlefield practice. I don't think they would be treated any different from regular binocs, but I haven't really looked into them.
  6. Tank all shot up? Maybe a platoon, troop or company commander will appropriate the closest tank in their unit and continue the fight...if they aren't wounded themselves. Otherwise hunker down to escape the flying lead, tend to the wounded and get the hell to the rear
  7. Yeah, I hate when the thrower gets and the the grenade takes out his own fireteam!
  8. JuJu's UI mods are excellent for the WW2 titles. Too bad he isn't interested in Black Sea
  9. I believe all US vehicle launched smoke grenades are thermal blocking. For Redfor and UKR the new models of MBT and IFV also launch thermal blocking smoke. Older kit launch older smoke grenades which affect the visible spectrum only and appear as black smoke in the game. Tube launched smoke effect visible spectrum only.
  10. I don't think mortar ammo carriers are all that specialized. Given the same soft factors they would perform just as well in a scout role as a team split off of a infantry platoon. I don't think it gamey to use specialist teams or HQs as scouts. A bad choice yes. If I see an HQ out front I will hit it as hard as I can to create C2 and morale problems for the enemy
  11. Plenty of uses for an out of work MG or mortar ammo carriers. Use them as additional scouts, to help screen a flank, conduct rear area security or as ad hoc medics.
  12. IMHO, Germany lost the war the day they invaded Poland and Britain didn't stay neutral. The German economy didn't get into full scale war production until 1942. The German navy didn't feel they would be ready for a war until 1945 with a minimum 300 U-Boats (100 on station, 100 in transit and 100 in port at any given time). With an unsinkable aircraft carrier so close to mainland Europe, backed by an 'everything short of war' America Germany didn't have the resources or industrial capacity to compete. A war with Russia would be the last thing the Reich needed. I don't see how they could h
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